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  1. Ford GT40 mk II Daytona '67

    Very Pretty! You've spent some time on this baby, it all looks "right"
  2. "The Stig Collection" -De Tamaso Pantera GTS

    Good One Dann, very clean and precise.
  3. Fujimi Ford GT40 No.2 1966 Le Mans Winner

    Well, let me tell ya the more I look at this the more amazed I am. I'm a little familiar with IMC (Chaparral 2E) kits. WAYYYY before their time and refinement. This model is just spectacular, the little things really pop... the whole light set up, amazing. the nice little flair in the front fender, I could go on and on. just incredible! OOPS I was under the impression this was the IMC model, still and all a very beautiful kit. I have been out of the loop a few years still trying to get back into the groove here. I've been making a lot of these mistakes lately better to lay low, everytime I say something... well... still a very beautiful model like I said.
  4. Fujimi Porsche 911

    Beautiful work, great finish and color wow.
  5. Revell 69'Z28 Camaro

    Proceeding very nicely on this one
  6. Ford GT

    very nice so far
  7. 64 GS Corvette (Paint & Assembly)

    I included some photos of mine. I wished I could help in the instructions department I am pretty positive I didn't save the instructions. I will scour around and check though, just to be on the safe side.
  8. Ron Fellows Mosport white C6R

    This is a great project Ismael what are you photographing it with. If you don't mind me asking.
  9. Widebody BMW M3

    great job, love the stance! looks to be burning a bit rich, i love how you nailed this.
  10. Chaparral 2C by ARII

    Thanks you guys, first build in 20 years. I chose NOT to polish it out for 2 reasons A: the paint turned out pretty good( after all it's a racing car not a Delahaye) & B: too many little potential polishing problems on this, I'm doing a good old Treatment polish & wax and calling it a day. I will get better photos I did some things in the tail end and just a few other things, interior, etc.. Oh I also scratch built the chassis, not suspension, just straight axles, not sure if I am quite ready for that stuff yet after the layoff. I used the chassis on the IMC 2E and the photos in Falconers book for reference. I also used a spare Monogram 2D "tub", the Arii supplied one was just not quite right..
  11. Chaparral 2C by ARII

    https://www.modelbuilderswh.com Pg. 10 they are sold out now, but, try the manufacturers I don't like taking bidness away from somebody but, when you gotta have it you gotta have it.
  12. Fujimi Ford GT40 No.2 1966 Le Mans Winner

    NIIICE! that is some very smooth black paint, and we all know nothing looks better on a racing car than a nice black paint job and this is a nice un! Good Stuff.
  13. Chaparral 2C by ARII

    Better photos along with the finished product. Too early this morning to be messing around taking photos (6:30)
  14. Porsche 356 race car .

    What a great job with this kit. Beautiful finish.
  15. IMSA GTO Olivetti Olds Darin Brassfields car Re-do

    No actually I used one of the newer trans am mustangs and borrowed a few things from the NASCAR OLDS roof, rear clip rear glass, anything gray was a NASCAR model.