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  1. get them from electrical supply wharehouses I am an industrial electrician and use hundreds of them when I build a control panel. The ones I use have an insulated end but if you carefully cut that off you have what is shown in the OP pix You can get them uninsulated as shown as well
  2. Narrow - the wide whites get lost by the full chrome wheel covers Mediums - so so My 2 cents worth
  3. Another beauty Alan. The top chop is just right and what this kit needs IMO to look right Kool
  4. " I really do not like seam lines on parts. The chrome on the spare tires had a very bad seam line. So I sanded it and repainted it with spaz stix. Came out pretty good. Better than expected. " This has been the bane of model of model building forever. I used to leave the chrome with the mould seam lines until Alcad the Molotow came along - they are a game changer. We can now clean up the seam lines and repaint and it looks so much better And good work with this ancient kit
  5. I have seen it before. The chrome sprue is a separate sprue from the rest of the car as it is further processed. As the sprue is to be covered so it does not matter that the plastic is a different colour as the rest of the kit. The marbelling is caused by mixing different colour raw plastic beads that go into the hopper that feeds the injection moulder. It is common that a certain percentage of reground waste material is added to virgin material - usually from the runners that feed the sprues It may have been a visual sign to the plant operators that the sprue was to be set aside for chroming
  6. What a nice build and something to be proud of. Cool colour and great choice for wheels. The effort was certainly worth it
  7. Been struggling with the AMT Parts Pack hemi - can't get the shot gun headers to work and the emphasis has changed to a more streetable version - so I stole A hemi from a 5 window coupe as I know it will fit - more soon
  8. "Looked back at the first posts on this thread but could not find what the donor kit was" Revell 28/29 Pickup 2in1 Can be built closed cab or roadster pickup It has been re-issued a few times over the years with the most recent being a Rat Rod version
  9. What a cool looking Cuda. Gives me incentive to get one of mine built
  10. Took a couple of goes at getting the rear wheel wells channeled = pix latter Meantime I have been working on the wheels. I am using the kit Americans. The rears were easy - just a little trimming on the internal tire diameter to fit the wheel The fronts were way too wide. The outer part fit OK bit overall the wheel was too wide for my wheel choice. I cut down the back rim and cut the spier from what was left and tapered those to look better And looking much more better now - just need to finalise the stance and cut the firewall Thanks for looking
  11. Looking good Of all the kits I have this is the one I have built most versions of Modified Ala Kart Fully fendered Hiboy and Rat Rod and more to go
  12. Another 32 Must be the year for or something in the air making us do it
  13. Where did the tear slicks come from? And the winner is Mr Metallic - yup they are from an AMT parts pack - I have seen these recently so must be available again I have been working away at the coupe, mostly sorting out thigs that were started on the first build. I will post more pix when I next do some work on it
  14. Paul - what a champion - you made that ugly air cleaner cover pop with the addition of the trumpets
  15. Looking good - would be a handfull in real life and you would be forever replacing broken axles and lunched gear boxes. LOL
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