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  1. Whoops, thanks for spotting my mistake! It’s the engine from a Willys that I had posted in another thread. Thanks Andy for your keen eyes, cheers Misha
  2. Thanks Trevor, As mentioned before I’m quite excited with these vintage road racers. Interesting how much interest there is currently among fellow members with all the builds of Ford GTs, Ferrari, Porsches and others; a revival of sorts. Design wise there is a much cleaner look to them without all the added aero treatments on current racers. Thanks for checking in, cheers Misha
  3. Thanks for the kind comments, it’s always great to hear from other modellers from all over especially during these times when club meetings are held via Zoom and there is a lack of shows and contests. Cheers Misha
  4. Hi 👋, Great execution on the the 275P, gorgeous paint job and interior detail! Recently I’ve been constructing more of the older slot body based kits and really enjoying the results. Over the years one develops techniques that really add to the scale fidelity, such as thinning the plastic around the wheel wells, opening up grill and inlets, and vastly improved paint skills. The result are first class models of these epic road racers, and your work exhibits this very well; eye candy. Also had a look at your 1/43 Cobra, another jewel. Great to see your work and looking forward to more… Cheers from across the Strait! Misha
  5. Nor sure about specific resin parts, yet with parts from R&D and inventive scratchbuilt bits one could come up with some of the following… I’m planning to build an Ardun head for the V12 for my Connie. There is a thread on the forum, I’m unable to recall, of a modeller machining the heads for his which gave me the idea to scratch build a set using the R&D Ardun head as a pattern extended by two cylinders. Hope this may be helpful to you, cheers Misha
  6. Hi Ryan, Your GTO is really striking, one of the best I’ve seen! Great interior work and the engine bay is a knock out. I’m going to use your paint process on one of my upcoming builds, hope it comes close to your final finish. Also like your shots of NYC. Cheers Misha
  7. A rather neat street version at the Goodguys Spring Nats 2018 in Scottsdale…
  8. Welcome back into the hobby Aaron, judging by your work you’re not a novice. Great work work on one of the iconic F1 racers, always been a favourite of mine especially in the black livery. It is amazing the detail included in the 1/12 Tamiya kits, and while offering a challenging build, you have surpassed it with your paint and decal work. The Indy Cal decals are a great addition. Enjoying watching your progress, cheers Misha
  9. Hi Gerry, I might be mistaken, yet I think we might have met at the last Deuce Days in Victoria, along with Phil Dauphinee and our Club, SPAM (Scale Plastic Auto Modellers). Hopefully next summer we will be hosting the model show in conjunction with the 1:1 guys. If you could make it is a super gathering of rods right downtown around the inner harbour.
  10. This is a great release combining all the past reissues into one jam packed package! Especially for the younger set (I’ll be 69 in a couple of weeks) this current reissue will indeed be a surprise harkening back to the days of 3 in 1 kits, by being actually a 4 in 1 🤩. Also as has been mentioned the decal sheet is another bonus… feels like I’m back in the mid 1960s. Cheers Misha
  11. Hi John, Good start on the Chev wagon, looking forward to more as I really enjoyed your build of the 57 Bel Air and I’m sure it will be another eye candy delight! Cheers Misha
  12. Hi Gerry, Very impressive work! I just came across your post now and have thoroughly enjoyed your detailed descriptions and sharp photos. It’s a real feature of the forum overall for sharing and learning. The grill work is a great addition, especially catching the body colour trim. Cheers Misha
  13. Hi Robert, great to see your Chev back on the workbench! Your solutions are working out well, the hood scoop is a good match for the hood, side pipes would be great with the wide tires on the back and your paint work is looking very good with the chrome to come, it will be a 💎 jewel! Paired up with the bubble top you’ll have a great combo. I’ll be sticking around to follow your work. Cheers Misha
  14. Actually Kurt, the yellow vehicle more closely resembles a road going version rather than a competition one. While I understand your time constraint on this one, if anyone could accomplish a detailed build on this curbside you’d be the one. Cheers Misha
  15. Thanks Gary, the MK IV has such a unique body, especially how the front fenders dramatically stop at the cockpit. Back in the day a lot of the designs were based on informed intuition with out the aid of wind tunnels or computers. Thanks Ray, While it was a long interval between bench time for this one, it was great to place it in the display cabinet. We usually spend the winters at our Scottsdale home, yet this is our third winter on the Island and I miss all of my buds from the Moonlight and Cactus clubs, hope to return in the not too distant future. Thanks Rich, I’m quite happy with my decision to keep the scheme simple as it adds to the coolness factor by focusing on the styling. Thanks Bruce, It did turn out quite well. I have a number of the old curbside kits from Monogram and AMT in the stash. Next in line is the AMT Hussein, another unique racer with an interesting history being built for the Jordanian Monarch at the time. Thanks JC, always good to hear from you. It didn’t require that much work as it did require planning. With further research I did discover the added opening at the rear and the scoops on top, yet at that point the body was primed and painted. It will be fun to construct a fictional MK V! Thanks David & Helmut, I find that curbsides offer a greater chance for detailing, especially open cockpits, as I usually spend most of my time detailing engines. With all the after market bits available it really adds to the ease of enhancing interiors. Also David my comments regarding the Phoenix modelling community extends to you, missing the Sun! Thanks to all for for checking in on this build! At this time I would like to wish all the best for the coming holidays. Cheers Misha
  16. Great to see you start on this build Kurt. Just in case this begins to be in line with your usual builds, I thought these shots may be useful 😉…. Back in the day I thought the 250 LM was the most beautiful road racer ever made, still feel that way. I believe that Monogram had a 1/32 slot car back then. Need to check the stash as I may have one in that scale. Cheers Misha
  17. 👍 i agree! Our hobby is a refuge right now, let’s be “model citizens”!
  18. Scarab Mk IV Finished this build about a year ago using the Monogram slot car body and adding a few details to enhance the interior, a small block Chevy, and tire and wheel combo from the parts stash. I had started this project back in 2014 with body prep by thinning out the thickness of the plastic around the wheel wells, plus the usual mold lines, deepening the panel lines, etc. To eliminate the appearance of the empty engine bay through the top openings in the rear I installed a SBC from the AMT 63 Vette, scratchbuilding a manifold for the Webers, and altering the block to fit the chassis. As it turned out there wasn’t room for the carbs and they weren’t really visible either, yet what did work were the excellent valve covers that may be glimpsed through the openings. At the time I didn’t have many reference photos, so the rear openings at the rear trailing edge and the brake cooling scoops are absent. I find the body design to be quite striking and decided to just have the white stripe and the meatballs without the clutter of numbers and sponsors. Upon resurrecting the project last year I completed the interior, adding pedals, seat belts, instrument decals and substituting the steering wheel. There is still another complete kit in the stash and I plan on building a fictional “what if” Mark V version powered by BBC, rear fender flares, and installing a wing similar to the Chaparral 2E. I find that these early kits, while having a low parts count, offer great opportunities for detailing while remaining a curbside model. Cheers Misha
  19. Thanks Steve, the Forum certainly offers excellent company! Your kind words are very welcome 🙏 hope to get to the workbench soon. Cheers Misha
  20. A real classic build Stuart. The chassis shots are great showing the traditional rear suspension with the Q/C axle, perhaps how Revell ought to have done it, then again we are modellers. Your clean build is a joy to examine (is there a WIP thread on this one?) Wishing you the best for the upcoming holidays, cheers Misha
  21. Congratulations on all of your builds Robert, truely “Get on & Build it” as your signature says. A wide assortment of vehicles finished roughly one per month (wish I could do half as well😉. The Ford custom is intriguing, are those custom pieces from the annual kit? What also stood out for me is the excellent detail on the wheels, especially the stock hubcaps on the Corvair, Pontiac and Chev, it adds greatly to the realism. Wishing you a productive 2022, cheers Misha
  22. Great photos in the abandoned warehouse Pat! From my memory of building this kit when it was first released it’s not the easiest to accomplish such a clean result as yours, congrats 👏 Cheers Misha
  23. That’s really looking sharp Steve! Enjoying your build at a time when I’m away from the bench, unable to work as I’m in bed with a bout of bronchitis. Lots of time to meander around the forum. Your channeling of the body on a modern vehicle is very intriguing! Cheers Misha
  24. Great finish Pat! I’m on my way to the Under Glass section to see more… Cheers Misha
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