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  1. My pics would be. Prostreet, Mid engine, and pic ups.
  2. Actually the wheels and tires are from the 70 TransAm.
  3. This is my finished entry for the birth year build. Started with the 62 Catalina Gasser. Took off the top to make it a convertible. Wired and plumbed the engine. Scratch built the filler panels for the end of the rear seat. Lowered the front and rear a bit. Wheels and tires came from 70 boss Mustang kit. Scratched out tail pipes and exhaust tips. Laid down the best black paint job I think I have ever done.
  4. So here it is with a 66 chevelle front end and the pegasus wheels and tires. Opened up the rear wheel wells. Think I'm gonna do a corvette rearend.
  5. CICE!! Love the color. I have a 70 442 I think I may paint that color.
  6. Very nice. The late 60s threw early 70s vettes are one of my favorites.
  7. Kinda diggin the mid-engine idea. Gives me a chance to build an old Corvair that's in my stash.
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