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  1. West Australian Hotrod pics

    some more from my last week or two of car events (3 so far)
  2. Some projects

    Been a bit quiet on the modelling side, but here's some pics of my latest project. Home made arcade machine, built with formply and aussie jarrah inserts. 1300 games of pirated goodness....came out pretty close to my design, i decided to do all internal fixings rather than the silver bolts planned.
  3. Kits for trade

    Hi all, I'm looking to move on all of these kits. Mazda 323 is unopened but no plastic wrap. I have two of the Weird-Ohs Diggers. One not pictured has no plastic wrap but model parts are all sealed in bag in the box. Willing to trade for: '28-31 Ford Tudor kits Monogram Slingster kit 69 Dodge Dart Anything Mad Max 350 Chev engine (1/24/25) Will consider any offers....more so hotrod related...... Car or Art books I'm in Australia so postage may not be cheap...I'm happy to post out first
  4. Some projects

    Thanks for the comments guys
  5. Some projects

    Skateboard I did for a present, Hubcap art submitted for a junk/recycling exhibition Little CarToon drawing of my 29 Ford These two cars were painted by me and my students for the Shi!box Rally that runs each year in Australia, raising money for the Cancer Council. I've got my name on the waiting list to do a rally but that list is about 3 yrs long currently. Participants need to fundraise and then drive cars worth less than $1000 on a 7 day outback rally.....All up I've done 6 cars...will just have to find the photos. Little detail pic of Thunderbird 4 from a mural I did for my Nephew's bedroom Thanks for looking
  6. Good, show Alan! & good to meet up again after 20+ yrs here's a few pics of some cars from the show....first 3 were obviously parked out the front....mostly hotrods!
  7. Workbench - New Ford F-100

    Yeah there were extra pieces in the kit....just didn't like the look of the big intake....I kind of like the big tube....though it is connected to nothing Cheers for the feedback
  8. Hi all, I'm still learning, still clumsy with my glue application and always seem to stuff up something with the glass but hey, I'm enjoying it! Whole kit was completed in a day...found some time and went full speed. Monogram 55 Ford F100. Matt black & Cherry red. Still not sure if I should add the flame stickers or do some pin-striping (somehow?) to it to finish it off I think it would also look good removing some of the back tray and lowering/adding bigger rear wheels but that's a bit out of my league at the moment. Cheers
  9. Solo

    Saw it last night, it was ok, quite forgettable tho....I think the difference in lines between it and Deadpool 2 tells you where the audience is heading.....having said that all the cash is flowing to Disney in the end.
  10. Mom passed away

    Hi mate, sorry for your loss, I lost both of my parents by the time I was 21, and it's never easy, take care of yourself & talk to those you are close with All the best
  11. West Australian Hotrod pics

    A few more 1:1 picks from the weekend
  12. MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    That's a beautiful, horrible looking write off! Well done
  13. Eddie Putera - instagram

    Found this guy's instagram today www.instagram.com/eddieputera/ quite a range of works, Cheers
  14. Seinfeld apartment

    That's funny, also there's a spelling mistake in the web address in that pic....had to investigate as I thought this was actually a joke My wife bought me tickets for his stand up show last year and he was awesome....but $500 maybe a stretch
  15. Looking for a Triumph TR7 kit

    Hi all, looking for one of the following kits for a Triumph Tr7 maybe like the ones listed here? https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="triumph+tr7"&fkSCALE[]="1:24" There's one on evilbay for $110 ....I'm hoping they're not all worth that? maybe they are. I have the following currently I could combine if anyone would like to trade Fujimi Mazda Familia 323 Revell Ed Roth Mother's Worry AMT 1925 Model T Ford 3 in 1 (build 2 full cars) Moebius Eye Gone Wild by Von Franco Jawbreaker Wild Rail Dragster 2 x Wierd-Ohs Digger sets. Let me know or maybe a link to a decent online shop where I could source one. Postage to Aust, New member so happy to send pics/post first etc