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  1. That's pushing it for me,and if i bought it at that money and it came out of the box looking like some of AMts worst i would be ............let me use the pc word, a emotionally distraught person 🙄
  2. Ill be in for one just to build but i have a feeling that its gonna be priced out of my $6o limit per kit budget,might have to lobby the finance committee for a waiver 🤑
  3. I started at about 6 after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show,first time in front of an audience in the 6th grade at a school function,then to high school sock hops.At 18 started in the dive bars,which was illegal at the time and it was downhill from there.At 35 yo i took a 15 year break,started again until arthritis made it so i couldn't play more than 15 minuets at a time.At one point i had 25 guitars,along with several other stringed instruments.Why did a guy need 5 Strats,4 teles, several acoustic ,Les pauls,Sg,s ,some shredder axes, i look back shaking my head.There was some good times but working a full time real job, and then running all weekend not to mention if we ever rehearsed during the week was probably not the smartest thing i did.As they say,hindsight is 20/20.My advice to someone considering taking such a path is if your gonna do it make that is your focus until it can provide a living without having to work a normal job as the ones who suffered the most was my family from me not being there,and when i was i was exhausted.Back then if you had a band and wanted to play, there was a bar on every corner with live music.
  4. The other day i made a post in one of the CV threads that was inappropriate and mean spirited. And as should have been done the post was removed and i was issued a warning. In these difficult times we need to come together and work as a team regardless of any differences in opinions and be the best we can be,with that being said i failed miserably. To any one who seen the post and was frightened or offended i apologize. This forum is a valuable asset for hobbiest of all walks of life and as with and any club or forum there will be the individuals that can be a problem. I personally don't want to be that guy and there was no justification for the post,i was just wrong to do it I am guessing that the majority of the active posting members of this board are older folks that do need to take this seriously,as well as any of the younger members too. So to everyone here please stay safe and don't worry,we will make it through this and be stronger on the other side because of it God bless every one
  5. !!!!!LOL 🐔🐔 Run,run the sky is falling!Were running out of "safe spaces" Its best to let them panic and just watch the entertainment.Who dosent love watching the in store battles over the last rolls.Cause you know,the media would never mislead the public.I wonder what folks will do with their $1000 supply of tp stashed in every corner of their house come June when this is over and the media is on to the next international crisis.
  6. What Steve said x10 I bet the op has a storage shed full of Charmin tp 😉
  7. The law is on quick call!LOL 🤣
  8. Excellent work,a base would look awesome
  9. Heres a fun kit that was easy to put together. The plan was to do a copy of the real chopper but about the only similarity between the real chopper and this model is that they are both trike choppers,So i tried a box art version The 1to1 And the Model
  10. 10........9..........8............7
  11. Spruslayer

    '68 Coronet.

    WOW! all this over a 68 Coronet?I know there are lots of things that trigger a tantrum,but just reading about them?In a strange way this kind of thread is what i enjoy the most about this place,the snarky responses,the arguing and name calling,Hey,if you stepped in a pile or got a syringe stuck in your shoe on the way to work i get it.Last i checked this was a modeling forum and if someone wants to post about their desires for a certain model this could be the place to do it and more power to you,if reading such a thread works you up............Dont read it.
  12. It says there's a live chat for questions and comments.I would like to see some new big rigs
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