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  1. I'm getting the dreaded " this video violates YouTube terms of service "
  2. Tom Cruise war of the worlds and a note to The Hollywood folks, please stop using cgi as if your a preteen that just found out what his junk can do. To me, cg i is a great tool when used sparingly.
  3. I felt it was PayPal and eBay fault. At the time PayPal happily pointed out the user agreement that did say PP would not be responsible for any nfs fees resulting from the use of PP.This happened in 2007 was just before the bankster financial crash that resulted in the American tax payer bailing out several banks.auto manufacturers and other big companies while the responsible party's bailed out with their golden parachutes. I don't know if PayPal has the same user agreement now but I don't intend to find out as I will never have an account with them again. For me that was a expensive life lesson to be sure you know what your signing when you agree to their terms of use. That reminds me of another financial blunder when about three years ago hackers stole millions of people's personal info from one of the credit reporting agencies. I was informed by a letter in the mail that my info was in that hack. As a result of that my bank account has been hacked two times,fortunately the bank covered any losses. I have no issues with anyone becoming a success in life but if your in charge of a multi billion dollar corporation at least have the dignity to take responsibility when things go crashing down all around you. Politicians, CEO's, personal injury lawyers all belong in the same pile of irresponsible thieves that think of no one but themselves. If this sounds bitter it's because I am.
  4. Its been several years ago,i think it was 2007, but the bank and i did have several conversations about this and they refused to do anything.Not to trash a banks good name but it was PNC and that did end our relationship.For me,reguardless of what fancy promotional campaign todays bank use to lure people into a false sense of security they are their for one reason which is to maximize profits on the backs of their customers.I did take ownership of being dumb enough to link paypal to my bank but try to find anyone to hold accountable at PP or PNC was impossible.You would think that a guy that has lived in the same state for his entire life and suddenly he starts making purchases from Vietnam would raise a red flag
  5. I see they fixed the listing to include the correct photos.Not that i havent drank away $40 but i would think long before i would bid on a model kit that the only pics were of a cat ???
  6. Remove the wheelie bars and i bet it would make a great wheel stander.
  7. Heres my ebay horror story, this is more paypals fault,ebay is just where it started. Once apon a time their was this guy who introduced the I-phone,and what a success it was/is.So back then when the phone was released i was a very minor seller of stuff on ebay and i had all the things needed to participate,a email address,an ebay account and a paypal account that was linked to my hometown bank.So some person in Vietnam hacked all the nessary things from me and proceded to shop.bought a phone ,some accessories to the tune of almost $600. At the time i didn't monitor my accounts everyday but would check every 2 or 3 days which i now know thats a bad idea.In 3 days i chalked up over $500 in NSF fees on top of what my Vietnamese friend spent before i found out and stoped it.Paypal did refund all the funds for the merch but did not cover the NFS fees,said it was my banks problem and my bank said it was paypals problem.all said and done i was stuck paying all the fees.Needless to say that was the end of my relationship with PP and i never sold anymore on ebay.These days i will buy on ebay and have been lucky so far i have always received what i paid for. Pay Pal,the safer way to pay was the slogan at the time, just be sure to read the 400 page legal agreement i singed which did state PP wil not be responsible for any fees should their be an issue
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMT-1988-FORD-MUSTANG-FOX-BODY-Plastic-MODEL-KIT-1-25-SKILL-LEVEL-2-SEALED/293859644728?hash=item446b665538:g:kfkAAOSwEOhfwPgs Offered is a hard to find AMT - 1988 Ford Mustang Model Kit. The model kit features the "Fox Body" Style Mustang. It is 1:25 scale with a skill level 2. It is sealed new in the original box that is copyright dated 2004 RC2 Brands, Inc. Please, review the photos for condition and description. Ask any questions prior to purchase. Thank you. Im sure that one is Perrrrrrfect ?
  9. The super mini has worked perfect,pulls the overspray and the smells completely out and i really dont have to be in the unit for it to draw,as long as i dont get more than 8 to 10 inches away.When using spray bombs the filter life is shortened but i suspect any spray booth would do the same.The light is nice but at a hundred more i thought by the time i rig something for a light i would spend about half that so i supered it!
  10. I can see that tubed out,slammed with a sweet candy paint with flames coming from the fender vents,and lose that blue stripe! ?? and a hemi just for good measure!
  11. Thank you Dave,after reading this thread i looked at my supply and was needing alcohol and was about to drop 30 for a gallon!?
  12. The thinner i mix is about 2/3 distiled water, 1/3 99% isopropyl alcohol amd about 4 or five drops per ounce of flow improver and fluid retarder. The alcohol can be expensive but im still miles ahead of the premix brands.
  13. I have used some of the Createx colors and have had no issues with them.I thin with a home brew thinner and the near by Hobby Lobby has a nice selection of their products too.
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