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  1. I also have this. It's been up there so long I forget all about it sometimes. http://s64.photobucket.com/user/EvilAppetite/library/Schematics
  2. This is on my ahem to do pile..what shade of blue did you use? Looks beautiful!
  3. Hey there fellow Sudburian. I have some tutorials from Brians Model Cars website. Got them before they shut down. If you or anyone else who see's this is interested, just click on the Google Drive link below https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9RRWjLx6-D3RzdqMFJHYWY2czg?usp=sharing
  4. This! this is the very first kit I ever built. Locked up in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for 3 months. It sure didnt turn out like the box cover! lol
  5. Man thats just so cool. I've seen on the History Channel they actually working on things like this. I had no idea someone had made a kit!! I want one!
  6. Picked these up at the local A buck or Two store. They were on clearance for $2 each so I grabbed them.
  7. Sorry for the late reply Bill. My CPU fan died,which in turn over heated my CPU and fried it. I just now was able to get a new one.Yes that's the one I bought. I figured that was the way you go about it. I have a water trap inline on my badger air hose. I should be able to remove the regulator and trap and attach a more precise regulator? I paint with Alclad from time to time at very low PSI. I cant seem to get this one to go below 10 without the needle dropping to zero so i think a more sensitive regulator may be in order
  8. For those who own one of these I'm new to this kind of compressor, I had my CH for years, with a gauge for the pressure in the tank and a gauge to see what I'm setting the pressure at to come out of the airbrush. With the lack of an regulator gauge, to shoot at say 30 psi, I pop the top of the regulator and turn until the gauge shows 30? I'm 99.999% sure that how to set the psi, I just want to make sure before I start painting next week. this thing sure is quiet compared to the assault on the ears when the CH kicked on! Mike
  9. Thats a wicked paint job. Well done. Going to have to try that technique sometime! \m/
  10. Very nice! Any plans on doing the other car that came with that decal sheet? Stoned? Stoner? something along those lines
  11. You aren't the only one brother. i'm sure we aren't alone!
  12. I usually go flat, if it's too flat i just rub it out a little with the tip of my finger
  13. My experience with Tamiya spray can? great. For some reason I can lay down a beautiful paint job with Tamiya...with testors I always have to strip and redo...which is why I now decant if i'm going to use testors for a body.
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