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  1. That’s a great looking build Tom! Especially the chassis paint and installation of the exhaust. Would really like to have my 62 Savoy build to turn out as clean and good looking. Cheers Misha
  2. That’s a great idea 💡 Ken! It’s always interesting to see a different version/scheme of a car were are used to seeing in one colour, silver in this case. Be following your build, as I’m a fanatic about Vettes. Cheers Misha
  3. I’m gathering info and parts for my CB entry of the four door Hudson from The Irishman, so with enough time I’m planning to join your Cobra on the starting grid! Here is a snap of my my 439 Combat Squadron Sabre...
  4. A bit late posting my one build for the year...finished it in time for the North West Deuce Days held in Victoria B.C. The Phaeton represents a kit bash with the AMT chassis being modified to fit the Revell front suspension, the small block Ford powerplant, a scratchbuilt interior and detailed chopped canvas top plus a number of additions such as the working luggage rack and an MPC trunk. For the previous Deuce Days three years ago I built the “Blue Suede Vicky” which I also displayed this summer along with the Phaeton. Cheers Misha
  5. Great job on this one Bruce! I always enjoy seeing “what ifs” because they offer such an imaginative look while still preserving the recognizable origin. This one is such a jewel in presenting an iconic Yunick look, congrats! Back when I was constructing aircraft I tooled up a Sabre in Canadian low vis camo, as we were still flying T-33s in that scheme. Cheers Misha
  6. A small update on the Inca Gold Shoebox... getting ready to complete the Ford Y-Block and chassis. While I have most of the wiring mocked up (arrow points out the starter cable leading to the solenoid) the next step will be plumbing and installing the carbs. The chassis is nearing completion with the front suspension in place and the axle being prepped with simple traction bars and shocks. The plumbing for the brakes is in place, ready to be installed. Also applied slight weathering to the engine and chassis, as it will be street driven, not a trailer queen. Have the interior close to being assembled once the embossing powder is applied for the carpeting. Getting closer to gittin’ ‘er done!!! Cheers Misha
  7. Here is an update on my Inca Shoebox build that ended up being stalled. So yes please, sign me up for the next round! My intention was to build like mad during the holidays, yet I misjudged how much needs to be done and a late surgical date really threw the spanner into the works, so to speak. Yet I have been at the bench puttering away. The body is getting closer with the application of Molotow Chrome, somewhat nerve-racking being my first body trim attempt. Pleased with the quickness as opposed to BMF. Then the focus was on the Y-Block with paint and wiring. Drilled out the kit distributor to accept the plug wires, then wired the generator and starter to solenoid cable. Detail painted the pulley/belt assembly, the heater motor and began getting the water plumbed. Still need to install the interior carpet to complete the interior. Hopefully it’ll zip along, as I’ve also joined in the Cannonball Run with the Hudson 4 door wheeled by De Niro in The Irishman! Cheers Misha
  8. Thanks Bruce, I’ll be following your Cobra build of CSX3243 being a big Shelby fan. Spent the holidays recuperating from surgery by watching the movie and the Shelby American documentary which I found more entertaining. Plus barrelled thru a couple of new Cobra and Ford GT books. See you on the starting grid in December of 2020! Cheers M
  9. Count me in for recreating the 1951 Hudson Hornet that De Niro wheels around in The Irishman. At first the thought of slicing and dicing one of the Moebius kits into a decent four door model was quite daunting. Then came across the resin body from Motor City and bingo, the hurdle disappeared! So how does one turn an early 50s four door sedan into a Cannonball competitor? Searching thru the stash the answer fell into my lap, the Foose Caddy approximates the same wheelbase as the Hudson, bingo! My plan is to combine the chassis and running gear from the Revell kit into the Hudson. The chassis plate will require a splice with the front portion of the Hudson plate. I’m unsure if the Caddy interior can be fashioned to fit the Hudson, as the aim is to have a comfortable and classy interior for the Cannonball run. Colour will be black with a red or burgundy interior. Will be ordering the Motor City Resin body this week, hope it won’t take long to reach Vancouver Island. In the meantime plan on beginning the running gear and adapting the chassis plates. Also will look for the 52 Hudson ragtop for the front grill and hood as it most closely resembles the 51 model. Looking forward to all the builds! Cheers Misha
  10. Always a great event with a lot of variety, fabulous builds, and a super gathering of modellers, plus a large selection of vendors. See all of you soon! Cheers Misha
  11. Congrats Bernard on another great build! I have a set of Curt’s wire laced wheels waiting to be used, they look bang on. Always enjoy both your building skills and your photography. Good finish to the year, cheers Misha.
  12. Great job Niko of a classic kit. Your enhancement of the basic parts and paint makes this a winner. Thanks for sharing with your great photos, cheers Misha.
  13. With the similarity between the hardtop and the post sedans it is not that difficult to convert your build to a post sedan. Using Evergreen strips it is fairly straightforward to lay in a strip around the edge of the roof to duplicate the door frames, then combine different sizes to represent the upright post. I did this to my 62 Fury to turn it into a Savoy. Cheers Misha
  14. Terrific lineup Phil with a great variety of types. Cheers Misha
  15. Great work, perfect stance. Thanks also for answering the various questions. Any hints on how you cut out the hood for air cleaners, looks terrific. Cheers Misha
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