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  1. Mom passed away

    Hi mate, sorry for your loss, I lost both of my parents by the time I was 21, and it's never easy, take care of yourself & talk to those you are close with All the best
  2. West Australian Hotrod pics

    A few more 1:1 picks from the weekend
  3. MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    That's a beautiful, horrible looking write off! Well done
  4. Eddie Putera - instagram

    Found this guy's instagram today www.instagram.com/eddieputera/ quite a range of works, Cheers
  5. Seinfeld apartment

    That's funny, also there's a spelling mistake in the web address in that pic....had to investigate as I thought this was actually a joke My wife bought me tickets for his stand up show last year and he was awesome....but $500 maybe a stretch
  6. Looking for a Triumph TR7 kit

    Hi all, looking for one of the following kits for a Triumph Tr7 maybe like the ones listed here? https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="triumph+tr7"&fkSCALE[]="1:24" There's one on evilbay for $110 ....I'm hoping they're not all worth that? maybe they are. I have the following currently I could combine if anyone would like to trade Fujimi Mazda Familia 323 Revell Ed Roth Mother's Worry AMT 1925 Model T Ford 3 in 1 (build 2 full cars) Moebius Eye Gone Wild by Von Franco Jawbreaker Wild Rail Dragster 2 x Wierd-Ohs Digger sets. Let me know or maybe a link to a decent online shop where I could source one. Postage to Aust, New member so happy to send pics/post first etc
  7. Model T Reverse Engineered

    That black & gold one's beautiful
  8. West Australian Hotrod pics

    Hi all, pic heavy dump here from what's on my phone....the camera on which is about as effective as a potato but here's a look at a few cars and engines cruising around Perth, Western Australia, Cheers
  9. Manga/Initial D

    Hey crew, I came across this this morning on an art blog I follow Painting, photoshop, diorama? have a guess before you follow the link..... either way it looks awesome https://mymodernmet.com/manga-art-diorama-optical-illusion-shinga/
  10. T bucket, A Tudor & a couple of engines

    Hey Alan....it has a Chev, I have been making an effort to get the car out a lot more this year so keep an eye out! Having 3 kids under 7yrs is a challenge. I do have another set of the Revell 31 Ford model A Hotrod 2in1 that is pretty close but I'll have a look out for the 28 one and look at the body shape. I had started a model a while ago but stuffed up the spray paint on the body and never went back to it...... .I'll get there. Not sure if you'll see this in time but was there something rod/model related on at WCSRC this sunday? someone at work was talking about it but I haven't seen anything on the newsletters etc. Hope all's well, Cheers
  11. T bucket, A Tudor & a couple of engines

    Thanks for the comments guys, still amateur level but I'm having fun. It is actual rust! Found this product years ago when I was making some artworks from a guy here in Perth/Australia. Not a lot of control on how it rusts but thicker paint/more oxidising agent/direct sunlight can make it more orange. I have had objects where the whole thing just looks light brown but it turned out quite well on the model. I just painted straight onto the plastic this time, did the doors/front cowl separately and I like how they have turned out different to the body...at some point I might actually use a camera rather than my crappy phone to take some pictures.
  12. Hi all, Have been getting stuck into the modelling over the last few weeks, need to work on my patience as I'm always in a bit of a rush and that makes me clumsy. Always seem to think I've got everything ready for paint at the same time but forget/miss one piece which delays the whole process. I've watched a few youtube vids and am starting to get the hang of it. I've been stripping paperclips and buying coloured wire at Spotlight trying to wire up these engines. First off A Monogram "T"Street Rod basically finished- A couple of engines 1 out of a 69 Dodge Dart kit (bought 2 as I stuffed up one of the bodies) and the other comes from Revell 31 Ford Model A Sedan Hotrod 2 in 1 Have rusted it up and will put it in a rat rod at some point. The last pics are from the same Revell 31 Ford Model A Sedan Hotrod 2 in 1 kit (have another still unopened) I got a bit adventurous and tried my hand at kit bashing...possibly should have got in a bit more practice first. I made a cool skull gear shifter which you cant see as I chopped the body so much, Gloss black chassis, real rust on the body and chrome, silver vinyl styled roof. AMT Blown Chrysler engine with AMT drag gasser tyres (think i might go for dome hub white walled tyres instead or something a bit bigger) and some left over parts rusted (will go on a trailer at some point as a "next project" diorama type thing. I think this still needs either some pin striping or some decals but it has been fun working on it. The metallic blue is a bit of a common theme which I'm gonna keep. Thanks for looking any feedback appreciated, Cheers
  13. G'day

    G'day all, new member from Perth here. Dropped into a local hobby shop with my kids a couple of weeks ago to get them a model kit to have some fun and give it a try.....and one for myself....since then I've been tinkering most nights, and have bought about 7 other kits from shops & ebay. Good to get back into it basically after a 30 odd yr break. I did make one kit for then-future Father in Law about 10 yrs ago (69 Dodge Dart) which I managed to take in my carry on luggage all the way to Canada as a present. He'd just bought and restored a real one. Anyway I've collected comics/action figures over the years and sold most of them and moved on so here we are... this will be my new interest for a good 6 months I'm sure!. I own a 29 Model A Tudor Hot Rod (profile pic) so have been involved in that world for some years and am now getting back into the smaller scaled stuff too. Have been looking around at some of the amazing work on here, thanks for having me, Cheers