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  1. Awesome looking combo. Your work merging the resin cab with the modified chassis is fantastic.
  2. With the addition of the traffic cone, you totally nailed it.
  3. I almost didn’t check out your post because I figured how good could your first big rig be. Boy was I wrong. Absolutely stunning looking build. Color choice/decals are excellent and I also like how you reduced the amount of chrome.
  4. That was a really cool idea and very well executed. I found myself drawn to the weathered version and I tend to prefer the shiny builds.
  5. Nice looking collection. The Arrington car is really cool.
  6. Toys4Don2

    AJ Foyt Olds

    Nice looking Oldsmobile. You nailed the stance.
  7. I love Nomads. Yours looks great.
  8. Nice stance. Looking forward to getting your take on those decals.
  9. Beautiful looking truck. Weathering is very well done and the barn makes a cool background.
  10. Very nice looking build. You nailed the stance.
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