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  1. A stunning build! The entire build is a combination of top notch work, from the colour, the detailed Hemi, and overall stance. I keep looking at it and enlarging the super photos to catch all the detail work. Thanks for sharing, great addition to all your builds. Cheers Misha
  2. It would be a great companion to your other builds!
  3. Misha

    '67 Camaro

    Great colour and paint finish, plus the other details!
  4. Also, if one is intent of having greater detail, kitbash it with the Lindberg 64 Dodge....
  5. Very Kool Kurt! I remember your first cooler which was impressive and now with this new one it is even more so. I would be very interested in getting one. Are you making the decals for it as well? Cheers Misha
  6. Our local club SPAM, Scale Plastic Auto Modellers in Victoria has a Christmas Brunch at a local pub where we exchange wrapped 🎁 kits with the proviso of building the kits for a future meeting later in the spring. The tradition has been around for a few years now and it's coming up this Sunday. This year we also have the option of bringing a WIP that will be wrapped in plain paper for a second draw. Looking forward to it! ☃️
  7. Been thinking about the time period the Savoy will represent. Leaning towards a more current time while still having the look fro the mid 60s. The rear end certainly would put it twards the end of the decade, yet curious how recent are the chassis stiffners? I'm after a "Plain Jane" look, with no sponsorship and just a couple of window decals. Have 't followed NHRA very closely since the late 70s, so a bit in the dark as to what class this rig would fall under.
  8. Thanks for all the comments and interest. Also thanks Leroy for the offer of spare parts, might take you up on it. Plus as Phil mentioned I had brought out the Savoy to our club meeting earlier this week to show the progress, always great to hear members' comments and suggestions. Haven't been able to spend much time at the work bench although I have begun to get parts into primer. Below are shots of the body and chassis in primer, along with the completed interior door panels. They required a certain amount of fiddling and modifications to match the side window outlines. Hope to spend more time on the build now that the yard is prepared for winter and temperatures have been reaching the freezing mark. More later! Cheers Misha
  9. Gonna turn mine into a cab! Comfort and style.
  10. I like the look of the Chevy steel wheels, updates it the right amount of years. The stance is great, maybe a bit more in the front, or a larger tire to fill the wheelwell? Looking forward to your progress JJ! Cheers Misha
  11. Here is the Tamiya Oxide Red Fine Surface Primer I picked a couple of weeks ago at the LHS. Planning to try it out on my 62 Max Wedge Savoy build this week. Cheers Misha
  12. Managed to get some more time in at the workbench! Still busy with body modifications and detailing, scraping plastic for the most part. Been concentrating on the engine compartment, the interior, rear suspension and body mods to get it down to the basic Savoy trim level. Spent time on constructing the side window and door trim to replicate the Savoy post two door sedan. Using plastic structural pieces I cobbled together the look I was looking for. I had removed the heavy Fury chrome trim previously and now using very thin half round from Plastastruct, I added the basic window trim level. Missing from the original JoHan body were the cowl/fender seams and the fender/rocker panel ones, which I also scribed in. At the same time the chrome wheel lip trim was removed. Still debating on keeping the dual rear lights or really going spartan with the single taillight. Also been fitting the 64 Dodge hood scoop to the Plymouth. Getting closer to the primer stage! The engine compartment is slowly getting detailed after removing the molded bits and pieces. Using web photos has been a great help with this project, especially with details such as these and for the chassis detail. The firewall now has a ballast resistor and a regulator. Searched for a Mopar single chamber brake master cylinder in my collection to no avail, so will perhaps update to duals. The rad lacked any detail on the forward facing side. While it may not be all that visible, it did require some added detail, especially where it hangs below the core support. Also added the side mounts to the rad on the inside portion of the engine compartment. The interior from the Dodge thankfully has required little alteration to have it fit the JoHan body. Lindberg has provided a canvas for a new interior by having separate door panels that, when reversed, provide a clean surface. The main change is the kick up along the rear window, which is still being worked on. The rear package shelf has been replaced by the JoHan piece to provide the V shaped window in back. Wanting to use the bench seat, I found that it sat a bit too low in the tub. Raised it with a bottom structure to it, even including an adjustment lever on the driver's side. For the rear end I decided to go with the Dana out of the Hemi Dart kit. Once the extra bits were ground off, it fit quite well with the existing Dodge underpinnings. The rear shock mounting was missing on one of the leaf springs, they looked rather anemic to begin with, so new mounts were built. That's about it for now. Thanks for all the comments and for checking out the following snapshots, cheers Misha
  13. "Oh boy! Tom has an update on his project" I thought seeing the thread at the top of the list! Yet, that is our biggest issue, diversions. I haven't touched my Inca Gold Shoebox, yet it is on the workbench next to the latest diversion, the 62 Plymouth Savoy 413 Max Wedge. I will get to it this weekend with an update. Wishing all the others all the best, cheers Misha
  14. Been following this same technique with angle cut and round file. Never thought to use a triangular file to set the position for the round one, perfect hint! That will save a lot of aggravation and plastic rod. I usually use a set of dividers to measure the length on the rods and to match them up. The most adventurous construction I've undertaken was the cage for my K5 Aussieball entry. Cheers Misha
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