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  1. my models

    What colors/brand/type did you use for the 365 spyder and f12?
  2. building a fully detailed Pagani Huyara

    Beautiful work. Pagani's have been one of my favorite cars since the zonda.
  3. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Thanks for the nice words. Funny now that I review my pics I start to find some little nagging issues I didn't catch in person. Need to thin the walls of the hood scoop to start and that seam in the passenger floor looks pretty substantial. For the latter I think I'll fix that with some floor mats I didn't want to sand down the seam and remove the carpet texture but that is how the seam lines up on the top when the bottom side is lined up. Should have made the top line up and sand the underside but to the naked eye it's barely noticeable.
  4. my models

    Very nice!
  5. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Some more progress. The dash required a bit of work. Was hoping to use the one that came with the 57 couple but it was too wide to work with the functional doors on this model so I built up the thin spots/holes around the gauges with epoxy and fortunately the natural surface tension of the uncured epoxy almost did a perfect job filling in the holes and keeping the contour. I had to drill out the fuel and temp gauges then shape a plastic dowel to go in the holes then applied decals. Was hoping to show a mounted tach but as I was working on the mount from a detail masters kit I walked away while almost done and when I came back the tiny little bugger was not where I remembered placing it. Somewhere in the carpet now I'm sure so moved on to other things. Got the body base coat painted and applied foil to the trim pieces in the interior. Found the perfect bucket seat mounts from leftover parts of a revell 250 gto detail kit. Woo hoo! Then I needed a boot to go around the detail masters hurst shifter kit so I scratch built one by layering gradually smaller and beveled rectangles from a .030" inch styrene sheet. Engine almost ready for install. Dash temporarily glued into place with canopy glue normally used for RC airplanes but works great for glueing windows on models. I'm going to have to swap out the brake pedal with another I have that has a longer arm to get it lower and more to the left as this one sits almost over the gas pedal. These are the wheels that came with the newer revell california 57 chevy.
  6. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Weather warmed up just right for shooting paint so that is what I did this weekend. Primer on the body showed up a few flaws so I need to do a little work there and hopefully be ready to shoot the body color next weekend. I still need to paint the interior panel insets once the brown dries. Thinking a light tan should work and planning on doing the insets on the bucket seats (pulled from a 68 camaro) the same. I also stripped the original chrome and re-shot with molotow chrome. Looks more like polished aluminum but I'm good with that so I'll keep it. Final base body color will be graphite metallic like I used on my Ferrari 360 spyder.
  7. Tamiya Mini Cooper 1275S Rally

    Nice subject and your off to a good start. I have this version in the box still but have built the other two versions by tamiya.
  8. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Cold miserable weekend so a good time to dig into the build. I built the leaf springs for the rear using evergreen styrene strips .030 x .080 for the bottom two and .020 x .080 for the top two. Used some parts trees from a detail masters metal etched distributor kit for the baling. Ordered a 400 CI small block from BNL resins and am getting that ready for paint. Used some canopy glue to temporarily join the transmission to the block so I could test the fit in the car and it looks like it will work well. Did some detailing on the carb as well using the detail masters carb linkage kit and the fuel line kit that BNL also supplies.
  9. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Hmm, interesting espo. I was actually looking at getting an "updated" 57 kit just for the chrome. I like the wheels on this but not sure if I'd be buying the same problems chrome-wise or how well the parts would fit.
  10. 1970 Charger

    Great job!
  11. 57 Chevy Nomad - revell

    Well the adventure has begun. I've taken a 4 year hiatus from model building but the bug has bit again after dusting off my neglected ones recently. My re-entry is a 57 Chevy nomad which I first built as a young kid. I loved that car so much I used to take it everywhere with me. Eventually it met it's end when I left it on the dash of my aunt's car during a hot summer day. Back then I just assembled the kits without paint but was still deeply upset when I found the twisted/warped remains after a day at the zoo. So off to fleabay and I found this opened kit for a good price and pulled the trigger. For the past 20 years I've built primarily tamiya and fujimi kits because they are straight and require little work to get them to piece together correctly. Having started on this nomad I'm reminded how terrible these older kits are in comparison. Some of the injection molding did not take completely and the chrome is awful with satin mottling everywhere as well as excessive flashing. Then there is the molded trim which is uneven and blends into the body at places. Fortunately I've been able to correct most of the body issues but the engine which suffered most from the improper injections is going in the garbage. Instead I've order a resin kit of a 400 small block chevy from BNL resins. I'm also going to try my hand at re-chroming the trim parts with molotow and an airbrush. I've never used that stuff before so this will be an experience that I hope brings satisfactory results. If not I'm going to black out the car so I haven't yet decided what the paint will be yet. I'm also going to try my hand at building leaf springs for the rear suspension using styrene strips and am pulling out the stops for all the other detailing items I typically skip over. This means it will be a slow build. So far I'm happy with the shell after 12 or so hours of filing, sanding and fitting parts. As a kid I recall it was tricky to get all the opening parts to line up so this time I've spent extra time to ensure I get the gaps even. Getting the headlight trim to sit flush has been a challenge. I'm going to have to fill and my 15 year old tube of model putty is no good so back to the hobby store. Going to toss the hood and get a resin high rise with chrome delete instead. This will allow me to toss the hood hinge and fill in the firewall where the hinge openings are currently. Finally I need some wheels. Don't want to go 20" low profile but would like to get something a little more updated. Haven't decided on anything yet so if there are suggestions please let me know your thoughts. Anyways this is the start of what I hope to be my best build yet.
  12. 1/12 Tamiya Datsun Fairlady 240ZG... Under Glass!

    Nice indeed!
  13. Wow! Love it. One of my favorite subjects.
  14. 1978 Pacer Recon

    I stand corrected David, great job thinking outside the box. I look forward to seeing the final product. Proper way to build a pacer!
  15. 1978 Pacer Recon

    I was going to say jerky dispenser... seems more in line with the manly post apocalyptic theme.