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  1. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Flux capacitor is installed and fluxing! Should be ready for it's first temporal experiments very soon...
  2. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Cool. You going to use the moon hubcaps? Didn't use templates the first time - it's pretty easy to guess-timate how big a piece should be and then use a razor to cut off the excess as it's pushed/wrapped to the floor pan parts. I did use the carpeting as a template when I swapped out the carpet for a lighter grey material.
  3. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Very cool. Flat black rat rod?
  4. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Cool, what kits are you working on (partworks or regular)?
  5. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    I actually got both of the carpet materials on ebay. It was a 20cmx30cm light grey sheet of sticky backed velour from China. All the self adhesive velvet sheets in the U.S. were the darker grey that didn't match the interior. Both seemed to be the same level of quality and they were both pretty easy to cut/install.
  6. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Sorry for the long pause without an update. Been waiting on some faux carpet material and it took a month to get here since it was coming from overseas. Eaglemoss sent my the display base last week! It's even bigger than the Delorean is! Its a mirrored base that will remained covered in its protective plastic til the kit is finished. Have installed the faux carpeting (grey sticky-back velvet material.) I went with my own carpeting material instead of the die cut aftermarket parts offered by another builder. His are nice looking but I think the material he used has fibers that are too tall to be scale accurate. The stuff I found is similar to what jewelry boxes are covered in so the napping is much shorter. To be honest either material improves the interior so long as it's the right shade of grey. I bought some darker grey material back in December and realized - after installing it - that it was just too dark. New stuff looks like a good match.
  7. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Thanks! I get to do even more engine weathering soon. Eaglemoss sent out replacement transmissions to correct for the automatic transmissions. The manual does look more accurate but the auto never really bothered me. Once I had a box of correct parts on my doorstep I had to do the swap. Can't let a box of parts just sit there! Wasn't too hard pulling the engine and swapping transmissions. Didn't have to tear down the engine all the way. Now it just needs some weathering.
  8. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    It is pretty awesome. I'd recommend the Sunstar if you're on a budget. It's a solid diecast that can be detailed easily.
  9. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Luckily I haven't had any problems with delivery or charges, but I am in the U.S. What I've gathered is that each country the kit is released in has its own distributor (not sure if their contracted or owned by EM) and some of the other countries do have problems. Australia's distributor filed for bankruptcy recently. I used to work in a magazine shop which required working with distributors, including many foreign periodicals, and some of them were really terrible. We'd get ones from France that were months old and out-of-date. Naturally some of that is the distances involved but my experience with them didn't impress me. And in the U.K. they still ship these EM issues to such magazine shops to sell - that blew my mind - given the cost and time involved in this kit I would rather my stuff is shipped to me and not a newsstand. I haven't had to deal with customer service much but they do send out emails; one such one was about the replacement transmission. It's usually get an email notifying you of your shipment being ready/payment taken and they arrive 5-6 days later. Pretty typical e-commerce experience. I'll admit that some details (the flux capacitor that doesn't flux but is just a bright blue LED) are a bit disappointing. But it's a pretty impressive kit (atleast totally static with no lights on) and it does look like a massive metal Delorean. A lot of those squeaky wheels are also guys who are happy to spend another $150-200 on upgraded electronics - which do make the kit even better - but aren't super necessary. I'm hoping EM gets the hint and invests a bit more into future electronics for kits. I'm tempted to buy a Audrino Trinket and try programming it because technology has made it super easy to do that. Besides, everyone here knows what comes with model kits. I think a lot of these guys aren't used to having to sand a bit or fiddle with fit until it's perfect. No - that comes with years of trimming parts off sprues and accidentally gluing parts to your digits. Full disclosure: I'm hoping EM doesn't botch things in the U.S. because they're working on an ECTO-1 that would be pretty sweet in 1/8 scale. Haha
  10. Stop it DeAgostini!! You're killing me!!

    Has anyone tried contacting Salvat about the Falcon or F-100 becoming available in the U.S.? I have a tenuous grasp on the English language so I haven't ventured to tried contacting them since they seem to be a South American company. I'd imagine there'd be licensing issues in the U.S. but I'd imagine the kits would be way more popular in the states which could make up for the costs?
  11. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Thanks! It's satisfying to see it start to resemble something familiar
  12. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Work in the interior has commenced and I'm finding the details pretty accurate so far. One pleasant surprise was finding out the seats are made of vinyl with a foam backing so that they actually feel like real seats… Most of the assembly of the interior is pretty straight forward. One exception has been the wiring! To be fair it’s not as painstaking as it looks and the wires on the dashboard are all for decoration (these aren’t the wires the power all the lights.) So you can man-handle them and not worry about breaking anything electrical. Starting to look real enough to travel through time with.
  13. Stop it DeAgostini!! You're killing me!!

    I'm thinking of subscribing to the AM kit. It's nice that it looks like a stock AM for those who aren't fans of Goldfinger. A nice looking auto all around. I'm glad someone else wants Salvat to sell the F100 stateside. I'm not even a truck guy but I'd probably get it just because it looks awesome.
  14. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    Time Lapse video of the frame and suspension build. Kinda shows the process and size a bit better than picture
  15. 1/8 Eaglemoss Delorean WIP

    It wouldn't be easy BUT I have come across a few guys converting it to a stock DMC on the facebook build group. I believe he's building a time machine version and a stock one as well. The hardest part would probably be filling the holes in the body panels then repainting it in a simulated stainless steel finish. Hard... but apparently not impossible.