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  1. oldman23 added a topic in General   

    Could someone please tell me what happened to Scale Hardware. One week they were there and the next week they were gone. Also is someone taking over Scale models By Chris? or are they just selling out the inventory?
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  2. oldman23 added a post in a topic Paint Booths & Safe Ventilation?   

    I have a large paint booth with a well sealed Plexiglas door. the only problem with it is it's outside. We are now into the low 100's to the high's around 120 outside.

    The question I have is:
    I build my models in 70 degree temp. Would it mess up the paint if I prepped the parts and mixed the paint then take them out and spray them and bring them back in right away?

    Would you please EMAIL me at ernie-p@cox.net with any comment or ideas. I do not have access to a computer on a regular basis.
  3. oldman23 added a post in a topic door windows,,,working crank   

    Give credit where it is due. I just logged onto this thread and Yes Bill's window works great . Bill is the person that helped me develop my working windows for a hard top. I spent allot of time emailing Bill with Questions and sending him pictures and copying his Track and rase. I Modified mine to meet my needs as I'm sure allot of you will do the same after seeing Bill's and the rest of the great guys who have tried this and succeded
  4. oldman23 added a post in a topic Strada Sports   

    Kevin has a real job now and is letting Strada slip away
  5. oldman23 added a post in a topic Strada Sports   

    I always thought kevin was a good guy. I've ordered quite allot of parts from him over the past few years and i've always been satisfied with the orders and I usually received them in 4 to 5 days unless he was real busy or the parts where not in stock but he always let you know.

    I ordered parts from him on June 15th 2012 and still haven't received them. I did manage to get a hold of Kevin by phone and he told me he would check on my order and email me back. He never has. He stated to me he had to get a REAL JOB because they couldn't make it with the store orders being down.

    If you call his number listed on the site 636-696-2867 it will reing then says memory full.

    So he isn't answering calls and he isn't answering Emails and he isn't shipping orders

    HUMMM!!!! sounds like he's just working his REAL JOB now and not running the store.

    But what about our money,,, Well if you paid him through PayPal you only have 45 days from the date of transaction to file a dispute to either get your parts or your money refunded.
  6. oldman23 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Looking for a Model Cars magazine

    I might have asked before but I'll ask again anyway.
    I'm looking for the Magazine that featured Randy Derr's

    Orange A.J. Foyt ASA Camaro.
    If you know what magazine it is in Please let me Know.
    Also If you can part with your copy I'll trade for it.
    If anyone knows if that issue is available from Model Cars Please let me know that also,
    since there website does not have any back issues posted.

    Please E-Mail me directly because I'm seldom on the site anymore. ernie-p@cox.net

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  7. oldman23 added a post in a topic Old article wanted   

    Hi Bruce I could scan the article and email it to you if you would like.
    Ernie P
  8. oldman23 added a post in a topic The REAL Wild Child 65 Ford Falcon FX is for sale!   

    Southern motorsport had some a few weeks ago try googling Model King Wild Child and see what pops
  9. oldman23 added a post in a topic The REAL Wild Child 65 Ford Falcon FX is for sale!   

    Everyone I sent Joe an email and asked him point blank

    At 07:22 PM 11/17/2010, you wrote:

    Hi Joe are you really selling Her?

    Here is his reply

    No, not really. Joe Bortz who has a huge collection http://bortzautocollection.com/ posted that. I set a huge reserve so it would not sell. I really have no interest in selling the car but I let Joe toss it out there to test the market.


  10. oldman23 added a post in a topic The REAL Wild Child 65 Ford Falcon FX is for sale!   

    The front axle was twisted. These photos were taken during the restoration process.
    The axle was bent from all the wheelie stands so it was pulled and sent out and straightened.
    I'm currently building 2 Identical Falcons along with the trailer and the 66 Ford F-100 that pulled The Wild Child For Joe Germann.

    I have close to 500 photos of the car and I am building these as detailed replicas of the 1:1 car. When complete I will have over 2000 hours in the project. I've seen the Wild Child up close and in person. You just have no Idea of the power of a SOHC motor until you hear it run. Did you see the pictures showing the 3 1/2 inch collectors coming off the headers? That is sweet

  11. oldman23 added a post in a topic I need help with 427 SOHC   

    Thank You Everybody
    I knew there had to be at least one decent motor out there some where. Ok I have the one out of the 68 Shelby GT500 now I just need one more.
    In 1969 I ordered a 70 Torino Cobra with the 429 in it I was determined to have a Hemi since my dad had SOHC 427 in his 65 Galaxie
    He had bought the car with the intentions to race it. He bought the motor from Holman Moody and to make a long story short I got my Torino In April of 70 and my dad drove his Galaxy every day He never raced it and after he got sick he sold the car and motor to a guy in Inkster Mich. that wanted the motor for his boat. I blew the motor on the Torino and traded it even up to a dealership for a 69 GTO. He never asked and I never mentioned the motor was blown. He called me a few days later and was unusually very upset for some reason.
  12. oldman23 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    I need help with 427 SOHC
    Has any of you built a 427 SOHC motor that the heads front cover and block actually fit together?
    If so please let me know what kit it is from and how you managed it.

    I have 5 SOHC motors and they are all model king re-pops of AMT kits and nothing mates up.
    In Fact I have two identical kits with different front covers. One is textured and one is smooth. Both of them are out of the Daddy Warbucks A/FX Mustang.
    Please email me with any help you may have. I spend most of my time at the Hospital getting Chemo treatments and I can at least get E-Mail on my cell phone. I gotta get a laptop
    Ernie P
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  13. oldman23 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Could anyone tell me what issue of M.C.M. had the artical on how to make a realistic parachute?
    Please email me at ernie-p@cox.net with any replies.
    Thank you
    Ernie P
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  14. oldman23 added a post in a topic Drag Radials?!   

    Hi Mike

    I wolud take a couple sets too I love your turbos they are next on my list
  15. oldman23 added a post in a topic Prayer Request   

    You and your wife will be added to my list also keep the faith and may god look highly upon you