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  1. Surprisingly enough this one went together pretty well.
  2. So going to try doing a quick build. Got this on Ebay. Came with everything but wheels, tires, motor and instructions. Going to use the 5 spoke wheels and tires from the 3 in 1 Elcomino kit. Engine is a parts box 440 6 pack. Going to finish it in Rustolium sunrise red with the white RR stripes. thanks for looking comments welcomed.
  3. Finished up the CJ. Thanks for all the input during the build. Another fun one in the books.
  4. Got the body and the scratch built bumpers painted. Put different taillights in the bumper because two jerry cans are going on in place of the stock tail lights. As always thanks for looking and the input. Think the hood needs another coat of green.
  5. Boots on the front ones should have bean a little taller.
  6. Progress is slow. Made some diamond plate bumpers. Now not sure if I want to use them or the tube ones. (input?) Also scratched out some rancho shocks, think they look pretty O.K. As always comments welcomed.
  7. 👍Lots of fantastic builds. So much talent here. 👍
  8. Thanks for all the positive guys.😁
  9. I am not sure I got them from Ebay. The seller said that what they came from.
  10. Wheels and tires are from the revell wrangler rubicon.
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