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  1. Misha added a post in a topic Revell 62 Gasser Vette   

    Wow, great build Tom! Really enjoying your recent work, very clean and pro. Since it's an OOB build, I was curious if it was allowed to run without the top? Want to build an authentic gasser and to save the roof a Le Mans build of the stock kit (which doesn't include it)
    Congrats on this build,
    Cheers Misha
  2. Misha added a post in a topic 37 Ford street rod   

    Very sweet Tom!
    Cheers Misha
  3. Misha added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air   

    Great colour! Plus the Blue Dots add that subtle Hot Rodder attitude.
    Thanks for sharing, 
    Cheers Misha
  4. Misha added a post in a topic Dan Gurney's Eagles Show   

    Fabulous shots Steve! Perfect detail references for future builds, with the various shades of aluminium, metal and paint.
    Overall a great tribute to the skill and passion of Dan Gurney!
    Thanks for the photos, 
    Cheers Misha
  5. Misha added a post in a topic Barris Villa Riviera   

    Thanks Richard, I've been ruminating about that back end, not entirely happy with the direction. So now, with the new details available, it might be time to chop and dice ro come up with the actual rear end on the VR. It always helps to have a pair of fresh eyes! 
    On the Monkeemobile a lot of the length is in the back, think I'd be looking there first to shorten it?
    Cheers Misha
  6. Misha added a post in a topic Barris Villa Riviera   

    Building a more accurate VR has been a long term goal for me that has been worked on over time. While I had mentioned that the rear treatment was a mystery until the recent coverage by HRDeluxe. I have lenghtened the front fenders and decided to do the same with the rear to balance the proportions. To make sense a Connie Kit was a logical approach, even if it is a diversion from the original plan. (I may rethink this and attempt to modify it to be more representative of the VR.) Also thinking of grafting a set of front wheel arches into the rear openings. Currently the length of my Riv matches the Monkeemobile. 

  7. Misha added a post in a topic Barris Villa Riviera   

    The best feature are the photos of the rear end treatment. That has always been a mystery to me. Anyone have any idea as to the tailights that were used? I have a WIP for which I decided to have a Connie Kit in the back.
    Cheers Misha

  8. Misha added a post in a topic Citroen 2CV Surf Rat   

    I like it!!! Quite the departure from the streets of Paris. 😉
    Congrats Chuck!
  9. Misha added a post in a topic A MODERN TRADITIONAL DEUCE ROADSTER   

    I like the direction you're taking with this project Michael. Especially the use of the Vicy cowl with the Duvall windshield. Be following your thread.
    Cheers Misha
  10. Misha added a post in a topic Mild Kustom 49 Ford - Tribute to Blair Pletcher   

    Congrats Tyler, you've nailed down that period look and stance for your Shoebox! The Paint combination is a knock out and with the mild custom work the entire scheme works. I'm also a big fan of these Fords and have one on the bench currently, also biilding it more period like. Your chiice of updating the Caddy really pops it into the present day, this would be a ride to be proud of!
    Cheers Misha
  11. Misha added a post in a topic 33 Willys   

    This is lookinf great Dave! The engine detail is looking good especially the cog driven belt, plus great looking body, with pinstiping... would like to see more!
    Cheers Misha
  12. Misha added a post in a topic Vintage Popcorn Wagon   

    This looks very interesting Brad! Looking at your reference shot I remember as a child a stationary popcorn stand that was identical to the rendering, minus the cowl and rest of the chassis. 
    I'll be following close and hope to see it at DSC mext year! Cheers Misha
  13. Misha added a post in a topic '67 Triumph TR4A 5/29/17 bumper chrome interior work   

    Great to see your TR on the front page again Mike! Been following your build and looking forward your next posts. Your attention to detail and presentation is top notch!
  14. Misha added a post in a topic Chopped Phaeton - April Update!   

    Had a look underneath only to discover that those rear tires really fill the area up! Solution to getting them ticked in would require a tire switch, which I'm not sure of...
    On another note have a look at what can be done with the new Motatow chrome pens. I was contemplating masking and prepping for Alclad on the fender ribs... many hours and lots of iffies. With the pen, and a somewhat steady hand I quickly had chrome ribs to go with the chromed frame. Also check out the tranny cooler that was scratch built and plumped into the tailpiece.
    Thanks for the comments! Cheers Misha

  15. Misha added a post in a topic What Happened To The AMT 32 Ford Kits?   

    I'm also a fan of the AMT Deuces especially the Victoria and Phaeton versions as they are the only ones in 1/25. Both kits offer the multipiece chassis rather than the all molded into one that is used in the Roadster (that was their first kit). I found that the current R/M chassis parts are easily adaptable to the AMT frames, plus one can use their hot rodding knowledge to good use by splitting the wishbone on the stock kits, just like the old days. Recently I've built a fenderless Vicky and have the Phaeton as a current WIP.
    Below one can see the differences between the mostly stock chassis and the modified one using the R/M front suspension with the stock wishbones split front and rear. It would be fairly easy to switch in a different rear end, maybe on the next one...
    By the way, the super mod track racer is based on the original Don Edmond kit from Monogram and is in 1/24 scale, another good basic kit from the old days.
    Cheers Misha