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  1. I figure I will get one and hold on to it and hope it does like the Can Do Wrecker and sell for about $350 dollars in a few years.
  2. Looking for the Miller decals from the new AMT Tractor or Trailer or both, I do not need the whole sheet just the Miller logos from the sheets if you are not planning on using them let me know what you are looking for as trade. Thanks.
  3. Good to here from you Jeff I am holding out hope for the 70 and a 1/2 Falcon body (ordered 6/20/20). I have stopped asking and just started hoping it shows up one day and your post gives me a glimmer of hope in seeing it. Thanks.
  4. I think that when Coors first started trucking their beer to the east coast way back in the early 80's they used refrigerated trucks and there beer not getting hot while shipping was a big thing back then, I cannot swear to that but it seems I remember that, but I was just a youngster way back then.
  5. Will this most likely be a 2022 release or possibly a late 2021? Need to plan my hording budget.
  6. I am looking for the Truck cab pictured Ihave a project I would like to build has it ever been done kit or resin.Thanks.
  7. Did all 4 of these kits have the same chassis in them or were they kit specific? Thanks.
  8. I have a 1970 and a 1/2 Falcon coming that was ordered on June 20th 2020 I am really looking forward to building it I know it will be top quality when it does arrive, last contact I had was Nov 25 and it was at the top of the line then.
  9. I have no interest in building that myself but I will say that your mastering and casting work look fantastic.
  10. I would think any of the 60's and 70's 1/2 up thru the 1 ton truck kits with the pickup cabs would be great sellers. You can build stock pickups ,car haulers, flat beds, stake bodies, wreckers just so many options from a great era in the pickup truck history. It would be great to have a 1 ton dually chassis in the 67 to 72 Chevy pickup. truck.
  11. Are you still needing/wanting kits if so what type kits do you have for trade such as ,truck, street car, race car ,big rig.
  12. 95 to 99 would be the same body on the real race car.. Monograms first kits had rounded (bowed)sides from top of the doors to the bottom of the rockers and these are know as round side Monte Carlo kits they later corrected this and made future kits with flat sides like the actual race cars. I cannot recall when the mold change happened both make a nice looking model but the flat side kits are the more correct bodies for the actual 95 to 99 race cars. The 2000 to 2002 Monte Carlo is the same body so any of those kits will work. Every year or so the real race cars would get small tweaks but for model building the above will get you where you want to be.
  13. If it has all the goodies in it I will be in for one or three myself.
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