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  1. not much progress, mini tubs finished, 25.5 cage need to finish door bars. Too busy working on full size stuff. Sold motor out of 1.1 car, putting a turbo Coyote in it, so I have to start on a Coyote for the model too.
  2. Finally got a chance to work a little on the Mustang, got some of the 25.5 cage finished
  3. Wow, that cage has some big, nasty looking welds on it !!
  4. the wheels look like American Racing Trakstars, try Fireball Modelworks for the tires
  5. Any thing you need Tim, I'll help if I can. Not my car by the way, building it for a customer. I've also done some work on one of his other cars, a 15 Mustang with a Coyote and twin turbos, street car, made 1100 rwhp.
  6. Here's a MMR twin turbo Coyote that we are putting in a Fairlane. Hope to build a model of it later.
  7. On the cover of the newest Hot Rod, there is a LS with a set of Hammerhead's SBF Hemi heads on it.
  8. That is the motor that GM copied to design the LS !!!
  9. Ted's Modeling Marketplace for the tires and wheels
  10. Yes, the blue car is mine. Gonna try to build a replica of it. Probably be harder the building the real thing. LOL
  11. Haven't built a model in a lot of years, but I recently saw the kit and knew I had to try and replicate my 1:1 drag car, complete with a turbo SBF and an SFI 25.5 cage. Any comments or constructive criticism welcome.
  12. Awesome, thanks. I had my cage certified last week to a 25.5 and I was thinking of taking some pix of it and trying to print some.
  13. Is that a chassis cert sticker on your cage ? Does someone make them in scale?
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome guys !!
  15. Haven't built any models in a LOOONG time. I saw the Revell '90 Mustang Drag Racer and bought it. I am going to build to to match my 1:1 drag car. I build drag cars for a living, check out my Facebook sites Dale Minton Fatboy Fabrication
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