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  1. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    I do not know how true it is but it looks like the site is saying the Monte Carlo will ship on January 14th
  2. I love the separate frame and exhaust from the floor pan this makes it so much easier to build a short track racer and a better detailed build for you street car builders.
  3. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    The Bumpers can be worked with the main issue I see that stands out to me is the roof line along the top where the top of the door class would seat if rolled up. That line should be the same from the top corner of the windshield all the way back to the sail panel / B-pillar it should be narrow width all the way back not get wider . I know this is not the final so hopefully some of these things will be adjusted before production.
  4. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    Salvinos JR Models are proud to announce our LIMITED RELEASE Donnie Allison 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Donnie Allison’s final victory was the 1978 Dixie 500 in his #1 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1/25th scale kit includes injection molded high quality polystyrene parts and the highest resolution decals ever offered in a model car kit. Found this today looks like they signed a deal with Donnie Allison as the first Chevy will be the same driver and sponsor as the last Olds.
  5. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    Any new info on this coming kit?
  6. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I am glad to see the 69 Chevelle again they have became right pricy around the net.
  7. Back in the day I bought a case of 12 of the first release kit for $8.50 each when it hit the local Action collectable/model store a friend of mine had at the time. I think 1998 was the release of the first Pro Modeler 69 Daytona if I remember correctly.
  8. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    With the separate frame and the non molded in exhaust this car is a 60's and 70's asphalt short track race car builders great starter kit
  9. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    Great call Revell badly needed, now if they will just tool up a nice 1964 Chevelle /Malibu that would fill another big hole in the Chevy line. The AMT 69 Chevelle is getting right pricy also so maybe??????????????
  10. Model car building is an adult hobby for our generation and not a kids toy as in the past so if you want to play you have to pay just the way times are now. I have no idea on real numbers but my guess is that if a model released today that can sell 5000 kits would be a big seller where as 30 years ago that same kit may have sold 50,000 units, but the 5000 most likely cost more to produce today then the 50,000 units did 30 years ago. If the quality is good and I want to build it $50.00 for a kit and the extras to go with it is not a bad deal for hours of building and the satisfaction of displaying when finished.
  11. The Lumina was released as a generic White kit also if memory serves me.
  12. The 68 and 69 Chevelles are a big need along with a 1964 Chevelle would be a Gold nugget also. I converted a 69 into a 68 which was pretty easy for a short track race car but would be really hard for a street version.
  13. Can someone that is up to speed on all the real recent and future Big Rig and trailer releases maybe post a list for easy reference. Thanks
  14. Drill Bits

    Check with a local Dealer/Mechanic shop that has a Snap-on tool dealer, their Blue Point line makes a high quality set of micro bits with the pin vise.
  15. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    Same here. A treasure trove of material has been lost but let the rebuilding begin.