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  1. Freightshaker COE question

    Not sure this shot will help but here ya go!
  2. Plan 9 from outer space

    You can pre order at cu!ttvman hobby shop
  3. Plan 9 from outer space

    The release date is suspect but this is a re-release of the Lindberg saucer. I believe some of the saucers used in the filming of the movie are Lindberg saucers. Cant wait to see the included alienšŸ‘½ And if thats the box art i know im in for several
  4. Plan 9 from outer space

    If this turns out to be a real release,count me in for a fleet of them http://www.collectormodel.com/round2-models/4708-polar-lights-model-kits-another-stupid-idea-from-polar-lights/#comments
  5. Ghost of the Red Baron - Another Sighting

    Wow!Looks freshly grave robed Great job!
  6. BRBO Mack DM 600

    Heres the trailer and the loads i have going The electrical stuff on the trailer turned into a paint issue i haven't fixed yet
  7. BRBO 2019 Mack R

    Awesome Mack,Well done
  8. BRBO Mack DM 600

    Thank you guys ,in my :so little time,so many models to build: mentality i have the lowboy trailer,dozer and the 310 JD backhoe in the same color WIP to mate to the DM 600
  9. BRBO Mack DM 600

    Well here she is s far as my skills will take me. The new skill i put on this is the BMF under the mirrors reveling the Mack script in chrome. All the paint is craft paint except the axles and chassis details done with Vallejo. I changed my mind several times before i decided to go with no fenders and really no issues putting this one together.All in all a fun build for me. So here it is,let me here it like it is
  10. R2 April 2019

    This is the first time i have seen this set.I dig the stangs,wonder whats under the cover?
  11. Paint Experiment

    To Ab it i use a .5mm needle and about 30 psi thined as described above
  12. Paint Experiment

    i believe it can be polished if let to cure completely.If i can get it to lay like the rattle can enamels i sometime use i would be happy but thats seams to be my hurdle i cant get past. I lay it as heavy as i can without running but it still drys with way to much orangepeel
  13. Paint Experiment

    I have a post in the truck section under work in progress DM 600 thats done in craft paint Im still in the learning curve on how to get a high gloss with the Minwax but i think its doable
  14. B.R.B.O. Mack DM 600

    Thank you all for the comps Heres a march update for this,only thing left to do is clean up and touch up and ill send her to the dance! The new skill i tried on this one is BMF under the paint for the mirrors.
  15. Paint Experiment

    I too have a load of craft paint and have found a way to do almost all my Finnish work with them. I havent used the dupli color so cant help you there I have yet to put a contest worthy paint job on my work but im not really interested at this time in putting in the effort to do so but i have learned to do an acceptable to me job for the shelf sitters i build.Heres the stuff i use,distilled water is the other ingredient not shown to make a home brew reducer.For me 30% reducer to the craft paints sprays well in my neo AB. The Minwax i reduce with straight distilled water at same %