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  1. Ok after some work I finally got the engine, chassis, and body joined as one unit now. Still not totally happy with how it turned out but its far better than what it would had been if I had made some major changes to it.
  2. I glued the interior tub to the body. I think I just started to freak when I had troubles seating the engine yesterday and I jumped ahead too much in worry and in freak out model. That said I didn't glue anything yesterday thankfully. But now I have a new plan of attack to finish this.
  3. I currently have the interior tub drying in place at the moment. But mine main worry was the fairly massive gap in the wheel well along with the lack of support at the front end to hold the body up. I'm currently looking at a few possibilities to help keep it up but those gaps in the wheel well area got me worried.
  4. Today I when to seat the engine in the chassis. Only one problem it couldn't be sit in the right position. So I decided to try and join the body and the chassis together to see what would happen. It was when I did this I noticed a major problem. The wheel wells aren't anywhere close to where they should be. The front collapses down with nothing to support it, I don't have a photo of that one but here are the wheel wells. If someone could give me a few pointers on how to possibly fix this problem I would be thankful.
  5. This is my first model since my teenage years. However I hit a bit of a snag and wondering if anyone can help me out and figuring out how to move forward. However here are some pics to so progress till I hit this snag today.
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