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  1. On 4/13/2020 at 4:02 PM, Gumball said:

    yeah its kinda weird, although the original box art for the kit shows the turbo almost the exact same way

    1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible (1/16) (fs)

    the turbo is super cool and all, but i'm probably going to end up not using it due to my plans for some supercharged velocity stacks.

    Actually forget that, perhaps i can figure out a way to accommodate both the turbo and the supercharger together while allowing velocity carbs above that. i'm just trying to figure out how that would all work the way i'm thinking it, perhaps for now ill save the turbo for another future project.

    It's supposed to be a Accel Turbosonic setup. The carb set on top of the adapter and the turbo drew the air/fuel mixture through the carb and blew it through the bottom half of the adapter into the intake.


  2. With the carbon fiber parts that I have had experience with (Drag Cars), it's not that the paint is transparent and you can see the carbon through the paint, but it's the fact that carbon has a texture that shows up. It's the fact that the surface that is painted has a weave texture that shows through the paint. Unless there is a lot of sanding and blocking, then it becomes invisible because the surface is smooth. This is my experience with race cars, no experience at all with exotics.  

  3. Nope, haven't abandoned it, just very busy at the shop (I own a chassis and fab shop)

    I found a very nice resin Coyote on eBay from Outlaw Speed Shop. It came with a stock intake, Boss 302, and a Whipple.

    Coyotes are pricey, I picked up one out of a supercharged Roush Mustang with one burnt piston. It's being sleeved now.

  4. On 12/18/2017 at 6:10 AM, Matt MC said:

    My pleasure mate!  As promised, here's a few more that may be of some use to you.  (Do you reckon those tabs on the roll cage are old RaceCam mounts that are still in place?)  Chucked a couple in looking up at the front part of the roll cage as well.

    And yes I can empathise with your predicament - model building always has to fall to the bottom of the priority pile I'm afraid.  Been that way for me for the past 12 years.......sigh.









    Wow, that cage has some big, nasty looking welds on it !!

  5. On 1/24/2018 at 11:08 AM, abelaxe said:

     3dscaleparts    Here is a pic of my wheel...The rears are 15x8 and the fronts are 15x4. I actually do not remember who the manufacture is..I believe it is a division of Weld. I dont have tires. I would love to find someone that makes Mickey Thompson ET drag radials, the new Pro tires.  1/24 scale would be great. Thank you  


    the wheels look like American Racing Trakstars, try Fireball Modelworks for the tires

  6. 7 hours ago, Codi said:

    Hi, since I'm nearing completion of the Bantam I thought I'd start a new thread on what I'm going to start next.  It's a 67 pro mod' Mustang body that I bought from TDR and will have a twin turbo Ford coyote engine.  The engine is one that a company by the name of MMR races and has many of their own proprietary components including a billet block. Today was a sunny hot day in Pa. so I wanted to see what 3D printed bodies were all about.  I sprayed the Duplicolor primer first and carefully wet sanded it with 400 grit.  3 hours later and I was really happy (and surprised) how it turned out for the first pass. I sprayed tamiya primer and next I'll sand it with 600 & 800 to clean it up.  I think with 5 or 6 total hours of body prep it should be good to go.  I honestly thought it would be a lot more work than what I experienced but I can't emphasis enough how carefully you must sand it.  I used a variety of sanding "tadpoles" that I've used for years that I've cut up in a variety of shapes.  It would be tough to get it uniform without those I believe. Some pics to give an idea of the basis for the build.  Many of the components that I made for the defunct "Henry" build will be used on this build.  Cheers, Tim



    These were the worst "print lines" on the body and will be challenging to remove, I might just cut it out and replace it from another kit.  The trunk will be cut out as well and I'll likely replace the lid with one that I'll fabricate in brass.





    Couple of pics of MMR engines. 






    Here's a MMR twin turbo Coyote that we are putting in a Fairlane. Hope to build a model of it later.




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