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  1. Sorry to bump this up folks trying to make contact with BRENDAN if he is still about.
  2. Brendan, I realize this is an OLD, OLD post, but I was hoping to get a couple clarifications from you. I have been away from the hobby quite sometime and only recently returned early 2018. I picked up one of these kits and according to the info I have gathered, Studio 27 claims it's a new tooling. This kit was released in 2002. I witnessed Davy Jones win with this real car at Mid Ohio, that after a short stay in a gravel pit to boot. I have a few pictures, mainly with a long lens and not real focused, also NOT the car I was there to see at the time. When you stated that a few things were not added or missing from the Bud Light version as opposed to the European based Silk Cut version would you mind elaborating on just what they were other than the roof "hump" and side exhaust tips? Considering the amount of cash I paid for this kit, I would really like to nail it best I could and anything you can recall that may need some care would be greatly appreciated. Your version is a real beauty and I cannot see anything out of order from the #2 when I saw it displayed at Mid-Ohio. thanks
  3. These color choices are just perfect for this model looking forward to the finished product.
  4. I began this project back in March of and on. Its a Trans kit from ZoomOn in cahoots with Beemax/Aoshima. Its a curbside but is extremely technical and challenging. I will be adding more photos and providing an commentary that I can. Commentary is NOT my strong suit>
  5. Claude, very well thought out , planned , and executed. just a beautiful model sir.
  6. So very clean, and done with no pressure obviously. Building slowly and precisely the only way to go.
  7. STUNNING!!!! that is the only verbage coming to mind right now for me, and descrition wise typing!!
  8. Man I guess i haven't been here in awhile. Beautiful work on these, you can always tell when someone truly feels the passion for these cars,Thank You for sharing.
  9. Thanks Brian, sorry it's not the finished product if you look you can see in the second photo the stacks. I wanted to try something different and "stuff" an engine in there instead of the kit provided fake kit provided. On my next build I promise to photo the "power plant". George Folmers Javelin.
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