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  1. Show your bench.

    I'm revamping my work bench and looking for good ideas. What are you guys working on nowadays? Any essential tools? Here's my battle station in its natural state of use. Just 2 2x4 plywood joined together with biscuits, and painted with a semi gloss chemical resistant paint and held up by TV tray tables. I drilled several holes for various use like the rack, airbrush stand, brushes and lamp. I'd say the magnetic strip is the most essential thing I have for organizing files and cutters. Gonna make a spray booth and get a bright a$$ led shop hood.
  2. Future of the hobby

    Soon 3d printers will be high Enough resolution to sustain likely a more robust community of model makers, right now the filament resolution doesn't scale and other technologies are out of reach for most.
  3. How Old Are You

    There is a pretty large garage kit community, but those mostly cater to monsters and movie props from what I can see. Not much of us young car kitters. I guess start doing some snaptites with your kids and grandkids. Even if they don't get into the hobby now they might later if the memories are fond. Atleast that's how I decided to pick up the hobby me and my pops had when I was too little to appreciate it. Building models is not a teenagers game. No patience
  4. 1976 gran torino

    There is a guy on this forum by the name of MrObsessive or something like that. His green hornet build here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/116573-1968-shelby-green-hornet-update-112417/ Is a master class in why even bother. That man embodies nit pick. He scratch built working windows complete with cranks. It might actually be insanity. Sh1T like that raises the water for everyone on here.
  5. 1976 gran torino

    This looks awesome. The washes in the grill make this look real. I'm terrible at bare metal I hope mine comes out as well.
  6. 1976 gran torino

    Gotta keep me honest. Haha I appreciate it.
  7. 1976 gran torino

    Well look at you. Yeah it does but I got some paint on it and attempted to clear it off by the aforementioned paint stripper, and boom it went from single manifold to pile of goo. Sooooo, I pivoted checked the build in its mock up and decided the air filter will hide most of this, so I used the starsky and hutch dual. Plus I plan on modifying it to appear to be single. But that is further down the line. I'm going to start to buy 2 models at a time cause it seems I always have a sacrificial part that immediately gets pointed out.
  8. 1976 gran torino

    UPDATE: here are some interior shots more complete.. Moving on to the engine details. One of the biggest criticisms I received on my last build was of the distributor. I used wires that were larger than scale, and had zero attention to accuracy. After some soul searching I decided I was going to have to start making my own distributors for now on. Easier said than done, through trial and error I came up with a passable solution that seems to be pretty simple in comparison to the other solutions I could find. I cut a scale aluminum tube and stuffed it with sculpey clay. I then took the kit distributor and pressed into the clay that is stuffed into the tube in order to imprint the 8 plug mounts pattern into the clay. I then took an old airbrush needle and deepens the hole to slip the wire into. Then with a heat gunI baked the distributor clay and aluminum tube in all. This hardens the clay, essentially making a plastic distributor. The clay will rise a bit if you have the heat too high but you can sand it down. Behold, this is painted, I ended up stripping the distributor below the cap to reveal the aluminum tube, as the images I found of the torino had an aluminum body and plastic cap For whatever BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH reason I forgot to take images of the wire creation, I'll do my best to explain. I found a spool of fine wire used for fine electronics, looks to be the perfect size. I then stripped an ethernet cable, pulled out one of the smaller wires, and removed the copper within leaving just the rubber shielding. I cut the ethernet cable to make the sparkplug boot. I had to stretch the hole of the boot in order to slip the electronics wire in. I pulled the blue electronics wire through a bit past the border of the boot and glued the bit Tha is past into the distributor. I then crimped at a 90° to resemble a spark plug cable. The results are below. Keeping track of the firing order is a pain in the a§§ at this scale but at the end of the day I sorted it out. I used some scale details wiring whichamacallits to keep order and make a tidy setup. I really really need a spray booth. This clear is so strong and I can smell it through my respirator. But ill be damned if it doesn't come out great. The dust is an ongoing battle, if anyone has tips on keeping dust out id love to hear about it. I'm fairly new to this and I'm mostly flying by the seat of my pants. I decided not to use the "chrome" under the clear as it's not realistic, but looking at the moldings after I cleared, I noticed that the clear pretty much drowned the relief of the moldings making painting nearly impossible. So I regret this decision and now I have to figure out how to make this look realistic. Again if anyone has a tip to pull this off let me know. The last build I used the suggested 4:1 ratio of the u-pol clear coat system but it came out soft so I upped the hardener by a half making the ratio 4:1.5 This did the trick no more permanent fingerprints that need to be polished out. Anyway this is where I landed so far
  9. 1976 gran torino

    Molotow is my go to if I had a more steady hand I'd use it in place of bare metal foil on a lot of places.
  10. 1976 gran torino

    Man. Now I really want to make a dude torino complete with the failed quiz in the back seat. When I was making my supernatural impala, the only model they have is of the 2 door. Some guy made a four door by frankenstiening another sedan. Looked tedious. I have modified a dinosaur model in a different pose, but man it was a pain in the arse, I can only imagine having to keep the body straight in all that.
  11. 1976 gran torino

    Okay so I ran into an interesting detail. There is a CB radio on the sprew but not in the instructions, leading me to believe this is the exact same as the S&H version
  12. 1976 gran torino

    Also completed the dash to the best of my ability. The decal doesn't fit perfectly which is disappointing, but I figure the steering wheel will hide most of the crimes. I noticed in my research they have plated moldings around the vents. So I'm posed with the dilemma to take the risk of messing up the dash paint by painting it on or leaving it clean and somewhat flat.
  13. 1976 gran torino

    I started painting the body. My old man had a continental this color. I knew I wanted to this build to have that same color. I had trouble finding the right color, fortunately Vallejo has a mech paint set, and there it was. I'm usually hesitant to use acrylics this light as it's hard to sand dust out without messing it up, but I cleaned the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH out of my brush to get a clean finish. I hate light paint because the flaws are un-forgiving. Here it is without clear, decals and bare metal. The orange peel should flatten out with the clear...should Also, this thinner is the best I've come across so far. I've tried Testors, turpentine, googone, turpenoid, mineral spirits and oven cleaner. Nothing has even come close to taking paint down like this stuff. It evaporates fast but cleans like crazy
  14. 1976 gran torino

    Wish it had the full cluster but I get the sense this is a basic model. Still a good looking care imo. Yeah the box gave me pause but the model itself is one of the best I've come across for a non Japanese model. I'm not sure if its the same base model as the starsky and hutch.
  15. 1976 gran torino

    Okay good, thanks