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  1. Thats the only catch 22 is if the dryer is running i cant paint.☹
  2. I put blast gates on the T , and the vent motor will blow any dust out the vent. I burned a stick of incense to see how it draws and was impress witht he results. Gonna paint some enamel later to see how it dos with that testors aroma
  3. Thanks Ray jchrisf recommended this booth over in the Tips,Trick and tutorials thread,paint booths and safe ventilation. Since dust and dirt have always been thin'e mortal enemy,im gonna try gloss black on a 67 Impala SS
  4. Im Stoked! Now i can use Enamels,lacquers all that stinkier stuff without getting the stare of death from SOWMBO!
  5. This is like comparing apples to oranges,but i ordered from BNA Model World on May 15 and received delivery on june 17 This was shipped Australia Post.i got One noticed when shipped,and a notice when it landed in the USA. Hope this helps
  6. The made for tv movie Gargoyles has a chase scene with a cop car chasing two dirt bikes, I lost track of how many different t cars used in a one car chase scene 😁😁😁
  7. I give that an 11 out of a possible 10! Beautiful car Diggin the windows too. Got any engine shots?
  8. Совершенно потрясающе. Люблю детали
  9. Just pulled the trigger on the pace super mini booth,its on sale too! Bu Bye to this thing
  10. In this store it could be a one a gone thing. I found the 60 fleetside with go cart within the first week,i did buy that one,but have not seen it again at this store
  11. I should go buy it to try and open the trunk,if its a fail i still have the 1st one 🤔🤔
  12. Just found this at my Hobby Loby, just paid nearly $40 for one online, HL price $ 29.99 - %40 = $17.99 + $ 1.26 tax = 19.25 😒😒
  13. This has to be a record for shipping charges for a plastic model. A round trip ticket to Japan to personally pick it up would cost less Then at the bottom of the listing is another "quote" for shipping at $26 If anything we love clear and accurate listings 😏 MAD POLICE VENUS MAD SCALE FUJIMI MODEL KIT MADMAX Condition: Used “Please see the description for details.” Price: US $168.00 Buy It Now Add to cart Add to Watchlist Limited time remaining 30-day returns Longtime member Shipping: $1,000.00 Standard Shipping from outside US | See details International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Item location: Kansai, Japan Ships to: Worldwide See exclusions https://www.ebay.com/itm/MAD-POLICE-VENUS-MAD-SCALE-FUJIMI-MODEL-KIT-MADMAX/262894492829?hash=item3d35bb9c9d:g:BO8AAOSwax5YuWMv
  14. May be the light or camera angel but the area just above the rear wheel well by the bottom of the rear door and above the front the front wheel well by the moulding and the amount of flash,mine came out of the box just as you see it
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