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  1. I want to thank Modlbldr for the 41 ford woody body and even though Vintagedragcrazy and I didn't trade. He helped me out by sending me the parts to fix my 1936 Chevy coupe. Thanks guys!
  2. My number 5 lumbar is shoved forward. They want to do surgery and insert a rod. I decided that as long as I can walk that I would wait. I got Teeter Up and it helps me a lot.
  3. ewetwo


    There were no kits in my local Walmarts. Gloversville and Amsterdam NY.
  4. I can see Mad Max driving it. Nice
  5. The 1970 Chevy and 23 whitewall tires came in the mail today. Love my whitewalls. And I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the truck with the coupon. Stopped at AC Moore seeing it was just a few building away and they are having a storewide clearance sale. But the models were only 25% off and at $40 a pop. The discount brings the price down to $30. No deal there seeing they have nothing new. Same kits that were there 2 years ago.
  6. Got this today off craigslist today. All there in the bags and no damage. the young man wanted $2 but I gave him $5. I know. Don't say anything. He even delivered it to the better half's place of work so I didn't have to go anywhere. That's worth the extra $3 as I would have had to drive 40 miles to get it.
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