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  1. Would this technique (using flats+clear) also work well for smaller peices such as engine/ suspension?
  2. Perhaps I'll just start with the testor enamels and do the 1:1 with cheap thinner as donn yost recommends. There just doesn't seem to be a great "one topic says it all" post on paint including price, results and technique.
  3. Hey everyone- I just got back into the hobby that I used to enjoy as a kid. Picked up a few 1/25 car sets on clearance at my local hobby store and found that decision to be easy. However, I was completely overwhelmed by paint choices. I have a paasche model H and plan to spray most of the parts with that, aside from small details. I've watched a few videos and done some reading on the forum but I'm overwhelmed by the info. I want to be as frugal as possible with my paint choices for now and would like something airbrushable... which leads me to my broad and probably controversial questions: 1) What's the "go to" brand these days? 2) acrylic or enamel... or both? 3) most cost effective way and place to purchase?
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