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  1. It's stock chrome. I just want to add some depth to it.
  2. What's the best way to apply a black wash to a grille or wheels?
  3. Was going to say the same about the '71 Duster.
  4. Vintage sheets are on the table. Not sure about other series yet.
  5. Working on some factory stock decals. Hope to release them soon.
  6. I have brought back the Millersport Customs decals. www.millersportcustoms.com
  7. Where are you in middle TN? Smyrna is just up the road from me.
  8. Have a pic with the red chassis? I knew the Goodwrench preview car had a red chassis. Is that the one you speak of or did a Wrangler car have a red chassis?
  9. So I know this either gonna be a love it or hate it diecast conversion. I'll let the images speak for themselves.
  10. Will you be using wider tires that fit the rims better?
  11. Looks great. Whose decals are those?
  12. Stoney no longer does decals. He had a few customers finally get to him so he closed up shop.
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