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  1. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    One on Sunday above, did you catch it? Did some more painting today too, body's in the dehydrator.
  2. Creature’s Surf Rod

    A totally authentic take on the 60's, I love it!
  3. Just for fun 48 Ford

    Looks great! I bought one of these when it came out, not sure when I'll get there but the box looks good on my shelf...
  4. AMC Pacer X

    A very unique spin for Gulf livery, and I'm always a fan of yellow headlights!
  5. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    It's been a while since I updated, but I haven't been sitting still on this project. Radiator has been fabricated, water lines run, just need to add intake and exhaust lines: Added a scoop on the roof to feed that radiator, and applied the first color to the body: Radiator is made from parts of the Kenworth kit sectioned and resized, hoses are solder: It's getting a little tight under the roof, still have to find room for the exhaust pipes! I've also spent some time playing with my new toy out in the snow!
  6. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    Rear end construction starts with sheet styrene cut to fit just below rear windows: Another sheet scored, bent, and glued in place: Trimmed and ready for putty:
  7. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    Did some work on the interior today:
  8. Another wildly productive year: 2018 completions

    I think you've really captured the essence of stealth technology, your builds are totally accurate in every way.
  9. The TR will always be one of my favorites too. In this case my 1:1 came forty three years before the model, in 1975:
  10. I stopped building models when I was fifteen. Forty nine years later - in February 2018 - I joined this Forum and started building again. I've had lots of fun; I've completed ten cars, three trucks, and one airplane. That's fourteen builds, but there's a fifteenth picture in this thread too. I didn't build it, but it was inspired by a model I built in May: a Citroen 2CV. I've always wanted one, and gazing at my model eventually broke down all resistance and caused me to take action. Six months later I took delivery of my 1:1 version, a total restoration to my very exacting specifications, built by Sander Aalderink in the Netherlands. I'm out of garage space for 1:1 cars now but I have plenty of space left for models, and I look forward to another year of building fun. Many thanks to all the fine people here for your inspiration and encouragement, and Merry Christmas! Garry
  11. Help! I need a car shipped!

    I was surprised to see Michelin ZX among the tire options, they are making them again! I've put many a mile on Michelins like this, always used them whenever I could in the 70s. Autocross is not really possible, it's only got 29hp.
  12. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    I never thought of that, but looking like a bucket tooth wouldn't be out of character for a twin Cat powered car!
  13. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Totally go for it! I suspect the Ferrari might be slightly more expensive than a 2CV though...
  14. Citroën 2CV

    I completed this model in May and ordered a 1:1 version in June. She arrived last week, pictures here!
  15. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Arrived in perfect shape. This car is everything I expected and more, I love it! This is what can happen when you build a model of a car you've always wanted...