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  1. I build to keep myself entertained.Being in my early 60s my mind still has ideas that my body cant back up.I still wanna climb that mountain,forge that river, play guitar in a smokie dive bar till the sun comes up but getting old has extinguished the gusto that requires.Plus the mental challenge of decoding some of the instructions,AMT??? will at least keep my mind from having the same meltdown as my body
  2. Can i get 20 ton of #6 gravel by Saturday? Brian,you knocked that one out of the park Excellent!
  3. Good Lookin rig Most excellent
  4. Fine little brat there I likely said the same thing to my kids back in the day 😇
  5. That is Vallejo woodgrain (transp) #70.828 over white primer
  6. Wow,you've got some mad skills,awesome photo work too!
  7. Good looking day tripper.I love those cab-overs. Built mine to pull my beverage trailer
  8. Thats Rust-oleum 2x gloss Coral,the photos dont really look like the color actually is.On my computer it almost appears pink I thought the same about the steps too,took a minuet for me to realize there was none!Another point was putting the interior tub in.The instructions want you to install the tub before the lower body side panels but i was able to do it after gluing them on but it is very tight.I did that as to be able to paint the cab in on piece.I dident go real deep into the history of the truck but i was able to find several good photos to help me along with this build Thank you everyone for the kind words
  9. Or "AMT DOSE NOT COMPUTE" Thanks guys!
  10. Thanks guys Some of the worst parts of this is when i broke the cab hinges then had to to do a work around with some brass tubing,then getting the shifting tower to cooperate.
  11. The AMT K123 built OOB This one had me on the mat but like any wraslin match i staged a comeback for the win 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  12. Ill throw my nickels worth in this one. From a rookie view i would welcome critiques of the builds i post.Wile i build mostly OOB there are times when i am stumped to figure out how a certain part goes on a kit.If someone posted that i put part "X' on upside down,i would be grateful for the tip.I have learned far more from this forum that any other modeling forum out there. I just finished the Shell tanker trailer and there was parts i still am not sure i put on correctly. Things such as color choice i would consider an opinion which dosent take away from the skill set but i understand it may not be right for that particular subject.I will have to plead guilty to posting in the under glass section with builds that are not completely done. For me this hobby keeps a old retired guy hands busy and entertained and i really dont have a desire to produce a show winner but rather a man cave shelf sitter that you can look at and know what it represents. And wile im whining,what up with the revelry between this board and the other forum which i wont name. Spreading love,not hate woudl help this entire subculture hobby top to bottom in MHO!❤😍
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