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  1. In ranma's thread over in BR under glass in wished for a reissue on this kit. Now what about the AMT haulaway trailer 🤔😃
  2. Good looking IH's,love the color choices I have a modeling jones for one of those but cant find a me friendly price I could hope for a reissue 🤞
  3. This Revell 1628 S went together very well with minor flash to remove.I like the way the cab tilt works allowing it to sit on the chassis square on the frame Cons for me was the rear fender mounts and the wheel to axel mounts Otherwise i had fun building this to put in front of the two 27' post vans So back to the bench for me.
  4. I just wraped this one up Heres a couple shotz,one with the Double Header vans and ill post glamor shots in under glass Now to the Shell Tanker 😊
  5. Thanks to everyone for the support Helps keep the building mojo going!
  6. A little further down the road today Manage to destroy the gauge decals 😒😒 But the show must go on 🤷‍♂️
  7. Moving steadily along i have some color down on a few things Everything is fitting together fabulous so far,the only setback was my fault when painting the wheels. A little superclean soaking put me back on track
  8. Gotta say i don't like the wheel axle mount ,not sure how i will deal with that More parts on frame and have the engine and some sub assembly together
  9. Don't have a trailer plan at this time.The original plan was to put the Double Header post vans with it but the fifth wheel on the Astro 95 have other ideas I working on a 1628 single drive day cab for the post vans then ill do a trailer for the Astro,maybe the livestock van or the tanker trailer
  10. Today i have all the parts cleaned and have started assembly. This is the first 8 steps for the frame. There was minimal flash and mold seems to clean and the frame went together straight and square with no issues Next will be the engine assembly
  11. Thank you all 😀 I wish they would have included scored lines to cut the wheel sells out like the 1on1 Was a good challenge and fun to build but I didn't like the decals Would like too do another in stock
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