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  1. Beverage trailer

    Decided to ditch the black plastic i started with and went with styreen Next will be the sides and then how to do the the doors.Not going to have them working so it shouldent be to much of a issue.
  2. SD White Freightliner

    TY Rick This truck must be living a charmed life.It fell of the 40" high table to the carpeted basement floor and only suffered one broken part and two parts came off. Thats what lead to the brass pin that is now the cab hinge Still have to paint the chrome parts and decide on the wheel color
  3. Beverage trailer

    Heres the roof and a veiw of wat hopefully is to come And the Freightliner rig in progress to pull it
  4. 1968 Ford F 600

    Have a look at this,not exactly what you seek but could work into one https://aitruckmodels.com/product/ford-f-600700/
  5. Beverage trailer

    I got a start on the trailer today,and a big thank you to Explorer2770for the plan to get this going. Here is the frame i made from leftover Dodge L-700 tanker trailer parts Having problems uploading photos!! Ill b Back Ok,just a little photo how to on this end!
  6. Beverage trailer

    WoW Brandon! Thats more than perfect. Now to source some styreen sheet for this Thank you again
  7. Beverage trailer

    Jeff,That is cool!my plan was to print the photo,use the back tire as a reference to scale and go from there .The two things im interested in are the length of this trailer and the door width sizes.
  8. Beverage trailer

    Im going in on this. I have enough extras from other builds to atempt a scratch build beverage trailer Im at the end of the White Freightliner COE i diid as a day cab to mate to this Heres a pic of what im shootin for I think its still to modern era but after several searches its the closet to what i had in mind. So off i go to try to scale this pic To the Bench
  9. Beverage trailer

    Scratchin one would be a interesting and fun project but in my modeling head a beverage trailer,my choice would be a vintage style versus what i posted,would be a mony maker for a R2 or Revell or anyone else who can back such a project,first would be the license for whatever subject they chose to model,then if they wanted a brand name one the side theres another hurdle to overcome but in the end what truck modeler wouldn't want a kit like that.Just my over two years experience rookie modeler nickels worth
  10. 65 Chevelle wagon

    Heres a few pics of where im at now.
  11. 65 Chevelle wagon

    I agree 100 + Alan.This has turned into sort of a nightmare so now im to the point i just want to endup with a usable model.Not only bad choice of frame i also did the interior tub wrong that ended up costing a lot of work.In hindsite, i would like to do this again with a better choice of frame and not destroy the interior tub next time.Maybe if R2 would reissue this wagon it would be easier to get doner bodies
  12. Also falling victim to my subterranean model dungeon is the AMT white Freightliner two in one kit. Im doing this as a single drive,not a lot done but here is the Cummins NHC-250 so far Well,having trouble uploading pics right now,give that a shot later I have read about the issue with the front of the body but im gonna build this OOB. Now back to another build im in the middle of!!
  13. Beverage trailer

    What i was thinkin too Richard.I think R2 keeps a quiet eye on places like this so maybe if enough of us make some noise about this they will give it a go.Or,how about resin casters do one that would use one of the mayflower style trailers as a donner
  14. 70's Dodge truck sweptside short box?

    Im in for one,gonna try a short bed Power Wagon,Hemi Orange,318 auto.I ve got the LRW but now need to find a dana 44 front end .