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  1. Bent spoke Kelseys

    Finally got around to designing some wheels for those Buicks and Caddys. They will be 15 X 7 with a separate hub cap. should fit most kit tires. Some kit hubcaps can probably be adapted too.
  2. Bent spoke Kelseys

    Wow, they look great even if I do say so myself! Please post more pictures when you paint them.
  3. Bent spoke Kelseys

    Are there some specific kits that you would use these wheels on? It helps to have a kit wheel in hand so perfect fit is insured.
  4. Dragster front wheels

    Yes Auto Air goes o very thin with excellent coverage. It's a two part process, Auto Air gloss black followed by Auto Air quick silver. Do a google search and see some of the videos of this stuff.
  5. Bent spoke Kelseys

    The hub caps from various Fords fit as do the tires. I'm considering some additional vintage wire wheels. Many hours go into creating the 3D art for such a wheel so it my be a while.
  6. Dragster front wheels

    Wow, so sorry to hear this. some Shapeways users do short soaks in alcohol. The distortion of the spokes may self correct if you let them sit for several days. Shapeways recommends water based paints for their resin parts I always use Createx/ Createx auto air. The specific paint is quicksilver. It's fantastic stuff. As for cleaning, try a good soak in Dawn and water or Simple Green and water. That's it for cleaning.
  7. Bent spoke Kelseys

  8. Dragster front wheels

  9. Bent spoke Kelseys

    My latest design is a 1/25 scale Kelsey Hayes wheel for early Fords.Snapshot from Fusion 360 Snapshot from Fusion 360
  10. Dragster front wheels

    Here they are with paint.
  11. Dragster front wheels

    Here is the 1/16 and 1/24 scale wheels. Both have separate tires. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/bilingham-design
  12. You need these😁
  13. Dragster front wheels

    I designed a motorcycle wheel for vintage front engine dragsters. Should I offer this on my Shapeways site? Snapshot from Fusion 360
  14. Photo-etch spoke wheels

    These wheels are available from Shapeways. 3D printed, 72 spokes. Search on the Shapeways site for Bilingham Design.
  15. 3d printed wire wheels

    Post a picture of what your looking for.