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  1. Great solutions Greg, thanks for sharing them! The marker lights are a huge improvement and your colour choice is a real eye catcher. Would you describe your paint treatment for the vinyl top for us? Cheers Misha
  2. That’s a sweet build Steve! Been following your thread with interest as it offers a distinct alternative to the typical gasser look. Looking forward to seeing colour on this Anglia... Cheers Misha
  3. That worked out well Bernard! I find it a hard decision especially with such classic racing machines, as meatballs and logos can detract from the gorgeous lines of the body. Recently I completed the Scarab and decided to have the meatballs yet without numbers or sponsor decals while still retaining the racer appeal. Looking forward to your build, cheers Misha
  4. This is a good choice for a build Roman. My very first car was a 65 Corvair Monza with the 140 HP engine with four single barrel carbs. GM also offered a turbo engine in the Corsa model that was discontinued in 67 if I remember. The turbo was also an option in the earlier annual Corvair kits. It may be of interest to check out the Yenko and Sprint versions for further inspiration. My first modification to my 65 was to have it repainted in Hugger Orange. I’ll keep an eye out for your WIP build of this kit, as I always enjoy your work and am always amazed at your output of quality models. Cheers Misha PS: it is very odd that a convertible boot is included as there never was one offered by AMT. yet the inclusion of a convertible Interior tub was quite common in the early days when models were offered in both versions and it was cheaper to design a single tub for both.
  5. Claude, that is thoroughly amazing! Grabs one’s attention right away. Thanks for the build description, great thinking there. The entire diorama shines with that gorgeous colour on the Ford. Congrats on a beautiful build, cheers Misha
  6. Back on July 2nd I declared being in on the builds for this round and even with all that is going on in life, I do have an update! I am still far from completion and now with summer winding down I’m back at the workbench. I’ve been planning, searching or building components to combine the 25 Tall T Coupe with the second version of the Ala Kart using the Ford V8-60 Flathead from the Kurtis Midget kit. I began with the chassis by stripping all the chrome bits, assembling the main components, followed by an application of Alclad chrome. This worked out quite well as greater detail appeared without the thick kit chrome, plus mold lines have been smoothed out, assembly was easier with bare plastic resulting in a stronger build. Afterwards my attention turned to the V8-60 wanting something eye-catching. A Scot style blower was a good choice, from I believe is the original 57Chev from AMT, topped by a pair of Strombergs. Mating the T body to the Ala Kart fenders went fairly smoothly. The firewall was moved back to provide room for the diminutive Flathead. The rear of the body received the most attention with the construction of a trunk to house the gas tank and a smoothing of the body lines in the transition from bustle to body. The paint scheme will feature a two-tone scheme of Pearl Light Red (TS59) & Lavender (TS37). Currently working on detailing the interior with the construction of the wind up rear window, panel lines for doors, and upholstery patterns while using the kit bench sofa! At this point I can see that I would need to continue into the next round. This is a great thread as it has helped drive to completing some special projects that have languished for too long. My previous completion was the Inca 💎 Jewel, a 49 Ford Coupe. Ahead, well there is a full shelf above my bench! Thanks Snake for creating this motivational thread, it has gotten a lot of us going again. Cheers Misha
  7. Great and subtle conversion Lee, a much more feasible solution for a production vehicle. As an aside, the Alexander Brothers used the tailgate window from a 60 Ford for the windshield. Cheers Misha
  8. Wow, I’ll be following your build! It promises to be a real jewel as your other builds have been. Always impressed by your execution of the interior builds as it adds such great realism. Cheers Misha
  9. Holy Toledo! That’s quite a build and completely in the realm of possibilities... back in the day there was a Jeep campaigned on the strip that garnered a fair amount of attemtion. Congrats on an eye-catching build, cheers Misha
  10. Thanks Bernard for fixing up the photo links, as I had entirely missed it the first time around. A beautiful build of the Lowey design especially considering it’s from the early 50s, like I am! It was this design that got me hooked on cars to begin with as it was so different from everything else on the road. One of my father’s draughtsmen had.bought one and it grabbed me right away! Thanks for sharing, cheers Misha.
  11. That’s a very sweet ride Steve and a wonderful tribute build of your Dad’s car with the additional recognition it has received. Your story rings a lot of memories of my father who bought his first new car in ‘66, a Plymouth Satellite 2dr hardtop off the showroom floor. Thanks for sharing the build and your memories. Cheers Misha
  12. Congrats Anders on a very sweet ride! Cheers Misha
  13. What a surprise to see a Dauphine, let alone the great rendition you have constructed Phillip. The deep blue with the white stripes adds a zing to the vehicle. The contemporary wheel choice also works on this early 60s model. I am curious if you added the sun roof? As a kid growing up in the middle of Canada the Renault Dauphine was a fairly common sight back in the day and your work brought back a lot of memories. Thanks for exhibiting your work and congrats on an eye catching build. Cheers Misha
  14. Welcome back Bob! I’m certainly with you regarding FB and it appears that we are in fine company here. Looking forward to your future postings. Cheers Misha
  15. This build is really progressing nicely Phil! Your detailing and scratch-building is very impressive with its authenticity to the prototype. I’ve also been a fan of Jim Hall and his unique engineering approach to road racing. Looking forward to seeing your work in person! Cheers Misha
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