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  1. Originally the kit was brought out by MPC and I believe it was part of the Gangster series. It was accompanied by a sedan delivery with open double doors at the rear, would make a decent paddy wagon. Unfortunately the panel was heavily modified to unacceptable standards and has remained lost. It’s a decent kit with it’s fit issues regarding small parts yet Roger you’re taking it further with your mods, bravo! The wheel choice looks great and updates the ride past the wire rim era. I’ll be following, cheers Misha
  2. Great looking replica Gustavo from the iconic Beach movies. As a youngster of around eight years old the combination of cars and sand could not be beat! I was still learning English at the time, yet the films captivated me with the images even if I was unable to follow the dialogue. Your model brings back memories of those carefree days. Congrats on a a clean and evocative build, cheers Misha
  3. Been nearly a month since the last posting during which I have struggled to get to the bench in light of garden work and other duties at this time of year. Yet the time spent has been productive, time is slipping as three weeks remain till Deuce Days! I mocked up the body/frame with the suspension to check the stance to discover that the channeling caused a severe mismatch in locating the the rear tire correctly. It’s position was remedied by moving the axle back roughly three inches. The result was a much better appearance and was accomplished by adding a new cross piece for the air bags and raising the height by an inch and a half. The change also required constructing new locating positions for the axle’s truck arms moving the front location from the tranny support to the inside of the frame. Rear axle relocated to centre the wheel Crossmember added relocating axle rearward 3” and raising it 1 1/2” Brackets added to locate the rear axle control arms Control arm and bracket The tranny cross member has been drilled out for lightening and the locating points for the control arms removed While limiting some detail work in order to save time, I was unable to resist opening up the cowl vent on the body. I first scribed out the flap with a #11 blade and attached it to a thinner strip of styrene to form the new detailed flap. The opening in the cowl was also fitted with a lip underneath to hold the flap in place and provide the mount for the rod holding the flap in position. The last bit of work was a final mockup of the interior, adding some detail to the rear bulkhead and upholstering the trunk lid underneath. Next step this morning will be to wash a tub of parts in preparation for primer. I need to focus now on this build in order to have it on the display table on Sunday, 17 July, three weeks 😕 Oy vey! Thanks for checking in! Comments are encouraged and welcome, cheers Misha
  4. I continue to be surprised by the variety of cool vehicles in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island out on the west coast of Canada! Strolling along the streets of Duncan I spotted this immaculate mid-fifties VW oval window in a gleaming pewter finish. Back in the day I had a rather rough oval window with a factory sunroof, had to park it on an incline as the starter was shot. Then I came upon a great summer vehicle, an IHC Scout all decked out for cruising to the beach! Seems that each time I come into town there’s something to catch my eye! Cheers Misha
  5. Great finish on this one Dave! I really enjoy the what ifs that our hobby allows, it’s all about imagination and this one is a winner. Cheers Misha
  6. Went to the local fish&chip shop and parked next to stunning 1974 Caddy flower car. Owner told be it was a local conversion done in Victoria by Trudeau. Plans are to lower the ride. The conversion was named “ElGrandé” and the builder name Trudeau is on a script under the reflector.
  7. Great build Tony! The colour choice is perfect for it and the wheels really set it off, especially by showing the discs. Cheers Misha
  8. Here is my example built thirty years ago based on Cab #25 “TwoBits” at Capital Cabs in Regina, Saskatchewan. Always found this generation of Caprice to be attractive and at its introduction to have bold styling. The various reissues illustrate the various commercial and service roles it has served. The early version was modified into the later one with enlarged rear wheel housings. The kit itself was an easy build in its basic form which benefited from detail painting especially under the hood and chassis. A number of scratch built details added to the typical hack version such as the meter, Tim Horton’s coffee mug, map on the armrest and the all important radar detector on the dash! On the outside the top sign was vacuformed, a propane conversion is evident by the refill flap on the passeger rear quarter, a popular fleet conversion at the time, recent body repair with the primer on the front fender and finishing it off with homemade decals based on a matchbook logo and featuring the Canadian Football Classic the Grey Cup game being hosted in 1995. I also have the later Impala version with plans of hot rodding it, lowered stance upgraded motivation. Another companion vehicle is the Ultra Nomad for which I plan to convert to a hearse. Overall a pleasing series of kits that build up easily. Cheers Misha
  9. Hi Billy, it would be a great time to visit your home town! Victoria is a great setting for the event with cars arriving on the ferry starting on Thursday and events planned for the entire weekend. Sunday is the finale with the show and shine around the harbour. It’s been home for nearly forty years and has grown from a sleepy town into a thriving city! While the event is held every three years, this may be the last edition, largely due to the aging population of the participants, it would be very sad to see it fade away. Hope you’ll make the drive up the coast! Cheers Misha
  10. Nor West Deuce Days - Inner Harbour, Victoria, Vancouver Island Deuce Days in Scale III Photos from 2019 Deuce Days in Scale II … and outside the 1:1 scale! Hope to see you, cheers Misha
  11. A very wet West Coast weekend offered me a chance to spend some time at the workbench rather than tending the garden! Spent most of the time prepping the parts for the kit’s Hemi 392 engine, detailing the R&M megaphone exhaust headers with bolt heads, as well as on the front axle’s spring perches. Using my collection of tiny dental files I opened up a lot of the spaces between the tubular axle and the transverse spring which has the top leaf removed to lower the front end. In swapping in the Buick finned brake assembly for the front end I had to modify the wheel backs from the Model A kit to fit the Deuce axle by enlarging the holes. I also did some work on the interior by making a masking tape template of the rear of the cabin in order to fashion two tuck and roll pads to break up the areas on either side of the rear window. Using Evergreen sheet and measuring off the tape two panels were made. I’ve had a hard time deciding on the wheel and tire combination to use. East Coast style dictated painted stock steel wheels with either small hub caps and beauty rings or full wheel covers selected from fashionable Detroit options. Mag wheels and wires were just beginning to appear in California to become the West Coast rodders’ style. I had settled upon stock steelies, that is until I came across a small box of parts still from my early teen years. In it was a complete set of 1961 Dodge Polara Tri-Bar wheel covers!!! This was offered with the first pressing of the AMT 49 Merc, and at the time I went with the drag version, putting away the covers in the box. I’m unsure how long the Polara covers lasted in subsequent releases, or even if it was only the original issue that offered them. None the less, a great find, especially in the perfect shape they’re in! Skies are forecast to clear tomorrow, yet with this last bench session, I’m planning to stick with it as the Deuce Days deadline draws near. Thanks for checking out the build, cheers Misha
  12. Welcome to the Forum Mark! For your first WIP it is certainly intriguing and you are off to a great start with the parts you’ve gathered. Your subject is a favourite of mine and I’ll be following your build with great interest. How are you liking the Flintstone body and will you be cutting into it to open up hood, door…? Cheers Misha
  13. Hi Steve, somehow I missed your great WIP thread with all the steps outlined so well on constructing your dio base. The result is a perfect setting for photographing a scene with multiple vehicles. I’m planning to build a similar base to enhance the realism rather than shooting against the typical rolled white background. An important skill in modelling is to develop your eye to see in scale that you have illustrated in finding common objects, such as the garlic press, to represent an item in scale. Working as a theatre designer, which involves building a proposed design in 1/48 scale, It seems I’m always on the lookout for items to collect in both scales. Congrats on your recent work! Cheers Misha
  14. That base looks terrific Steve! Your posing it with the garden works really well, had to take a second look. Oh, still haven’t located the hood😉! Cheers Misha
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