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  1. Even though we belong to Philadelphia club, about half of us live in NJ, hence the name of the club, Many of us belong to other clubs, like the Jersey Shore Car Modelers and the Maryland Automotive Modelers Association (MAMA's). All of our guys are very friendly and will welcome you if you want to visit. I haven't been making a lot of the meetings lately, but I'm trying to improve on that. I always try to make it to all the other events. Our next meeting is in June 1st. BTW, we are part of the Delaware Valley Scale Modelers, which is the a chapter of the IPMS. http://dvsm.org/
  2. Hi guys! Check out the Philadelphia Area Car Modelers. We meet the first Friday of the month around 7:00 pm at the Artisans Hall, 8100 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia. See info at our webpage. It hasn't been updated in a while, but we are a very active club. Feel free to contact me at fsroman@comcast.net or Bob Doebley rdoebley@comcast.net. Hope you join! http://pacms.org/.
  3. Look up Gionc. He is from Italy and produces a great photoetch set for the Porsche 356, besides the cylinder head set. He also does resin (ScuderiaItalia.Lab @ Stradasports.com) Not sure if he's still producing anything, though..
  4. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and anxiously waiting..... It has been pushed back for a year now and it appears that it finally is going to happen (I hope). We VW fans get no respect... Anyway, I want a case whenever they show up!
  5. Can't wait to see them finished!
  6. Greg, I noticed that you are from Philadelphia. Tommy Kortman, Greg Hogg (whose posts are above in this tread) and I belong to the Philadelphia Area Car Modelers, AKA "The Philly Boyz",and also to other clubs like the Maryland Automotive Modelers Association (MAMA's) and the Jersey Shore Car Modelers. We meet the first friday of the month at the Artisans Club on Roosevelt Boulevard. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining our group. Also, You can have a good idea of the vendors going to the show by going to the NNL East site (nnleast.com). They have a link to the vendors that assisted last year, most of whom are regulars. This list is usually updated close to the date of the show. Regards, Fernando Roman
  7. Scale Production makes a Foose set in resin and aluminum that is very similar. Check @ Stradasports on this link: http://www.stradasportsstore.com/page86.html
  8. Dave, Scale Productions does the transkit . Check Stradasports.com http://www.stradasportsstore.com/page86.html (almost at the bottom of the page)
  9. I'll go if you promise to have a Blue Hawaii waiting for me, with one of those liitle umbrellas on the glass !
  11. Wow! Want too see his collection? http://www.flickr.com/photos/sergiogoldvar...57617541313993/ Sit down with a Guinness 6-pack!
  12. An Off-topic area would be a good solution, as it wouldn't exclude general interest topics for whomever is interested , but would keep it separate from model related areas. You could call it "The Off-Topic Lounge" . Just my two cents.
  13. If you decide to use the '68 Vette as a donor, as Ismael suggests, you can use the steering wheel from the recently reissued AMT '78 Trans Am. It's similar, although not 100% accurate, but looks better than the one you have now. Another option is to use one of the photoetch ones from Replicas and Miniatures. I hope you decide to restore it and not customze it, since it is a pretty rare model. Fernando
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