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  1. I'd love to get the 67 Bonneville kit as that was the car I actually owned and thought is was such a pretty car in that color..
  2. Yes. Jay. A great rebuild.
  3. No. The only original parts to it were the body and front and rear bumpers. The rest must have been altered to make a model.. It was rough when I bough tit years ago. I thought I could restore it but finding original parts is impossible. And I tried everything to get the windshield out but failed. So off it went to a more experienced builder before I wrecked it.
  4. No Carl. a 1967 Chevy. It's gone now.
  5. I did send you an email Snake.
  6. Hey snake, I could be wrong but I have found that a lot of the old annual models seem to have a beige/white look to them. The newer ones are the ones that are bright white.
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