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  1. Very nice!! Really like that cap. Great scratch building!! 👍👍
  2. Thanks all. Got a 60 ford starliner that I think may be my next convertible project.
  3. Finished the 62 Catalina convertible conversion for the 2022 Cannonball. The nicest black paint job I've ever done. Thanks for lookin. Comments welcomed
  4. So couldn't wait to finish this. Had a lot of fun building it. 1962 Catalina. The paint is the nicest black I have ever done. Thanks for looking, and comments welcome.
  5. I had built one several years ago using a 30'' range hood mounted on top of a steel cabinet, so it also served as paint storage cabinet. Ducted outside with a 4'' dryer hose. Worked well. Sorry no pics. Yes most range hood are brushless motors.
  6. Very nice chop and engine detail. I have one of these that I did a chop on years ago.
  7. Fantastic finish on that Javelin!! 👍👍
  8. Decided to take a break from building for a bit. seeing that the Catalina is a 2022 cannonball entry got plenty of time to finish it up. Thanks for lookin and comments.
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