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  1. Help! I need a car shipped!

    I was surprised to see Michelin ZX among the tire options, they are making them again! I've put many a mile on Michelins like this, always used them whenever I could in the 70s. Autocross is not really possible, it's only got 29hp.
  2. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    I never thought of that, but looking like a bucket tooth wouldn't be out of character for a twin Cat powered car!
  3. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Totally go for it! I suspect the Ferrari might be slightly more expensive than a 2CV though...
  4. Citro├źn 2CV

    I completed this model in May and ordered a 1:1 version in June. She arrived last week, pictures here!
  5. Help! I need a car shipped!

    Arrived in perfect shape. This car is everything I expected and more, I love it! This is what can happen when you build a model of a car you've always wanted...
  6. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    Lots of putty, then a quick coat of primer to show where I missed (numerous places, lol). I used Vallejo 74.601 Grey Surface Primer, it's acrylic/polyurethane and takes forever to dry when you get it too thick (as I did). Another day in the oven and it should be ready to sand. Still have to design the rear end!
  7. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    I agree, but this is a "theoretically practical" build and there's no way this thing would go 300mph+ with that flat caddy front end.
  8. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    With the nacelles bonded to the body and the temporary sheet that aligned them removed, the center panel is glued in. Also added is a thin strip to create a slight crown to the center panel, which will be three layers: All three layers in place, and additional reinforcements added center/left/right: View from the top: Another sheet is cut to cover the bottom of nacelles... ... glued in place... ... and trimmed to fit: I then made a pattern from the trimmed front end and transferred this shape to a longer piece, which will cover the bottom: then glued this sheet in place: This leaves a triangle shaped opening on each side... ... which is lined with spacers to maintain curvature of the triangle that will be inserted: More measurements taken, triangles cut: and installed: Now it's just a matter of filling and sanding, and I'll have a nice streamlined front end. No idea what I'll do with the back end, just have to wing it like I did here. And yes, Tom, you got it - those nacelles used to be the rear canopy of a Polar Lights Batmobile!
  9. Batman Cobra . Not good

    Looks great to me! I'd make a diorama for it with the car suspended mid-air after a hill, and a surprised looking Robin as the driver.
  10. 56' NOMAD

    Great color choices, very clean! Btw, when I saw the thread title I was expecting a 56 foot Chevy. But this is better.
  11. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    I've never intended to build the military or armored version, my only question was about dual rear wheels. My entry will be a 1931 RR Phantom II, most definitively a passenger car.
  12. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    Hatch mount trimmed, narrowed bumper installed: Finally found just what I needed for the front end streamlining. I've already cut it in half here, bonus points for figuring out what it is: Halves trimmed and held in place with poster putty: This is the critical angle, I need a smooth transition from fenders to front: Poster putty works great for this, you can carefully remove the part for trimming then reinstall: Sheet styrene glued under front to establish alignment between two halves, which are then secured firmly to body with UV cure filler. Putty is easily removed after bonding, resin doesn't seem to stick to it: Next I'll add sheeting between the "nacelles" at hatch level and across the sides/bottom, then do a bunch of filling and sanding!
  13. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Nope, they're definitely cars, they were built on the RR 40/50 engine/chassis. The only mods were the dual rears (on some), extra spring leaves, and of course the bodies. The rest of the car is completely stock. I'll grant you there's not much difference between cars and trucks in this era, but RR never built trucks. These were used from 1914 to 1944, below is a pic from 1918 of one with less modifications. Passenger is T.E. Lawrence, aka "Lawrence of Arabia" He was a major advocate for use of these cars in combat. So, do I get to use dual rear wheels?
  14. Help! I need a car shipped!

    It's a 1983 Citroen 2CV, completely restored to my specs. It's made to handle Iowa winters with minimal corrosion problems; it has a new galvanized frame, stainless steel brake lines/exhaust/trim/hardware components etc, extra heater options and special rustproofing/undercoating. Most of the car is new, all other parts are completely restored. I've always wanted one, and building this model in May pushed me over the edge, I ordered the real one in June.
  15. Help! I need a car shipped!

    I've got a few, I'll take some good ones when it gets here next week. Here it is at the port in Baltimore: