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  1. Wheels and tires came from Scenes Unlimited 16''.
  2. I get the diamond plate off ebay comes from this company. have bought several sheets always good quality.
  3. Here is the Dodge dumper I built in 2019. Box is all scratch built, tool boxes and running boards all 4 shocks and front bumper. Frame was lengthened using styrene tubing. Base was a glue bomb little red express. I am also still working on the scratch built camper and 66 suburban. Had a blast building this one. Also currently workin on a 90s F250 lifted 4x4 bug out vehicle with a 7.3 powerstroke and scratch building a camper body for that. Will be posting some pics of that soon I hope.
  4. Thanks for the input on the 7.3. I broke down and bought a Trailer Trash one. But probably could have used the a460 ford as a base and had as good of results. Will be posting pics soon.
  5. So I have the monogram ford f250. Gonna transform it into a 4x4 off road bug out vehicle. pics to follow.
  6. Anyone out there besides trailer trash, making a 7.3 power stroke?
  7. Yes I looked at those, but I think maybe I am gonna try to scratch build them. .040 styrene and patience. Thanks
  8. Was wondering if anyone out there would have,or have an idea where I could find fender flare for 1/24-25 88-98 chevy truck.
  9. So I'm back. Finally getting all settled in to the new place. Time to get back to building. So got this Idea when I was unpacking the stash. gonna take the plow truck and ss454 and swap the chasis. Gotta shorten one and lengthen the other.
  10. I used a parts box front differential and transfer case, that were from an old stepside 4x4 chevy kit that got parted out. I will look through my stash and see if I have another.
  11. I know this is probably a long shoot, but I am looking for a minibike or older moped to go with the camping theme of the Burbon and camper. Any ideas or if someone had one they would part with Please let me know.
  12. Hear is one of my favorite paint jobs. Let the wife pick the colors!!
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