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  1. Yes, the blue car is mine. Gonna try to build a replica of it. Probably be harder the building the real thing. LOL
  2. Haven't built a model in a lot of years, but I recently saw the kit and knew I had to try and replicate my 1:1 drag car, complete with a turbo SBF and an SFI 25.5 cage. Any comments or constructive criticism welcome.
  3. Awesome, thanks. I had my cage certified last week to a 25.5 and I was thinking of taking some pix of it and trying to print some.
  4. Is that a chassis cert sticker on your cage ? Does someone make them in scale?
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys !!
  6. Haven't built any models in a LOOONG time. I saw the Revell '90 Mustang Drag Racer and bought it. I am going to build to to match my 1:1 drag car. I build drag cars for a living, check out my Facebook sites Dale Minton Fatboy Fabrication
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