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  1. The super mini has worked perfect,pulls the overspray and the smells completely out and i really dont have to be in the unit for it to draw,as long as i dont get more than 8 to 10 inches away.When using spray bombs the filter life is shortened but i suspect any spray booth would do the same.The light is nice but at a hundred more i thought by the time i rig something for a light i would spend about half that so i supered it!
  2. I can see that tubed out,slammed with a sweet candy paint with flames coming from the fender vents,and lose that blue stripe! 😎😋 and a hemi just for good measure!
  3. Thank you Dave,after reading this thread i looked at my supply and was needing alcohol and was about to drop 30 for a gallon!😣
  4. The thinner i mix is about 2/3 distiled water, 1/3 99% isopropyl alcohol amd about 4 or five drops per ounce of flow improver and fluid retarder. The alcohol can be expensive but im still miles ahead of the premix brands.
  5. I have used some of the Createx colors and have had no issues with them.I thin with a home brew thinner and the near by Hobby Lobby has a nice selection of their products too.
  6. Ill throw my nickels worth in on this,I would call Richards response to the OP military. just the info you requested with no feel good bs attached.I personaly dont find offence in that.As too posting a meme poking fun at the OP, yea know, there was a day when people had live in person relationships and in my experience there was sometimes mocking, teasing and other schinanigans that would be done to a new member of our social circle and everyone still loved each other and life went on. A virtual relationship can have the same hazards so if one decides to enter, be aware that could happen and if you cant stand the heat, dont go in the kitchen. Otherwise Ryan welcome to the forum!
  7. I used a mix of 50% water and %50 dollar store degreaser in a ultrasonic cleaner for about 15 minuets.I supose just a good overnite soaking of degreaser followed by a clear water rinse should do the trick
  8. In my case of waiting for the Grumpy Vega,to me producing that number of kits should fill the demand as i dont think as popular as the Grumpy vega is, its not world wide known like say Godzilla
  9. Thanks for the response guys.At 1 per minute if all gose well,five 8 hour shifts will produce about 2400 kits. With really popular kits with world wide distribution i can see where that may not be enough
  10. 2X on the color,well done
  11. WOW! ill have to looked extra good under the bed before i go to sleep tonite! Great work
  12. With the newly tooled kits and parts coming out recently, how many copies of the mold of a subject are made to fill the demand for the product,or how many kits of one model can be produced per day if there was only one mold? Being im still waiting on my Grumpy Jenkins kit that i preordered is what got me wondering.
  13. Super clean excellent build!
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