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  1. Further update, I got a notice from Paypal that the seller provided a tracking#, no mention of the refunded shipping cost that was promised. Also, the tracking# has now been a dead-end for 2 days, a shipping label has been created but there's been no pickup of a parcel of any sort. It appears the tracking# may be a stall tactic to satisfy Paypal's investigation and buy time as it was about to be decided in my favour for a refund on February 9th. ** UPDATE ** I have now received my paints in good order... December 27 until February 17... and he never refunded the shipping cost to me as he promised to... but I'm not going to bother asking about that. Seems like he is suffering enough right now. I hope he sorts things out, can't wait to try my paints out... I guess if you are ordering from him, just expect a 2 month delivery time for the time being.
  2. Update to my order: I received a Facebook message saying my package would be sent out again today... and that the shipping cost would be refunded. I'm confused by their use of the word "again" in that sentence, it was never sent out in the first place. My order status has never changed from "In Process" so it's weird to imply that they already sent it somehow, unless that's just a mistake. We will see if it actually does go out today or not.
  3. I ordered on December 27th and paid for Priority Shipping... as of February 3 despite multiple emails to their "Contact Us" section and filing a Paypal dispute which they also have not responded to I have received nothing from Gravity Colors. I searched on google and found this thread... have now contacted them through Facebook expressing my displeasure. Will update if they contact me. Regardless if the owner is a good guy or they are short staffed, this level of service is shameful.
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