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  1. Picked these up today. Parts available LOL Underneath a few are screw bottoms. Seems like they liked the 32 Chrysler. Into old planes? Check the “what did you buy” under not car related if you’re into planes.
  2. I did find the instructions Gramps46 but it’s not something I’m interested in. Plus my hands shake too much as there looks like a lot of precision abilities. Those exhaust pipes freak me out. Lol Thank you.
  3. I picked these up along with the model cars today. I have a nephew who says he’s into model planes. Hopefully he will want them. O I don’t what to do with them. Some look really old.
  4. Picked this up today. Great for trading of if someone is looking for something. I’ve never seen the 1960 corvette with working coil springs in the front before.
  5. it's missing a lot of parts Patrick and Carl. And the parts in the baggie are the exhaust pipes. I'd never get them back in right. It'll just hang out in a baggie.
  6. I agree. Love that Chrysler. I also have the gray car modeled in black un-built.
  7. Sorry. I have ATT cellular internet and it is horrible. I've been trying to post a pic for 10 minutes. These are from the AMT 51 chevy kit. Will they work?
  8. Here's one that has been bouncing around. IMC GT 40. Can't really call it a glue bomb as every time I touch it another part falls off. LOLDon't know what I'll ever do with it.
  9. I actually got the parts I needed to build my MPC Super Stocker GTO on Friday from Khils (Kevin Hilsabeck). Body. Hood. Glass. Headers. Decals and instructions. I’ve never built a car like this so It should be interesting. Thank you Kevin!
  10. ewetwo


    That's the one the sprue number took me to.
  11. I'd like to give a big thank you to Khils (Kevin Hilsabeck) for our trade. Got the GTO Super stocker items I needed. Thank you bud. Dave
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