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  1. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Worked out the final layout with some temporary graphics (regular photo paper, too thick). I'm using an Epson PM225 photo printer, and have ordered some printable sticker paper for the final assembly. If anyone has any other ideas for printing decals/stickers I'm open to suggestions!
  2. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Suspension mostly done, still needs paint & cleanup. I'm VERY glad I chose to do this one as a much-modified build, the fit on many of the parts is absolutely terrible!
  3. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Tires roughed up from the salt (aka sandpaper) and wheel covers from sheet styrene:
  4. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Lots of progress!
  5. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Thank you, and thanks to all who have commented! It's interesting to hear this comment in particular, because there's been several times during this project that I've felt exactly the same way, just not feeling it. I went in with a rough concept of what I wanted to see, but no definite plans how to achieve it. I tried doing some drawings, but ended up just winging it. So far I'm happy with the way it's coming together!
  6. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Front and rear ends reshaped and filled, sides smoothed, profile is looking better. Still considering partial fill for wheel openings.
  7. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Roll bar (made from parts tree) installed, canopy retention system designed and fabricated. Sheet styrene "spring" engages roll bar, slides forward, two angled pins engage body to secure. Rear of canopy will be painted body color.
  8. Best 60s Ford Mustang Kit?

    I've decided to go with the Revell 68 Mustang GT 2n1 kit for my short wheelbase project. It's not intended as an exact copy of the prototype, just my take on a 2-seater version. And I like the taillights on the 68!
  9. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Engine cover filled and fitted, scoop attached. Since it's in three pieces (lower body. interior/engine comp, upper body) this is turning into a real challenge deciding what order to assemble and paint it. I'd planned on assembling all then masking the engine compartment and interior openings before final putty and paint, then adding the engine and suspension. But since I've decided to include deep fender skirts, that may make the suspension/wheels/tires a challenge too. Also need to devise some way of securing the canopy. This one is taking more time to engineer than to build!
  10. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Interior panels formed from .020" Evergreen, installed, dash/seat/wheel installed and painted. I didn't spend much time here, as the interior is barely visible even with canopy removed.
  11. Opal GT

    If I remember correctly, that is very close to one of the most popular colors for that car. Looks great, fine job!
  12. Tall "T"

    I love it! Has kind of a surfer vibe from the back, from the first pic I thought those were boards! Great use of color, and very well integrated components.
  13. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Thank you! Ya, I thought about the fan belt, but I'm claiming it's under the shroud, or perhaps a custom gear drive...
  14. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Yes, the engine does seem a bit strange. Twin turbos, Weber carbs, and what appears to hemi heads? It doesn't line up with anything ever used on any Pirahna that I can find. But if we pretend the heads were custom made, the rest of the components were all available in the 60's - so I'm considering it a reasonably believable LSR engine.
  15. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car

    Cockpit opening located and cut, edges where putty is exposed between styrene layers sealed with liquid glue. Engine is done, and I just couldn't resist keeping all those parts chrome! I'll probably add some weathering and grime later.