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  1. Yes I'm quite well as I work in retail its been a challenge and quite exhausting. I havent quite figured this thing out still yet. As we modelers cant build one at a time lol
  2. Anyone got a 48 ford coupe hood. Cleaned out some of my stash and I think it got thrown away. Grrrrr
  3. Just a little bit of foose pickups again mock up stage gonna use the eldorod wheels and a big ol 429 swap
  4. Well turns out i dont want to cut the interior down to fit the fooser i may do it anyways but im thinking i can just turn that 302 into a nice motor that came with it either will be fine i think
  5. It is the roush 351 from the fooser yes. Yes the headlights made it undamaged ?
  6. It'll fit CT ... I'll make it fit ? plus im not using the stock kit exhaust system on this thing either haha
  7. I had this built but now i took it apart and going a different direction with it. A used well beer delivery Hot rod. I'm in the grocery buisness and have been for 20 plus years and around here our beer distributors had some different vehicles that they used from time to time like the mohawk shock top van and other various things so why not a patina hot rod haha just trying to be creative here. Also a big thank you to mr Claude T. Helping me rebuild this one ?
  8. Has anyone had issues with these trucks with the firewall clearance of the interior ?
  9. So I broke out the step again after making a few changes. I wanted a big block in it but no matter how i went i couldnt make it fit ... Anyways... It'll get a small block just have a contest coming up soon and wanted to finish this one. I pulled a small block out of the 69 Camaro and itll work great but want to do something kinda pro tourish with it like a mild tpi with some wild injection i have a tpi to use just looking for thoughts here ... Wheels and rotors are from a 2017 zl1 camaro. I also still have the LS out of that as well but the tranny is just too tall unless i cut the interior and channel it out and i don't have that much time to get that right. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Also used a NASCAR gen 6 front end.
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