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  1. You are truly a truck encyclopedia.... I guess they presume people won't bother to see the engine, but again if they think that way, why bother producing it? And you mean all Volvo's? because I was considering getting the new FH, but if that's the case, I might reconsider
  2. Thank you guys. I never was a truck guy, so my confusion came when which engine was the correct one... I trusted the one that came with the kit ( there was nothing I could do tbh). Despite not being the correct one, I still love the truck and maybe since there are tons of aftermarket parts for trucks, maybe an updated engine wouldn't be a bad call. And again, thanks for your info Hakan, I won't be fooled again 😁
  3. Yes, I was a bit confused when I searched for pics of the engine and different ones would appear, but I guess I found out the hard way... But thanks for the detailed info
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