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  1. Amazing level of detail. Looks better than the one scheduled to be released.
  2. I really like the modifications. The original always looked a little toy like.
  3. Awesome salvage job. A kit definitely worth saving.
  4. Pretty clever. The paint scheme really does work on that body.
  5. Looks great. Most definitely shelf worthy.
  6. You nailed the stance. Super nice looking build.
  7. I’ve bought the body. Anxious to see what you use for the chassis.
  8. Excellent Pontiac conversion. Looks just like the real thing.
  9. I am very late to this party, but man what a neat concept for modifying the hauler. Will definitely be following this one to the end!
  10. Both builds look awesome and I too would love to see them reissued.
  11. Very nice effort. It certainly looks different enough from the Camaro to pass as a Pontiac. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I had also noticed the different hoods in these kits.
  12. Very nice looking build. All three years are classic!
  13. Very nicely done!! Really like how you reshaped the tire rack and stored the ramps.
  14. Two very nice builds. Really like the stance on the #6!
  15. I don’t often view the dioramas, but I’m glad I did today. Yours is definitely amazing.
  16. Absolutely amazing. Looks even better in the natural light.
  17. Awesome looking Charger!
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