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  1. about fujimi?

    I see.... the reason i asked that question because of my belief something from non car kit related but rather from my experience in my tank modeling days ... their older molds are very easy to assemble (starting 1970s i think) so i believe its also same as the car models
  2. about fujimi?

    hasegawa, tamiya and aoshima are the very good examples here.... hmmm i better try fujimi evo 3 for my first build then.... thanks for the quick replies sir
  3. about fujimi?

    Very true my good sir.... im not actually dont care about accuracy or anything since i dont know much about cars. however if i start from fujimi evo 3, is it recommended to build it just to familiarize the assembling process as the same as other cars from different companies like tamiya? and of course fujimi is more cheap here in japan unlike tamiya, hasegawa (its more expensive) and aoshima... one more thing.... is it true that the more cheaper the car kit is, the more easier to build?
  4. about fujimi?

    so it only goes down to tamiya ones, right?
  5. about fujimi?

    im curious about that brand since many people in forums have negative comments about their car models usually because its too old and many of those kits are inaccurate.. if thats the case, what specific models should i avoid? i asked this because i was interested about their kits because of wide choices of cars which something that other manufacturers didnt make.... additionally, im looking for a older mitsubishi evo series, probably 3, as my first kit to build since i didnt build 1/24 cars... PS: i posted a topic before about a 1/24 beginner japanese cars for my planned diorama but i set it aside because the lost of interest...
  6. thats what i thought though...only tamiya are the beginner friendly kits as far as i know...or maybe aoshima and hasegawa
  7. terrific! thanks for link sir... however i saw a brand named lindberg which is new for me... i know that theyre expensive because those are imported but im curious about them when it comes to 1/24, are those good for beginners?
  8. i want to share you guys about my planned diorama... the theme here as i mentioned on my OP is a police car chase. the setting here is all about something i called 'initial d' syndrome named after from an anime ( i loved it especially the lesser known OST called eurobeat which i admit became a fan of it)...so the setting here is in somewhere in japan and that year is 1998 ..... many drivers became competitive and started racing with their souped up cars.. at first the race was only held in the mountains but as years past and the popularity of racing grows, they brought it now to the streets.. But this trend became dangerous especially to the public... many accidents happened, deaths began to rise and the police are alerted by these incidents.. in response, the police dispatch a task force to stop and arrest the irresponsible drivers who wrought havoc in the streets endangering innocent lives but this task is far from easy for the illegal racers became more agressive and clever to avoid the police.. if my guess is correct, the factory that you visited is a production for automobile parts from cars and motorbikes... me and my dad always came through there whenever we went to downtown, particularly the city of kagamigahara which is the airbase you mentioned located....as for hasegawa, how is there quality when it comes to 1/24? i am assumed that their quality is good enough but my concern is the fitting of the parts and the ease of build that a beginner like me can manage... how are they? are they worth it?
  9. OMG now thats what im looking for! good thing theyre plenty of those here... thanks
  10. yes, those are the ones also that i want to build but i dont see any reviews about them, unfortunately
  11. hello everyone! id like to introduce myself.. im jasson from gifu prefecture of japan... i am no stranger when it comes to scale modelling since i started building one from gunplas to 1/35 tanks for 3 years... i got interested in car modelling despite i never built one because of an anime called initial d which i have fallen in loved with after i watch the entire series ... so without hesitation, i quickly search to google everything about 1/24 cars... now, i know that tamiya is the BEST beginner brand of all categories from different scales and base from experience but what i found out that tamiya, IMO, has few choices of cars to choose from and i want a police car that describes something like this (im also planned to make a " police chase" diorama btw ): old... too old ( 70s to early 80s) "very underestimated" looking in the eyes of illegal racers rare and after some research, the only one that fits the description is a nissan cedric police variant Now that i have found only aoshima and fujimi brands produce police car kits.... So my question is, which brand should i choose when it comes to ease of assembling, quality and most of all, minimal to no modification like putty filling because of gaps, uneven size of parts, etc.