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  1. I know the truck is a Processed Plastic from Aurora, Il. Yes. The Datsun is a Majorette made in France. And pink Bently? No markings. They'll go in the cabinet. But I am running out of room now.
  2. Picked these up. Don't know how old any of them are.
  3. I really enjoy looking at theses weathered cars. Very convincing.
  4. ewetwo


    That is wonderful.
  5. That is awesome. And I like your choice of cars to haul.
  6. OMG Steve. You know who you are talking to right? I'm lucky if I can even build it. I looked at the wire and stuff thinking "what the heck?" LOL.
  7. That's where I bought my last can of primer plus the 3 cans of special mix. I only saw the sandable but will ask the next time I go in.
  8. Well the Trumpeter 1960 Pontiac Bonneville hard top arrived today. Boy that arrived fast. Now I have both of the Pontiacs. Was sealed but I had to open it just to look at it. A lot of parts. Whew! This will wait a while until my painting abilities get better.
  9. I’ve been to all my nearest auto parts stores and I’ve only seen the Duplicolor sandable primer here. I thought I read there was a white Duplicolor primer also which I’ve looked for thinking that would be great for colored plastic kits.
  10. No Steve. First step is Primer. Always. What you use. Duplicolor sandable primer. :-)
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