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  1. Thanks Carl. They were made in Binghamton, NY. I was trying to find where so I could buy a couple more. I didn't want to have the cases be different sizes on the wall.
  2. They now added the Sonoma 4x4 pickup to the clearance list. Free shipping till the 4th. I figured they are discounting them all 40%.
  3. I couldn’t resist. Drove to my closest Hobby Lobby. Nothing new and not a lot of anything. But more diecast taking up shelf space. Bought a bottle of flat clear with the coupon.
  4. Hobby Lobby has 3 kits in their clearance section on their on-line site. The1962 Buick, 1940 Ford Gasser, and 1969 Olds 442. They might have others in the store also. It was like that the last time they had a clearance sale.
  5. That is beautiful. One of my favorite cars.
  6. It was a deal I couldn’t resist Tom as I need more ways to display stuff. I’ve been working on the 32 ford pickups but kind of lost interest. Have to start something else I guess.
  7. I picked up 2 mirrored display cases at a garage sale for $60. Score!
  8. Nice save. Love the 64 Galaxy and 64 Comet. I owned both when I was young.
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