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  1. I'm with jim on the compressor.Heres the one i have.Super quiet,and enough output to run my hvlp detail gun. Iwata Neo is the airbrush i use.
  2. I have one more to slip in before the new year.This one put me to the test in a couple of spots.Getting the cab on correctly was one of them and its still not right! Going to do the livestock trailer to put behind this one Thanks for lookin!
  3. I have one i've not opened,maybe i should check to see if that is a trend! Just looked ,its all there
  4. 99% of what i do is water based.When i do use oil base it still cleans just as good.if the part doesn't fit i just turn it over. If i was to get another one it would be nice to have a bigger one but as the tank size goes up the price follows.Also some of them can be loud,they make a buzzing sound.When shopping for mine i did find lower priced units but most of them did not include the heater option.Isnoic is the brand name of mine,had it about 2 years still works like new
  5. Ultrasonic cleaner is the best modeling tool purchase i have ever made. I have a 2.1 quart with a heating option,think i spent about 90 on it. Since owning this i have never had to use any kind of brush or tool to keep my AB as clean as the day it was new. A solution of half water,half dollar tree degreaser keeps everything sparkling. The 2.1 quart tank is big enough for most car bodys but there are some big rig and semi trailer parts that will not completly fit in it. Using Super clean in it speeds up the removal of of paint but still needs a bit of soaking time to do the job. Not to mention all the other household chores it can do. I think Harbor Freight sells them but not sure of the quality of those.
  6. Hey neighbor!Looks excellent,that ones on my add to stash list
  7. 2020 is gonna be hard on my model budget!
  8. I read that as their only stopping international distribution. "It is with a heavy heart that we must pass along sad news regarding the discontinuance of Testors Brand Corporation product brands to all our international friends ans associates" "Rust-oleum has informed us that it will no longer accept or ship any further Testors brand orders overseas after November 2019" Not that i use a ton of their stuff, i think they will still sell in the USA
  9. I know this is gonna be a bad idea but the attitudes presented by some folks here is likely the reason people quit coming here. I have read plenty of post raging some for their methods and wile it may not be the way you do it doesnt give you the green light to flame someone.Chris produces 2 vids every week, look very well done on top of building the featured kit. I for one not only have learned skills here but also from hpiguys videos.If you produce show winning builds i'm glad for you and i do enjoy looking at the detail that goes into them.Plus,as only 2 plus years into building models i like to see the kits i could be interested in buying before spending what little funds i have for this hobby.i see now who the instigators are here and for the most part let it go. I feel if folks want to see more new tooled kits the target audience is going to have to grow to get that to happen and someone like hpiguy or others is, i feel a way to get that to happen. Mods, i hope i dont get sent to the wood shed for this but enough is enough all ready. Like Micheel said,lets play nice for the benefit of the hobby 😖
  10. I build to keep myself entertained.Being in my early 60s my mind still has ideas that my body cant back up.I still wanna climb that mountain,forge that river, play guitar in a smokie dive bar till the sun comes up but getting old has extinguished the gusto that requires.Plus the mental challenge of decoding some of the instructions,AMT??? will at least keep my mind from having the same meltdown as my body
  11. Can i get 20 ton of #6 gravel by Saturday? Brian,you knocked that one out of the park Excellent!
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