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  1. I picked up this same kit yesterday before I saw your posting Steve and I too am disappointed as I had been on the hunt for the 911 R version for some time. While Fujimi’s reissuing of the earlier EM kits is very welcome, having picked up the Carrera RS ‘73 already, another one of my sought after kits, the R kit is a huge let down as even the box illustration shows a the proper version. I do have the 911 S 1969 kit with the regular body and I was wondering if a kit bashing would yield a proper 911 R? Otherwise I’ll build the fake reissue into a Singer style version… The hunt still continues for the proper Fujimi kit as pictured below… Cheers Misha
  2. I always find the primer tables to be quite interesting, especially with the more complex builds and seeing how builders deal with the construction. Here is my AussieBall entry, first from primer table from theDSC from a fee years back and to the final build that tied for first place on the CannonBall run in 2016. Cheers Misha
  3. Your welcome Bob, I have switched over to using these terminals exclusively on all my builds. Norm Veber is a great fellow to deal with and once you’ve seen all that he has on offer you’ll be blown away! The parts are finely and delicately cast, great quality and will enhance any of your builds. Cheers Misha
  4. I believe that this is what you are referring to Bob. They are favulous, easy to use and add immense realism! Best way to contact is to write or phone. There are a couple of foto sites to be found illustrating the products (I’m sure some one here will let us know) Cheers Misha
  5. In building my 62 Plymouth Savoy I added torque boxes front and rear, including the brace under the front wheel well. I based these modifications on photos from the web. I’ve been following your build Steven from the beginning and have found it to be very informative and inspiring, thanks for sharing your techniques. Cheers Misha
  6. A beautiful build Phil, congrats! The paint execution is striking, indeed eye candy. Along with the Ala Kart, which other RJ poster vehicles are you planning or have built? Cheers Misha
  7. Beautifully executed build in every way Chang, congrats! The colour suits this classic Benz and the interior is a delight to the eye. Your detailed build list is helpful in laying out your approach to painting. I agree with Patrick that without your hand in the photos your model would pass for the actual car. Thanks for sharing, Misha
  8. That’s a good looking project Tom. The red really sets it apart from the run-of-the-mill cabriolets. I would prefer the whitewalls as well, again with a reduced track overall. Looking forward to seeing it under glass. Cheers Misha
  9. As well as the “Competition Proven” logos which I believe were used on Fords prepped by Holman/Moody. It would be great to see the 64 Falcon come back with the full rally gear (had that as a kid, along with the rag top). Looking forward to the Olds hardtop to go along with the previous convertible! Cheers Misha
  10. That’s great information Alan, thanks! It really gives me a lot of ideas on some upcoming WIPs dealing with 36 Fords, plus the ability to swap chassises with none left over. Cheers Misha
  11. Beautiful build Lee, great match to your previous Anglia! Your skill with the airbrush is quite amazing especially when the Anglia was your first job, is the VW your second? You have achieved a great looking model on what is a rather fiddly IMC kit, congrats. Cheers Misha
  12. I’ve started using blue tac to hold certain parts where I need to airbrush an entire surface without a clip in the way or if there isn’t a hole to push a toothpick in. Then it gets attached to a popsicle stick. Cheers Misha
  13. Wow, another one Glenn! Saw the first two at the top of the page and now the Hudson… any more? I really like your direction with these builds, 👏 bravo. Cheers Misha
  14. Both the Chev and your T-Bird are real eye catchers Glen! Excellent planning and execution plus the final finish. Cheers Misha
  15. What a great variety of automobiles in one spot, something for everyone! The classics of a bygone era, with long time manufacturers now gone, display such a flair for design and size. The late fifties/early sixties offer a design transition with two tone paint and chrome highlights into the muscle car era of eye catching paint schemes with the ultimate Pro Stock quarter milers. An amazing event. Thanks Tim for sharing your photos and travels, it is always a treat to roll thru your albums! Cheers Misha
  16. A very beautiful. build Michal! Very clean application of paint and chrome, with an interior to match. Indeed a stunning replica of an iconic Chev, barvo! Cheers Misha
  17. Travelling around the neighbourhood on southern Vancouver Island spotted this early VW Type 2 and the 64 Goat. The Volkswagen’s cockpit is very aircraft like with the sliding side windows and the flat multiple panes. The gorgeous yellow GTO was out at Island View Beach and resembles an early build of mine from the 80s. The replica Cobra was in downtown Duncan parked behind our Jeep. Cheers Misha
  18. Here is a useful chart that cross references the new LP line of bottled Tamiya lacquers for airbrushing, with the TS spray bombs and the recently available (at least in Canada) small bottles of enamel paints. For airbrushing the typical ratio is one to one of paint to thinner. Hope this is useful! Cheers Misha
  19. Screen shot from yesterday….
  20. Congrats Russ for taking the plunge and offering up a WIP with your 37 Ford! I had never realized what a cool chassis is under the Smoothster; give me all sorts of ideas. Looking forward to following your build all the way to final colour and assembly. Cheers Misha
  21. That looks very sharp Phil! Another great piece of history, looking forward to your build. Cheers Misha
  22. Amazing work Yura! As others have said, the photos, the detailed execution of all the components such as the interior, engine and especially the headlights, are highlights of your build. The total look with the colour scheme results in a magnificent Chev C10. Bravo!!! Cheers Misha Koslovsky
  23. That's pretty Wild, Grant! Very cool body mods, especially incorporating the front grill. Plus the shadow paint on the panel sides. Congrats on a very imaginative and well built rail. Cheers Misha
  24. That’s a great find Brandon! I came across this same kit, as well as the McLaren Elva from the same series. Mine had the decals missing so it is interesting to see that the sheet includes the Lola markings as well. AMT & Monogram did a fairly decent job of making the slot bodies into static kits back in the early sixties at a lower price than the full detail kits. We are fortunate to find these kits as they are the only examples around for most of them. Cheers Misha
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