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  1. Wheel, hub, brake detail

  2. As the title states, I'm looking for some '76 Ventura inserts, kit pieces or resin either one.
  3. Wheel, hub, brake detail

    So here's my wheel and brake set I was waiting on to arrive. You will be able to see the detail better once I get some paint on it. This set is going on a 2018 F150 diecast. The hubs may need to be adjusted slightly for the Gen 6 kits. I will get that figured out in the next night or two. The rotors and calipers are Nascar units and everything fits inside the rim. The rotor and wheel slide over the lugs on the hub. Once the lugnuts are separated from the tree and drilled out with a #70 drill, they will slide over the lugs as well and will be glued in place.
  4. Ford Fusion road course conversion

    I'm in the process of 3D modeling NACA ducts for printing so they can be added to the windows.
  5. Ford Fusion road course conversion

    I offer the splitter for the Fusion. https://www.shapeways.com/product/GQ43JVFK5/ford-fusion-gen-6-splitter-1-24-scale?optionId=65734240
  6. kyle busch 18

    That Busch car is a diecast.
  7. kyle busch 18

    There are plenty of Busch decals out there to do many of his current cars.
  8. Thornbird 4x4 tires

    I can do 5, 6, or 8 lug rims.
  9. Thornbird 4x4 tires

    Well as of right now, the tires would run close to $60 a set for printing so I don't believe they are feasible. I still have to see what the cost on the rims would be.
  10. Thornbird 4x4 tires

    Tire scales out to a 37" x 13" tire and fits a 16" rim. The Moto Metal 951 rim is 16" x 9.5" tire.
  11. Thornbird 4x4 tires

    Any interest in 3d printed Thornbird tires? I have the 3d model complete and can add them to my Shapeways store.
  12. Aftermarket Directory

    I can be contacted at millersportcustoms@gmail.com
  13. STOP THE PRESS! All new 1977 Oldsmobile NASCAR kit

    Never made it personal. It's just obvious you're the Olds Nascar expert.
  14. STOP THE PRESS! All new 1977 Oldsmobile NASCAR kit

    Glad to know you are the end all be all of Nascar Oldsmobiles. I can sleep good now.
  15. STOP THE PRESS! All new 1977 Oldsmobile NASCAR kit

    Here are 2 Olds without the bodyline.