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  1. My top three are: mid-engine mania, delivery vehicles, and wagons. Cheers Misha
  2. Great companion piece to the D’Agostino’s Olds! Always enjoyed his kustoms the best of all the builders. Congrats on your build, cheers Misha
  3. That driver has a striking resemblance to the one in the Monogram Chaparral 2D kit. He did have a somewhat smaller frame… Cheers Misha
  4. That’s a sweet ride Paul! Your body and interior mods blend in well with your colour palette to create a late 50s Kustom that is striking. Congrats & Cheers Misha
  5. I rather favour the idea “Mid-engine Mania”….
  6. Ford 53-302 update: A number of us are quickly attempting to beat the deadline and join the starting grid! I’m not sure if the 53-302 Ford will make it as holiday travel plans are approaching. Yet even if this is a DNF I will complete the project in the new year and post it Under Glass. This has been a very enjoyable build even with the time constraints I’ve encountered. Wishing all the CannonBallers good mojo in completing their builds! Been busy with the smaller bits, adding extra details such as the engine oil cooler along with the fitting for the oil line back to the filter, getting the colour on the fuel cell, constructing a new steering column with signal indicator and cruise control stalk, and adding the release button to the parking brake. Also fitting the Lucas Tri-Star headlights from the recent Chevy II wagon full detail kit. The headlights require considerable thinning in order to fit the body as the photo shows. (With the bright chrome glare I had to edit the photo for better clarity, helped somewhat.) The interior is now prepped with primer and awaiting the two tone scheme. Been a lot of little steps to get most of the parts into their final colour. The engine in nearing completion as is the chassis. The major to-do item remains the final paint application to the body which is a hurdle for me as so much is dependent upon a decent job! Cheers Misha
  7. Yes, thank you Tim for the coverage of a very welcome release of products, lots to look forward to. Interesting to see the focus on curbside kits, certainly not the type we had in the 60s, now with improvements or complete.y new molds. The big surprise for me was at the end with a taste of the Black Beauty in scale with other builds! Thanks again Tim and Steve, cheers Misha
  8. Thanks Anthony, I’m hoping to get the orange metallic onto the body today and get a start on the interior painting as well. Cheers Misha
  9. Wow Ferby, shave & a haircut is bang on! This is a stunning build in many ways, the colours work so well with the style, the wheels contrasting with the red trim and flipper discs, combined with the extensive body mods and detailed tuck & roll interior; all the details are period correct especially with the skirts and exhaust pipes running along the bed. Is there anything off interest under the hood? Congrats on a beautiful build, cheers Misha
  10. Ford 53 - 302 Update! I’m moving forward with this project, yet it may be my second consecutive CannonBall DNF! Time is very limited especially with our planned return to the Valley of the Sun, Arizona for the first time in three years. Oy vey. Nonetheless most of the parts have been cleaned up and primered and colour coats have begun with the body. I also constructed the new fuel cell with extra capacity to replace the stock tank and spare wheel well. After cutting out the part I used thin and flexible sheet to provide a mounting surface. Once I was happy with the primer finish on the body I wet sanded it with 3,000 sponge in preparation for the Sparkling Silver (LP 48) undercoat for the metallic orange finish. I also sprayed the window chrome trim surround and may go with it as the final trim treatment. The roof will be an off-white, perhaps creamy solid colour. To prepare for airbrushing the body was washed with Ivory Snow dish soap, rinsed and allowed to dry. The choice of soap is based upon the pureness, as many dish soaps today contain a silicone like additive to make dishes sparkle and ruin paint jobs. The initial session required the usual misting coat beginning with rocker panel, wheel well surrounds and other more convoluted shapes on the body to ensure good coverage followed by light coats applied at right angles; front to back then side to side. Allowing for the paint to set off, usually five or so minutes two more wet coats were applied in the same manner. Quite happy with the results as it appears to be in the original metal finish awaiting the colour coats. The next step will be to mask the window trim and roof in preparation for the lower body colour. Thanks for checking in, all comments & suggestions are most welcome 🤗Cheers Misha
  11. I had a similar issue, then realized that the notice had to do with reaction to a post rather than a reply, you know the funny items added on a previous update where one clicks to indicate a response. Hope this helps… cheers !isha
  12. Sweet ride Jim! Always enjoy seeing the Phaetons, a kit that’s been around for ages now and still very buildable. Congrats and cheers Misha
  13. Currently using the Coyote “Road Runner” Boss 302 from the 2013 Boss Mustang kit in my 53 Ford Hardtop. Cheers Misha
  14. I agree Charles… the headlights are a delight as the shell is cast in clear resin, allowing one to carefully mask the signal light while finishing the shell in body colour or chrome. The headlight rims will also need to be finished likewise thereby allowing for a mix of styles. Looking forward to seeing yours mounted on your ride! Cheers Misha
  15. That’s really wild Phil! Great engine construction. Cheers Misha
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