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  1. Hi , does anyone out there know what in the testors or tamiya spray can range might have that is close to lucerne blue ?
  2. I just saw a comment from uscp on you tube stating that he had used revell 65/66 mustang when making this kit . I will try a revell gt350h 66 kit and see what happens, if no go I will get the amt version that works with the scale production kit.
  3. Just starting my Eleanor, from uscp, but iam having a hard time finding a donor that fits on their website they said to use 124 kit Ihave tried 3 kits and they don't fit anywhere close. Has anybody else had the same problem and what did you use as donor kit? Thanks
  4. finally my gravity order arrived after 3 months and all I had to do was to lodge a complaint with paypal and all of a sudden its in the mail.
  5. still nothing from gravity colors I might try and open a dispute with paypal and see what they can do , but I never will use these cowboys again.
  6. Hi has anyone had trouble with this company, I put an order in in october and paid for it and got a email order being processed and nothing since and sent emails with no reply?. Anybody with experience with this company . thanks
  7. Thanks they are all good ideas , I might try and find the auto code from above mentioned website and get some from the auto paint store and have a go with that.
  8. Just staring to build the charger and I was wondering what to paint it, had a look at what colours they came out with and liked the light green matallic paint. I usually like to use testors paints but I cant work out if they have that colour or different wording for it [ eg. green zinc chrome, light olive green or citrus yellow green] ?. or maybe another brand might make something, spray, enamel or a lacquer . Any ideas out there.
  9. Great work, where did you find the wheels
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