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  1. That’s a great finish Aaron! Beautiful job of such an iconic racer and driven by Mario, what a combo. Imagine this one will take up a bit of space in the cabinet! Cheers Misha
  2. CanonBall 2022 - Year of the Builder - 1953 Hi fellow CannonBallers! After careful consideration of possible candidates from 1953 I have chosen the Ford 2 door hardtop as my choice for this year’s run. The Ford Motor Company was celebrating its golden anniversary with a young Henry Ford II at the helm after a struggle with the patriarch and founder, his father. Planning for the celebration began in 1950 with a variety of promotional projects to highlight the marque’s return after war time production. The previous year debuted a totally redesigned passenger car line which in 1953 would receive minor changes in grills, side trim and for hardtops and sedans a one piece backlight replacing the three piece rear window. All Ford brand cars and trucks would feature a 50th Anniversary 1903-1953 horn button. A number of concept vehicles such as the X-100 and the Lincoln XL-100 were built for the car show circuit and a Ford ragtop would pace that year’s Indy 500. A new generation of F-Series trucks would feature roomier cabs with increased visibility and improved suspensions and handling. The Ford Rotunda reopened to visitors that summer as part of the celebrations. 1953 would also mark the end of the venerable flat-head engine, being replaced the following year with a modern overhead valve train model. Ford horn button celebrating the 50th Anniversary I will be using a combination of the original Lindbergh kit from 1997 and the recent AMT Coke reissue of the same kit. In examining the AMT body I found it to be rather soft in detail and displaying flash with a poorer quality of plastic compared to the original Lindbergh pressing. Certain parts from the AMT kit will be used, such as the body trim which will be dechromed to blend in with the body sides. 1953 Ford Jubilee single sided neon porcelain dealership sign 63”x145”x10” To be auctioned at the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson sale, lot #9491 While the CannonBall is a dash across America, my plan is to build the hardtop according to my taste for a comfortable road car that, as an ole fart I can enjoy the road trip from NYC to LA. Not planning to set any record, yet wanting to be a part of the excitement. Cheers Misha
  3. Misha


    Been busy past while with the airbrush, getting parts into primer and paint. Also been planning out a lot of the details to add to the engine compartment and interior. Scratch built the water pump, dual oil filters and a switch box for the battery jumper cables. The chassis construction is close to complete, then finally, primer and paint. I’ll be starting on the body next, getting it ready for primer. Above photo shows the axle with the brackets to attach it to the engine cradle so the axle isn’t just floating. Here we see the underside of the engine cover, dash with locating holes for switches, the injector scoop, rear engine plate with the in/out box, and the parachute pack that will be further detailed with the release cable fitting to be added. Scratch built the switch box for the battery cables that will run to the booster plate at the rear of the chassis. Below is the dual oil filter assembly Here we see the moon tank being mocked up in preparation for routing fuel lines and the water tank still to be painted in polished aluminum. Last shot shows the scratch built water pump that will be located on the firewall to circulate the coolant through the engine and tank. Progress remains slow, mainly due to health issues which hopefully will clear up soon. As Betty Davies said “ Getting old ain’t for sissies”. Cheers Misha whoops, forgot about the following…
  4. Wow Cale, that is truly impressive work! Looking forward to seeing the Toyota develop. Cheers Misha
  5. I too would like to see Fujimi continue their rerelease program having picked up a number of their recent Porsche reissues to great delight. Having the Morgan come out with enhanced parts would be great, as well as the KarmanGhia! Cheers Misha
  6. My choices, apart from reissues, would be contemporary vehicles such as Tesla, especially the rear folding gull wing doors, the hotter Caddy models, a detailed Vette with some varying models in one kit. Though not a big fan of the new trucks, it would be neat to have an EV detailed chassis to kit bash with earlier gas trucks. Who knows, it may attract younger modellers. I recently gave my grand-nephew the snap Raptor for his B-Day after showing him my workbench and spray booth…. I think I may have hooked him! Cheers Misha
  7. That is really slick! Another reason for me to add soldering to my skill inventory, as I have been rather skittish to try it. Yet I’m seeing more and more uses for it, perhaps I’m not an ole dog yet…😉 Cheers Misha
  8. Congrats Kurt on combining the various elements to produce a truly stealthy competitor for the cross country dash. Bravo! Cheers Misha
  9. That’s really coming along nicely Phil, always been a fan of Rancheros and El Caminos. Your fabrication is looking bang on and is very informative in creating a much desired model. I had originally misses your post and now I be following along closely. Cheers and Happy New Year! Misha
  10. Hey Dan! You don’t know what you’re missing, but don’t worry, I just mailed you a big box of it… 😉 Enjoy! Misha
  11. Yup, we’ve got snow in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island! In past years we’ve been betting a dusting of snow, yet the last couple of years there’s been more and it’s been staying longer. This year the West Coast has been having record low temps, though not as bad as the Canadian Prairies where it reached down to near 50 degrees Celsius! Usually wait for nature to melt away the white stuff, today getting ready to go shovel for the third time… Happy New Year to all! Cheers Misha
  12. A long standing tradition for the past sixty-one years has been to receive a much anticipated model kit! Still stands true this Christmas with the unwrapping of the Ken Miles Ford GT… pretty happy gearhead! Merry Christmas to All, Cheers Misha
  13. Misha


    Over the past month or so, I’ve been able to get this project back on the work bench in bits and pieces. Majority of the parts have yet to see primer while a few engine bits have gotten their metallic finishes. The interior has been getting its bits of detail. The stick shift is connected to the in/out box by a flex cable running to the rear mounted engine cradle. The front discs are controlled by the tall handle connected to the master cylinder allowing the pilot to keep the clutch in while building revs with the gas pedal, leaving his right arm on the brake lever, and his left on the steering yoke. The steering column ends with a scratchbuilt steering gear to transfer motion thru the idle arm to the drag link. The chassis itself has been further detailed with Grandt Line and Meng bolt heads. Acorn nuts will be from Norm Veber of R&D. The underbelly pans feature strengthening beads accomplished with Evergreen half-round strips with the ends curved and sanded down. Further detail was added with frame connectors to tie in the floor pan in and adding rear axle connectors to the engine cradles so the axle doesn’t appear to be held in place by magnetism. The pivot points of the cradle to the frame were also further enhance, to make it look look we meant it 😄 by adding half round stock and bolt heads. At the rear of the cradle is a panel to be used for boosting the small on board battery to power the electric water and fuel pumps while a magneto will furnish the spark for the engine. The interior of the body is also receiving its share of detail with bracing for the fiberglass front end and side door panels made of aluminium that replace the stock door cards. At the rear there is a an interior lip running around the trunk rim to support the lid. My original intent to have a basic kit to build as a break has gone completely off the rails now! I have a fair amount of priming to accomplish, get the chassis completed for priming, as well as the main body. The BBC will now begin to get assembled with all the bits and pieces that will entail, wiring and plumbing. Can’t wait to get the body paint on the go, a combination of Candy Red with red Meatlflake panels… Thanks for checking in! Merry Christmas 🎅 to all! Cheers Misha
  14. Speaking of which, today I was going thru the shelves and came upon the Airfix 1/32 250 LM. Upon looking at the details, apart from the wheels, they are decent considering the age and scale of the kit. Separate flip top gas caps, delicate knock offs and an accurate appearing body and interior. Cheers Misha
  15. That’s going to be a sweet ride Scott. Too bad we don’t have a current kit, you lucky to have a decent looking resin one coming out of the stash. Looking forward to seeing your progress, cheers Misha
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