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  1. I added a Gofer 427 Ford, Speed City Resin wheels, slicks and seats. Painted Tamiya TS-20. Now I am going to build a matching 67 F350 ramptruch to haul it.
  2. The quarter windows on 69-70 fastbacks don't roll down,but they do flip out.
  3. I am looking for a 1960s style steering wheel for a 57 Ford gasser. I've looked at some of the photo etch wheels and they all use a rubber o-ring for the rim, but i want to do the rim in green metalflake, anybody have an idea on a kit that might have one ?
  4. Wes's Model Car Corner is good to mail order from, they also have a retail store in Blountville, TN. Very good to deal with
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys, I should have cleaned some of the fingerprints off before pictures.
  6. built box stock, painted stripes except rocker stripes are decals.
  7. snuggles in there pretty nice in a 1:1, Sonic Blue also.
  8. Some of the outlaw racers call the front end extensions "Pecker Extenders" Very nice detail, the only thing is a Pro Mod would not have a belt-driven water pump. Most blown Pro Mods would have the fuel pump mounted there.
  9. I think the turn signals were on toggle switches on the dash,
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