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  1. Yes. I said that too. And it say Ollies in the fine print on the side so it was made for them to sell.
  2. I don't waste my time with HL anymore. It's an hour drive each way and basically for nothing. I liked it better with the 40% off coupon so I would at least buy a can of paint or something. But they never seems to have anything new with kits so it's not worth the time anymore. A few good people on Market Place have kits cheaper and are more appreciative of my purchases.
  3. OK. I don't have them Sorry. I have what Cary said. The ones with the step down.
  4. Do they fit the tires that say BF Goodrich? I can't make all the writing on the tire out because it's so small. On the font inside of the rings, Is there a little step down.Like where a hubcap might fit. I have those. On the back each has 3 sets of double circles on the plastic.
  5. Looks really nice. The color is sharp.
  6. I have to correct myself on the color of plastic. I bought one today knowing I had a black one in my stash. The Revell is black and the Monograms are white. I also had a Monogram 2011 issue and that is white. So I have 2 white kits and 1 black kit. And interesting is the price tag on the ones from Ollies is under the shrink wrap and the box is dated 2022. So someone mentioned that they thought these were made for Ollies to sell. I don't think the snap kits are shrink wrapped. Makes me wonder if they are going to have more made to sell.
  7. The Ollies in Johnstown NY has the Monogram 1956 Chevy. Original kits were molded in black but this kit is white. The 2015 and 2018 Revell snap Kit Mustangs and the Revell Snap Kit Jeep Wrangler. And a couple plane models.
  8. ewetwo

    MPC 1940 Ford

    Nice. A like the snap kits also.
  9. That looks fantastic. Like the gray.
  10. These arrived today. And the price for the kits and postage we really cheap. Each kit was $23 except the Firebird was $24. Postage was $12.59. A bargain I think. Ordered them on Friday and they arrived today.
  11. I haven't any problem. One end is spring loaded so you can adjust how strong you want it.
  12. That is beautiful. And you have only been building for 2 years? You put me to shame.
  13. ewetwo

    Olds Hurst

    Thank you Keith and Carl. I'm fine with the decals. One little flaw in the passenger side Carl but that will go towards the wall. LOL.. Keith. This was the Dupli-color. I can see where if I painted it just black with silver on the bottom. How you'd only see the red stripe.
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