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  1. Built this a few years ago. Rear wheels I widened. Didn't do a lot of modifications on it.
  2. Just finished this one up. This one had bean on the back burner for a long time. Had somehow lost the hood for it. Finally got my hands on one. Neighbor had a 70 big block 396 when I was in my teens, just thought it was the 💩. So I tried to replicate it from the 72 AMT kit. Still have a few details to finish. Think it turned out pretty ok. As always thanks for lookin and comments are always welcomed.
  3. This is the only pic I had posted. May have more on my laptop. I have also built an open race trailer for a dirt track IMCA modified that I scratch built.
  4. Finished up the Gasser. Had fun with this one. As always input and comments welcomed.
  5. Finished up the gasser. Did some more diggin in the tire box and managed to find some front tires that are a little taller and skinnier. Had fun with this one. The trailer is one I scratch built a couple years ago. Thanks for lookin.
  6. Are you lookin for a certain style or just anything wide. Reason I ask is I have several style wide, deep, wheels. I could get some pics of what I have if you would like?
  7. I am in need of a hood for AMT 72 corvette. Kit has bean painted but hood disappeared. Let me know what you need.
  8. I know, but I don't have any tall skinnies. ☚ī¸
  9. Thanks for the input. I'll put these tips to use on the next one.
  10. Both great lookin 57s. Nice to see the kids takin an interest in model building. I have a three and a half year old grandson that will sit and watch me work for hours. Hope to keep him interested and hopefully building someday. Again 👍👍!!!
  11. Making progress on the 49 gasser. This is my first attempt at a patina paint job. (Not done yet.) Looks OK I think. Hope to have it done in time.
  12. So this is in the BOYD but thought i would share here to. 49 Ford gasser. Removed interior panels replaced with flat styrene ,built flat dash, built roll cage. Built cadillac engine for it. Headers are scratch built styrene rod, injection set up is from an outlaw. This is my first attempt at doing patina paint job. ( NOT DONE YET). Lookin OK I think. As always input is greatly appreciated.🙂
  13. Made a little progress on the 49. Wheels painted, engine wired, built a hood scoop for it. Tried to make scoop look like a home made that someone just threw together from sheet metal. Gonna try to stay old school weekend warrior kinda thing with it. Gonna do a basic roll cage and cut out the door panels and do smooth ones. As always, feel free to comment.
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