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  1. Looks great. You nailed the stance which is not easy with those Monogram Fords.
  2. Very nicely done. Those decals must have driven you nuts!
  3. Great looking Bobby Allison combo!!
  4. You did a great job combining all the elements into a cool looking trash truck.
  5. Awesome looking build and color combo. I just love looking at the models created from this kit.
  6. Very nicely done. Excellent looking paint work.
  7. Sharp looking build. Interesting color.
  8. Turned out great. You nailed the front end fix.
  9. Way to tough it out on the paint. It looks great!
  10. Great looking field of cars you got there!
  11. It’s my understanding that the license will allow them to redo the old Monogram molds they own as time permits, but they are very unlikely to update any of those molds in the foreseeable future. The better news is that it opens the door for them to create some Mercurys!
  12. The vermilion decals available for the Salvinos kits are notoriously brittle and require a LOT of patience and setting solution to apply. It can be done but if you are skilled with two tone paint jobs I would go that route.
  13. Definitely something different, but it looks great. I like the weathering.
  14. Very nice looking build!
  15. Beautiful looking model. I love the tweaks to the front end. I have a few in process and hope they turn out as nice as yours.
  16. It turned out great. Excellent race car modifications.
  17. Awesome looking Modified. Very detailed and true to scale. You nailed the stance.
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