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  1. Chaparral article

    No that's the one thing I don't do. If I get in those positions i save the donor kit for other possibilities.
  2. building a fully detailed Pagani Huayra- Body Fitment

    INCREDIBLE!! just flat out INCREDIBLE!!
  3. Box Stock Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette

    Thanks everybody I really appreciate the comments.
  4. 78 Lincoln Continental town car

    very nice work!
  5. Cleaning Airbrush

    looks like i forgot details, I paint strictly enamel Testors Model Master, Testors enamel, I used to use Lacquer thinner to clean with, but its so hard to "dispose of (legal comment)".as far as my air brush it's an older PASCHE double action with the "cup". I'd break it ALL down and give it a good "wash" after each session.
  6. Cleaning Airbrush

    I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I am getting back INTO the hobby after being away from it for 18-19 yrs. What is the BEST way "legally " (no lacquer thinner), to clean my airbrush now? What do you guys use, techniques, yadda, yadda, anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. ‘70 AAR Cuda T/A

    WOW very nice Gurney car and the other three, WOW again. Maybe I should have just stayed away. There are some really nice things going on, and I thought thehobby was slowing down, HA!
  8. Box Stock Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette

    Thank You EVERYONE who've commented like I mentioned earlier in the post it was a bear to complete the original stance was way too high, and as nice as everything was engineering wise A LOT of fit issues also to resolve. i bought the GRAND SPORT book by Lowell Paddock and Dave Friedman for reference, I knew nothing of these cars at the time, the Accurate Miniatures kit came out and I was hooked. I also had heard rumours that they had a Chaparral in the works before they ran into financial troubles. What could have been.... I have the McClaren kit in my maybe someday group of kits to be completed.
  9. 1952 Hudson Hornet Custom "Barn Find"

    Very cool
  10. Box Stock Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette

    Thank You very much
  11. Good Morning, I have a question. I am unfamiliar working with so called white metal wheels, I bought a set of "Big and Little" Chaparral wheels from R & D Unique a few years ago. I am finally getting round to using these babies for my 2C project and they could use a little TLC what is the best way to polish/clean these up? I am not looking for an alloy wheel kind of finish just something closer to what a "working" racing wheel would look like? Does this make sense? Anyhow any tips would be greatly appreciated also does anyone know if RB Motion still sells valve stems? THANKS!
  12. 1958 Ford, Corrected Stance.

    Great work, how did you do the convertible top on the Fairlane? THAT looks fantastic!
  13. Scott Sharps Trans -Am Camaro, Darin Brassfields IMSA GTS Oldsmobile

    Well the anodized fittings are from Detail Master for the most part, the "hard lines" are paper clips I would cut and shape to size. After dry fitting and making sure all was well I would then assemble them and use either a red or blue sharpie REALLY brings out the anodized look. Also the Camaro in case anybody is interested, (I wish I had removed the alignment tabs sooner) the entire inside of the body is Fred Cady Kevlar decal, kind of hard to make out from these pictures.
  14. Scott Sharps Trans -Am Camaro, Darin Brassfields IMSA GTS Oldsmobile

    Dave I talked to you here a number of years ago about your Merkur. I kinda got into this hobby when having bought a used 1987 XR4Ti I went to the Glen IMSA race to see Scott Pruett actually racing them, I noticed a Revell Motorcraft Mustang T/A Pruett drove and the similarities and I was "hooked, line, and sinker" right there. I also had the advantage of having at the time one of the premier fully scratch built truck and oil field oddities builder in the country, Mark Savage (not the one at scale auto) he helped with a lot of stuff. This is so cool to re kindle my interests again, I have had a lot of things happen to me since 1999 (last build) and I am getting back into again with Chaparral kits.
  15. IF any of you folks would like to ask questions PLEASE feel free to shoot away. I would LOVE to talk about these two, I kinda put them up with a master I was doing the other day and kind of went through a change of heart. I have been away so long from this hobby I felt like maybe I was coming on a bit too brash, that ain't me! New pictures, anything, be glad to do it.