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  1. SignMan22 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Removing old paint
    Just want some input on stripping paint from old models using Super Clean....any advise?
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  2. SignMan22 added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    Thanks for the kind words...I love putting the key in the door everyday...........
  3. SignMan22 added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    I've been a professional sign painter for over 30 years...........My love for cars and models started when I was 10 (now 50) I taught myself the trade and the business end as well............I carved a nice little market in the race car lettering business since high school. I'm the happiest when there are race cars in the shop but I can build and install any kind of sign. I'm an expert at Gold Leaf and hand lettering although my shop keeps updating with computerized equipment to stay competetive in the commercial market............I'm at the shop every day(except when at the drags) Please feel free to visit my website which includes a model car page www.dansignman.com .........I totally enjoy both my choosen career and the model car hobby...wish I had more time for it but it doesn't stop me from buying 'em.....Have fun building , I admire all the great builds here. Dan the SignMan
  4. SignMan22 added a post in a topic Warren Johnson' Firebird   

    I do...I'll try and get them on the site or e-mail me from my website with your e-mail address and I'll forward them right away, trying to up-date website over the holiday....should have a ton of new stuff from the last 18 months.....Dan Glad you like the shirt!
  5. SignMan22 added a post in a topic 55 Jr. Stocker   

    great build
  6. SignMan22 added a post in a topic Warren Johnson' Firebird   

    Hi Bud...As you can tell I'm really into the Stock Super Stock cars.....I'm sure you noticed some of my client list, there is a lot more than shown on the site...The Roadster was mine as you read about on my site. After I sold the last race car I drove Wally Clark's truck and trailer and traveled with him Boburka, Eshman, Joe Scott, et al ...the whole gang! Lettered tons of S S/S cars...F.J. Smith sends alot of guys my way being so close to the Canadian boarder (Tonawanda, NY / the 409 plant is a rocks throw away...The first car I did for him was his '84 Full size Cutlass B/MP car...All since then! Just finished a '68 HEMI 'Cuda for Wendell Howes...it's a Twin to their Dart but just changed the colors around...got a lot already booked in for the new season. The shirt will go out Monday...Thanks...would love to see more of your models...you are truely one of the best....I saw a couple in East Coast Drag News about a year ago or so....I do some stuff for Dave Bishop too! I'll be updating the website with some more models over the Holidays...it's a bunch of work....re-building a lot of old pro stock kits...interesting note...Dick Oldfield from the Motown Missile fame is a long time friend and neighbor and he gave me his original Missile models....just going to clean them up....he's already made the changes to them when he built them back in the '70's....he's got great stories and pictures....I'd love to build the stuff you do but I'm not much of a scratch builder....wish I had that kind of time but I'm sure you can tell what keeps me buzy...Thanks for the advice on WJ's car....did that last night and painted everything this morning at the shop.....I'll let you know how it worked out, then I'm going to build the Reher & Morrison Firebird with Slixx decals......Thanks again...visit often see you at the drags......Dan
  7. SignMan22 added a post in a topic Toledo Nnl Who Built It The Opel ?   

    Thanks Tom...actually I went to Thompson abunch even being from the Buffalo, NY area. Frank's first Opel "God of Hell Fire" was bought from Jimmy Oddy. I met Frank and Linda in 1975 at Lancaster Dragway....They would travel up from Eastlake in their White Chevy ramp truck (with a stick in it) single cab with the Opel straped on the back for Friday night racing. They have been Dear friends ever since. Dawn, their oldest girl did my website. Frank still lives in Eastlake and is retired but is in the garage every day working on something...he flipped over the model...if you're close to there I'm sure he'sd love to meet you and see the model. Linda (now lives in Las Vegas) and had forward the photos of the Opel to Phil Burgess at National Dragster. He flipped out too!...if you remember, he drove that car and got his Comp license in it. Phil then e-mailed me looking for more info on you and the model...he'd like to include it in one of his stories. If you would like to contact me through my website I'd be more than glad to hook you up with them.....Hope you're intersted....It would be a great story I'm sure and give modeling a little more spotlite....Any other drag cars that you have built? My website will be updated soon so look for the model car page as we are adding some oldies and some new builds...hope to hear from you.....Thanks again....Dan
  8. SignMan22 added a post in a topic Warren Johnson' Firebird   

    Thanks Wayne...I will post a photo when finished...love your website! found a couple of my models on there www.dansignman.com
  9. SignMan22 added a post in a topic Warren Johnson' Firebird   

    Thanks Bud......I'll post a picture when finished....love your models! check out some of mine at www.dansignman.com Signman
  10. SignMan22 added a post in a topic Toledo Nnl Who Built It The Opel ?   

    Tom, great build! I have forward pictures to the Mazi's....I would love to know more about your model and how you chose that paticular car. I've been friends with the Mazi family for over 30 years and have an Opel started that some day when I find the time will finish it. Again...love the subject...If you have more photos of the Opel or other drag cars, I'd love to see them....check out my site at www.dansignman.com Great job....did you win any contests with it? Signman 22
  11. SignMan22 added a topic in General   

    Toledo Nnl Who Built It The Opel ?
    Hi everyone! While searching threw the photos of the Toledo NNL I noticed in the background a model of my dear friends FRANK & LINDA MAZI"S blown Opel...I did not see a complete or single picture of the model...does anyone know who built it or does anyone have a photo of the model? I would love to see it and forward it to The Mazi's. Pretty cool build from what I can make out of the car in the photo...Thanks in advance................
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  12. SignMan22 added a post in a topic 69 Shelby Pro Sports Man Trio (car Truck Trailer)   

    stunning! Great combo and use of color!
  13. SignMan22 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Warren Johnson' Firebird
    Starting to build WJ's Firebird Pro Stocker............I read somewhere how to lower the front end but have since "filed" that articel where I wouldn't forget where it was. Does anyone know how to make the stance correct on this Revell model ?...if built straight from the box you could drive a truck under it... Thanks in advance!
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  14. SignMan22 added a topic in General   

    Remove Old Paint
    Hi everyone....some what new to the forum but have been building for 40 years. I have lots of older '70's models that Slixx has re-issued decals for and I would like to "re-build" them. I've read over the years that Castrol "Super Clean" works well on removing old paint jobs from plastic model bodys. I have a couple of questions....Do you put a top on the container that the model is submerged in and can the "Super Clean" be used again. Looking for advice. I'll post some photos as I get use to the forum. I build Drag cars and love the '70's Pro Stockers and Funny Cars...not too many that I don't have and like I said, I'd love to be able to "rebuild" some of my older ones. Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you guys!
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