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  1. Misha added a post in a topic 1936 Ford Coupe - updated 2/9   

    Now that's a winner! The colour, stance, bumbers, and tire and wheel combination really make it sing. Great job Joel, thanks for sharing your build.
    Cheers Misha
  2. Misha added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Porsche 914/6 2'n1   

    The hobbico.com site has the instruction sheet for the kit. In addition to the mentioned windscreen and racing seat, there are mods for the engine including comp exhaust. Here's the link to it:
    I remember building it in the red R. Ginther version when it was released so many years ago. It was a challenge yet it was possible to have a pleasing result. The trans kit is great to have as well. Worth checking out the original build of that in the forum.
    Cheers Misha
  3. Misha added a post in a topic 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air. Something to do during the holliday.   

    Great colour combo! Your work is always very impressive, both the models and photographs.
    Congrats, Misha
  4. Misha added a post in a topic 1963 Olds Starfire 80's street machine   

    Wonderful job on a beautiful car! Your roof paint lace is really an eye catcher. This would be a great addition to any collection.
    Cheers Misha
  5. Misha added a post in a topic '63 Ford F100   

    Great to see your build of this kit! Always been intrigued by the unibody. I picked up a cleanly built example of this kit many years ago, it's in great shape as it was only assembled with no paint on it. My thought has been to shorten up the bed; yet would that be sacrilegious to do that to a rarity? I too would like to see this reissued.
    Enjoying seeing your save of this kit!
    Cheers Misha
  6. Misha added a post in a topic 55 Cameo Pro Touring build UPDATE 2-7-16 BODY PAINTED   

    Very sweet ride! Been following your work with great interest as I'm a fan of the mid 50s Chev pickups. It'll be exciting to see the clear orange on it! Great work, thanks for sharing your build.
    Cheers Misha
  7. Misha added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    G'Day Mates!
    Would like to join in this chase across the Outback!
    Decided to modify my 1972 K5 Blazer so it can seriously tackle this challenge. The kit comes with some great off-road goodies such as twin shocks, extra fuel tanks, knobbies, driving lights, etc. Yet need to change a few things and add some items.
    After taking care of some serious flash and ejector pin marks, I was ready to give the chassis some increased height by adding roughly three inches to the suspension bits and lifting the body by two inches. The engine from the kit exhibits some oddities such as a rather longer short block as there is a bit of space ahead and behind the heads, a huge oil filter, and rather soft detail all the way around. Decided to stick with it anyways. Going to add an air box with an external snorkel to deal with all the dust when passing all the other competitors! Again all the engine bits and tranny pieces needed a lot of clean up before cementing. (Think this was repopped without cleaning up the molds?) Going with the headers and side exhausts, hoping the authorities won't mind the growl. Need to upgrade the cooling system with larger rad, overflow tank and an oil cooler.
    Inside the seats are going out the door to be replaced with comp style buckets, the dash is being modified to RHD, easy on this one as its symmetrical side to side, and installing a roll cage to stiffen up the chassis (not planning on rolling it). 
    The body is quite nice, though to features deluxe trim on the sides and tailgate. These were quickly sanded off so that the K5 becomes a base model. Need to add the separation seam along the rocker panel for the front fenders. Plans include a decent Roo Bar on the front. Going with the Fiberglas top ( wish it didn't have the vinyl texture, yet think I'll keep it that way) and plan to add a roof rack. 
    That's about it for now... Have to find that billibong and kit bag... Here are a few mock up shots showing the Blazer kicked up into the air.
    Cheers to all, looking forward to seeing you on the trail, Misha

  8. Misha added a post in a topic 1970 Opel GT   

    Have always liked this kit (have two in the stash waiting their turn). Really like your rendition Chuck, stock on the outside yet with a mouse under the hood! The S10 air cleaner and hose looks perfect. This mini Vette would surprise any street racer, what a sleeper!  
    Great job, congrats, Misha
  9. Misha added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Splitting our time between the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and Scottsdale, Arizona we have a specific vehicle for each home. Back in 2011 we bought our Wrangler, perfect for the wilds of the Island, 4 wheel drive for when it snows or gets muddy and last year we got our ragtop Bug, perfect for the Arizona climate! The longer wheelbase of the 4door Jeep provides a much nicer ride and the ragtop is just too much fun!!! Been wanting to swap out the factory wheels for Torq Thrusters from American Racing, yet it's been difficult to find info on their availabity (a few years back there was a SEMA show Jeep with a set; want the Jeep to look more like a cruiser rather than a jacked up off roader with beaded rims) and the Bug is going to get white walls with red steel wheels with baby moons. Fun vehicles, each suited to their locations.
    Interesting side note, we can drive the Jeep down to AZ without issues at the border, yet being Canucks we're unable to bring the Bug into Canada as it carries American plates! Also note our plate, SOL BUG, a Latino sun bug.
    Cheers Misha

  10. Misha added a post in a topic What are your 2016 building plans.   

    My main emphasis is on building at least four Deuces for the upcoming Deuce Days gathering of 1:1 rods in Victoria this summer. Our club, SPAM (Scale Plastic Auto Modellers) will be hosting the model show at this event and we are encouraging all to join in! On the workbench is a chopped 5 window on an early dragster frame, a Bonneville roadster, a vintage three window hot rod, and a Vicky built for the strip.
    If planning a trip come join us in the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island (our Canuck Buck is worth nearly $1.50 US!!)

  11. Misha added a post in a topic 1966 Shelby G.T.350   

    Wow!!! Your chassis and engine compartment detail is a real knockout. Hard not to think it's a 1:1, congrats. Any further info on detailing would be much appreciated.
    Cheers Misha
  12. Misha added a post in a topic Show your Built JoHan Models   

    Really wish that Johan would not have gone by the wayside, imagine if we could have those kits repopped the way AMT/Round 2 have done. One of the more detailed kits was the AMC American that Hurst reformulated into the S/Crambler, with a detailed chassis and opening trunk. Built this quite a few years ago now, late 80s using the kit decals. wired and plumbed it, used items from the 65 Galaxie trunk to detail the American, detailed and weather he chassis. also made changes to the rear valence to make it more accurate for the years that the S/Crambler was produced. Overall a challenging build as the kit was a late pressing with all the accompanying flash and large 60s kit technology.
    Cheers Misha

  13. Misha added a post in a topic One's Better Than None   

    Thank you for all the comments and encouragement. Bernard picked up on the theme of the display as being a "Show & Go" which accounts for the white walls. The Precision Engineering Company out of Chicago wanted to get involved in the local race scene and built the Super Mod not only to compete, but to use the car as a rolling advertisement off the track as well, entering many of the early 60s Rod shows on the east coast. When displaying the vehicle they would swap out the comp tires for the fresh white walls to complement the cleaned and polished racer.
    The model lent a certain amount of simplicity from the subject matter and also being an early Monogram kit. This allowed for detailing with modern day techniques and parts to really jazz up the kit. Further plans are to build a small diorama of it on display at one of those early rod shows complete with roped stantions, display tools, trophies and the such. It was a very enjoyable build and has helped me to get back more often to the workbench.
    Thanks again, Cheers Misha
  14. Misha added a post in a topic 2015 - 6 Deuces & a Falcon   

    Terrific collection... and growing? That has been a terrific year for you Phil, plus all the work you perform for our club, SPAM, thank you. Hard to pick a fave, Lotus Falcon sure catches one's eye sneakily.
    Looking forward to Duece Days this summer. Hope to have some done for the show, been WIP for awhile. 
    Cheers all the best!
  15. Misha added a topic in Under Glass   

    One's Better Than None
    Have so many projects on the go, getting them finished becomes a special event. Our annual club display is a real motivatator and for this year I finished the old Mongram Super Modified. Changed the induction to the FI unit from the new Ala Kart engine. Wired and plumbed the engine, switched to steel wheels, PE seatbelt hardware and instrument panel, opened the nose and redid the chrome with Alclad. Enjoyed the build and quite pleased with the result. Thanks to Phil Dauphinee for the photo.
    Hoping to have a larger collection to show this time next year. Wishing all a happy New Year, filled with happiness and plastic!
    Cheers Misha

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