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  1. Thanks Steve. I don't even have that kit. It was in a bunch of stuff I bought years ago.
  2. I'll try the soaking first Snake. Thanks for the suggestion David. It's funny. Everything else was put together clean except for the windows. Who can figure? LOL
  3. It’s a tinted window section and has 1957 Chevy inside. Does anyone know what kit this goes to as I haven’t a clue. Doesn’t fit in the AMT 1957 Chevy kits.
  4. A woman friend of mine bought this for me. Everything looked fine except for the front and rear windows. Haven’t a clue what to do with it. Missing a hood is the only thing missing.
  5. That is beautiful. One of my favorite Fords. I actually owned a 4 door hard top in my youth.
  6. Wow. How long is that. Looks great.
  7. Wow. That is really sharp. Nice detailing.
  8. That is beautiful. Love the color.
  9. Nice work on all of them.
  10. Thank you Snake, Mario, Mike, Steve, Bob, Carl, Chaz, and David
  11. That you Bob. The color is the plastic it came in. It's like a blue metallic plastic. I just put Revive on it so I can't take credit for the color. LOL.
  12. I needed something simple to take my mind off the Comet and Nova being back in the purple pond. So this was it. I have several of these kits in my stash as I like them. Different painting scheme for me. And I swapped the wheels from the 65 Chevy Foose kit. Took to sanding and making larger axels to make them work. But I like them much better that the ones that come with the kit. And the top and bottom are the same blue. I know. They didn’t do Chevy two tones like that but that’s what’s model building is about right? LOL
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