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  1. Misha added a post in a topic Ratty Ford Model 'T' Street Rod w/trailer   

    Nice build Albert of this classic kit! Especially like your green colour choice for the wheels, really pops out to make it unique for a rat rod.
    Cheers Misha
  2. Misha added a post in a topic Surf Woody in Progress 2 *PICS*   

    I'll be following this one for sure Bill! This is my favourite of the current reissues this year so far - there's so much packed into the box. Great start on the colour and those interior decals are a neat addition.
    Cheers Misha
  3. Misha added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    The Modelling Room!
    Back home in the Cowichan Valley at the workbench! On the table is my current CannonBall K-5 Blazer entry that was started in Arizona. On the shelves are the numerous other WIPs awaiting their turn to reappear on the workbench.

  4. Misha added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    Update K-5 Blazer - Entry #18
    G'Day Fellow AussiBallers!
    Have returned to the main workbench safely after the flight from PHX with the Blazer intact. Packed the entry in a ziplock bag with a bit of air blown in, creating a bubble, and had it as part of an eight kit carry on bag. No problems going thru security.
    Began a search to replace the kit's problematic wheel/tire combo and discovered that the Rubicon tires to be bang on, thanks everyone! The interior is in the process of being painted and detailed and the body on its way to be painted Tamiya's Camel Yellow. Chassis still requires details (shocks, plumbing, paint washes) and engine work. The roof rack design is coming around, being built around the Rubicon light bar. The Roo Bar is going to receive a mesh grid and the lights need to be built up in the rear and wiring added, plus the winch assembly. Also going to dechrome the fuel tanks, grill and engine parts and refinish with Alclad. Getting this current list completed will begin to get this Blazer on the road!
    While in Arizona I had a great time at the Desert Scale Classic, entering the Blazer in the WIP display. Thanks to the host clubs for putting on a stellar event!
    Cheers Misha

  5. Misha added a post in a topic Re-chopping the Revell 48 Ford Update 4-13-16   

    Looking great! Also like what you've done with the hood. It's not sectioned though, is it? Just sort of a 48 version of pancaking...
    Looking forward to more! Cheers Misha
  6. Misha added a post in a topic Edsel Ford Model 40 Speedster   

    Saw this amazing build in person at the DSC on the projects display, it's a stunner!!! Very happy you were able to make it out as I've been following your build and it was such a pleasure to see it on the table. 
  7. Misha added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    G'Day Mates,
    Certainly stealth is an important factor in Cannonball events, yet for the AussieBall one needs to consider what the "norm" is for Outback travel. By doing a Google image search under the title"Roo Bars" (it's not where kangaroos hang out at drinking establishments) it's quickly discovered that the absence of such a contraption on the front of a vehicle would make it stand out considerably. It is also worth reading the Wickopedia entry for the latest info on safety as the rigid bars have come under scrutiny not only for pedestrian safety but also structural concerns. Being mounted to the chassis they cancel out the usual "crush zone" designed into contemporary vehicles. New bars are built from polymers and are connected to the vehicles air bag system. 
    So it may depend on the vintage of your ride as to how you equip it. The images clearly show that Outback travel requires a Roo or Bull Bar and it is a part of being stealthy.
    Hope this helps the discussion and builds.
    Cheers Misha
  8. Misha added a post in a topic DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 12 - 04/09/2016   

    Make coffee, pack up, on my way...
  9. Misha added a post in a topic Hemi '69 Super Bee - Finished? 4/15/2016   

    Happy B-Day Igor! Maybe you'll get a new bench today.
    Cheers Misha
  10. Misha added a post in a topic Canadian rock and roll bands   

    Favorite of mine, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, with Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing and Tom Wilson. Each coming from a different genre yet combining for an amazing sound! 
    Sorry ran into problem with the video???
  11. Misha added a post in a topic Keep your fingers crossed   

    Be thinking of you Jim. These are pretty routine these days and the docs are very knowledgable, for us it may seem scary though. Be looking for your update tomorrow!
    Cheers Misha
  12. Misha added a post in a topic New Revell kits?   

    Welcome to the Forum Jim! 
    Happy B-Day too!
    Cheers Misha
  13. Misha added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    Hi Bruce,
    Our AZ abode is in North East Scottsdale, right by the McDowell Mountains. Been here for 13 years now. The view on the other side is much better as it faces the pool and not the parking lot. Yet time is coming about for our return to Lotus Land, out in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, in a weeks time. Looking forward to getting back to my regular bench and paint room (see below)
    Thanks for asking; and what part of Canada is home for you? Imagine it would be east of us.
    Cheers Misha

  14. Misha added a post in a topic Re-chopping the Revell 48 Ford Update 4-13-16   

    Very interesting... And very brave! 
    This is a great WIP thread and very instructive to be following along. So far I've only attempted Model As, Dueces, and truck cabs as they are literally straight forward. Watching your technique encourages me too try my hand at it.
    Thanks for doing this, I'll be following along closely!
    Cheers Misha
  15. Misha added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    John I believe you're thinking of the Baranbus (wrong spelling I know) kit rather than the Surf Woody. I too mourn the loss of the 33 Chev Panel, had it as a kid.
    Cheers Misha