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  1. "I managed to get the two 4bbls under the hood." I was just following the instructions - which were bit vague. Anyway I ended up with something a bit different from stock While paint setting up I assembled the interior - nothing fancy as this is supposed to be a quick build And I installed the engine and exhausts and got it up on its wheels. The wheels took two attempts to get it right. The wheel base is a bit off and I moved the rear axle attachment point up a bit. I also moved the connection holes up as I want it slammed to the ground as much as I can Thanks for looking
  2. The engine paint job looks nice This is a good kit. I built one years ago and seem to remember it gets a little tricky around final assembly time
  3. Couldn't resist - started out life a a partly assembled glue bomb before I dealt to it
  4. To help with filter life I stretch a double layer of those horrible cotton wipe down cloths that come on a roll. When it gets a bit grungy and looking like being blocked just replace it. You will get a lot longer life out of your filter. Also rattle cans clog the filters faster than airbrushing as there is a lot of paint coming out of rattle cans
  5. Been slowly working on this but life has a habit of slowing things down Got the first part of the pant on - Tamiya Light Gunmetal lacquer Next step is to mask up for second colour. The mask is on both sides of the hood and runs into the engine bay. I used Tamiya 3mm fine line tape for the primary separation line to get a sharp edge and Tamiya masking tape for the fill in And after painting with Tamiya Gun Metal lacquer I am quite happy with the result - now to ready it for clear Thanks for looking
  6. Looks good Bob. Your booth is a smidgeon wider than the one I made up a little while ago. The secret to keeping BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH out of the paint is to move the painted items to a covered container to cure the paint. I use an insulated metal box with a light bulb on a dimmer but a dehydrator is supposedly good too. The deal is to move the painted object straight from the booth to the curing chamber to minimise any dust settling onto the wet paint. I also made a front cover to go over the open side of the booth to minimise dust and BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH getting into the booth. My workshop is general purpose with work stuff happening (self employed industrial electrician), metal working and worst of all woodworking - I try try to do the dustiest stuff outside I see you have a Paasche H air brush - good choice. I have one of these amongst the others I have collected over the years and my general go to is a Badger 200 that I picked up about 20yrs ago Pix of my set up below shows booth on top with the hot box curing chamber below
  7. Kool AV8 Koop - Nice build I wonder if Revel will offer either the coupe or roadster with a flatty I built a roadster flatty a couple of years back with a motor from the 32 Tudor
  8. It most certainly was one of the most influential rods of the day too. It has influenced me with the choice of wheels for my own car
  9. I seem to remember reading that it was used as a test bed for one of the hot rod magazines so was always changing especially mechanical wise. The paint job was a about the only thing that did not change.
  10. You have nailed it - nice and simple. Couldn't be simpler than an A-Bone coupe with a mouse providing the go.
  11. Nice build of a nice kit and lovely in white
  12. Paul - paint looking fabulous. The wood beds a knock out not only once but twice Tim S - Coming along nicely. I like the look of your laced spoke wheels Bill-e-boy
  13. What a kool kustom, Great paint job and super clean build Congratulate yourself
  14. Phil a good effort. I have looked at modelling this in the past and have been intimidated by the flames and the pin striping but you have nailed it - kool. I seem to remember a pix with it pulling a drag chute - must look it out.
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