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  1. Beachbumz327 added a post in a topic H2 Hummer   

    Thanks for the tips guys. Mike, I am looking to find an old school muscle car to build up next, it's been a looooong time since I've done one,in fact my very first car ever was a 1969 Camaro. Think I might go back to the roots where this all started.
  2. Beachbumz327 added a post in a topic Need Help With Uploading Pictures   

    That's not my problem, Dave. I can upload pictures just fine and I have imaging software on my pc to convert picture sizes,etc. My porlbme is that I have uploaded maybe 8 pictures total and it says that 1.92mb of the 1.95mb are taken up already. So, i go to " manage my attachments " to delete the pictures I have uploaded in order to make room for more and it deletes them from the forums all together. So how do I keep my current picturs and upload more for different posts?
  3. Beachbumz327 added a topic in General   

    Need Help With Uploading Pictures
    I am a new member to the forums and have tried to upload my pictures of some builds that I have done. I was able to do so, but, only so many pictures then it said I had no space left to load any more. My question is, Is this something that is regular for new members or is something that I am doing wrong? My pictures are formatted to be 800 x 600 pixels. The answer I am looking for may be in the forums somewhere and I haven't found it yet. I went to my manage attachments and it deletes all of my photos from my topics when I delete them from the profile, so I am lost. Any info?
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  4. Beachbumz327 added a topic in Under Glass   

    H2 Hummer
    Here is my H2 Hummer that I built box stock about 2 months ago. I had no problems with this kit except for the fitment of the windows. I had her all buttoned up ( or so I thought ) and was installing the windows when..crack! So, needless to say it won't be "completely" done until I get some plexi-glass and make my own. Atleast it is finished enough to post the pictures of it. Thanks for l00king!!

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  5. Beachbumz327 added a topic in Under Glass   

    "blue Streak" Chopper
    Here is my first of many to come models to display on the site for all to critic and hopefully give any pointers and/or tips to make my builds all that much better. This build was pretty much box stock. I used some acrylic craft paint for the tins and hand brushed them, no clear on them because I ran out. Removed the chrome finish from the oil tank and painted it same as tin color. The color of paints are blue sapphire metallic with silver stripe masked off. After seeing some of the bike builds on here I am inspired to do some crazy mod's to my next one. Thanks for l00king!!

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  6. Beachbumz327 added a post in a topic Wanting To Say Hi!!   

    Sorry about that, I thought I had changed it. I will correct that.
  7. Beachbumz327 added a topic in General   

    Wanting To Say Hi!!
    Wassup people, of course I am new here. Been in the modeling hobby for a while now. I was into it earlier in my days like alot of others and have now begun to build again. I love all of the new tips and tricks I have picked up on. You members have some of the sickest builds that I have seen in some time now. I'm just glad to be aboard, hope to be posting some pictures of my work a.s.a.p
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