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  1. I agree Richard. I need new friends LOL!
  2. I ordered a Trumpeter 1964 Ford Falcon on Ebay a few weeks ago. The only place to buy this kit is China. Well it was delivered. But not to my house in Fonda, NY. But to an address in Doral, Florida. I sent a message stating this to the seller but no response. Then I notice his rating section. Guess what. The seller has been doing this all along. So it looks like I'm out some money. Spoke to the local Post Office and they gave me the address and it seems the address is a business and most like is a scam seeing it was signed for at that address and it wasn't returned to that postal office as mistake. Scammers everywhere.
  3. Just arrived in the mail. Both were sealed but the 50 Ford sounded like it had a lot of loose parts rolling around. So I opened both just to be sure. It was the hard plastic tires that were rolling around.
  4. Something to be aware of. A couple of friends of mine bought a supposedly "factory sealed never open" whatever on eBay or some place. Be it a model kit or a record album. The new scam is to advertise it as such but what they realized is the seller has the means to seal it with cellophane or stretch wrap to make it look that way. They fought and got their money back but buyer be ware.
  5. I thought the format looked different Dave. I thank you and the moderators for keeping this wonderful forum up and running.
  6. I was trying to build to the standards of other builders here and all that happened was I quit building. Now I'm going to do it my way. Whatever that will mean. LOL! Now if I could just master the air brush. LOL
  7. Nice. Like the color combo.
  8. Now to find a stock hood and front bumper and grill. Lots of luck right? LOL
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