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  1. Thanks guys - good vid of kit - see what you get before buying
  2. ++ for the Tamiya filler primer in white and grey. I thin the bottle stuff quite heavily - at least 150% with lacquer thinners as it is quite thick and I use a small tip in my air brush The rattle can is good too but I rarely use rattle cans
  3. Re the AMT 69 Torino Cobra Jet fast back -does this kit have a fully detailed chassis or a simple promo style chassis with moulded in rear end etc If it does not have a full detail chassis what is a suitable donor kit
  4. That's a big YES from me too All of the above replies cover the mix ratios but I do thin mine a bit more as I use a fine tip on my airbrush The Tamiya rattle cans are good too
  5. Hi Jim Using my new computer and hit the submit button too soon ..... When machining small diameter parts the speed need to be very high to get a good finish. Also if you can support with a steady at the non chuck end with a lathe centre in the tailstock end Cheers Bill-e-boy
  6. Hi Jim The success to making long thin parts like a steering column is to make it from some shorter parts. Like make up the parallel main column and drill a hole at each end for the locator at the bottom and one for the top od the column. Then turn the column top which is shorter and will not flex so much. When machining smal diameter
  7. Nice Job Zippi I like the way the big meats fill the deep wheel wells that on these kits
  8. Good work Mark I like the bumper choice - even a piece of rusty rectangular plastic stock suitably weathered would have fit the theme of the build as well Keep up the good work
  9. I was able to catch up with the owner of the Banger powered 32 Pickup and was able to get some more pix of the other side of the motor I have squirted some colour onto my banger - Tamiya Titanium Gold - and have partly assembled the motor The gold has picked up the green from the work mat A comparison - Banger vs Billet In the background I have been steadily working on parts getting ready for paint and some are in first coat of primer to check that prep work is looking OK. There is an amazing amount of sink marks that need attention on the body parts which I suppose is not surprising giving the age of the kit and the knowledge base that was available back when the kit was designed - injection moulding was fairly new technology in the early 60's Thanks for looking
  10. Looking good There is just something about a roadster with big meats hangin' out the back I built this over 30 years ago
  11. Hi Jim I am liking the build - you are doing a great job I have a similar project that was shelved to participate in another build thread I cant help wondering as the pick up is so low a bit could come out of the top of the cab and some length out of the bed Like this
  12. Kit - I hope round two of your paint job works out better than the first I have been spending time getting things cleaned up ready for paint I block sanded the inner of the tail gate only to find it is blank on the outside - but at least it is smooth on the inside. Been working on the firewall recess and floor board area, cleaning up the pick up bed. There are lots of shrink holes all over the kit so takes time to sand and fill these areas. Next will be the doors When rummaging around in the bottom of the model boxes I found some bits and just could not help myself We recently went on a mid-week cruise and ended up at a Rodder's place and he had a 32 PU with a banger with OHV conversion - which caused a light bulb moment - PU bed candy So I started with the basis A block, gear box and other bits. The Cragar head is basically just a lump and that was easy to build up by layering plastic sheet to get the ight height. The original water pump bolts up as does the inlet manifold Head needed a little machining to create the spark plug recesses - onto the mill to do that. had to make up a 2mm cutter to do that first The head bolts are on a landed area so drilled out and glued some round stock - just need tidying up The crowning glory is an ally rocker cover I machined up - it was a mission as it is the first rocker cover I have machine so I now have a system that should work in the future So a little side trip to break up the tension with being heavily involved in a one kit build Thanks for looking
  13. Yup I hear you. Mines a 56 Dodge, its a driver, tidy but not a show car. Sometimes I just have to suck it and back it out in the cold and wet to get work done in the garage.
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