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  1. Never heard of the manufacturer, but, they do know their product. LOL.
  2. Astounding! Your eye for detail is incredible. I enjoyed following this in WIP.
  3. Great looking classic black GTO.
  4. That’s a tough looking Nova. Great color and stance.
  5. Classic! Love the paint and them big ole fat white walls.
  6. I 100% support the “no politics/religion” rule on this forum. I have a Facebook account lying dormant because…. Well, because nausea. Also, I’ve been a member here long enough to see even the most innocuous topics fester into ugly, terminal infections. While I thought the video Bill posted was interesting, explanatory and very informative (and IMO, unbiased) I can easily see how such a topic; like it or not; tied so closely to politics could devolve quickly into a state of lockdown. That leads to the point I’m attempting to emphasize. It could have simply been locked. IMO, the topic being scuttled away with a black bag over it’s head is far more akin to “political commentary” than any of the replies I read prior to the blackout.
  7. The only Uber driver making money these days:
  8. Drove back to Georgia from Virginia yesterday. The long but beautiful stretch of I-40 east of Knoxville offered up several more songs for this thread. Ace of Spades - Motorhead Stone Cold Crazy - Queen Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails Black Sunshine - White Zombie Holy Diver - Dio Having grown up in VA and knowing what a speed trap the entirety of I-81 can be on Sunday, I follow both the spirit and the letter of the law until I’m south of Bristol. It may not be safe to listen to the likes of Air Supply or Richard Marx until one is safely inside the Tennessee borders. 🤣
  9. Audible books. Since I no longer spend three and a half hours/day toiling in Atlanta traffic, I gotta catch up on my reading somehow. At first, I thought it would be too distracting (like t.v.). Turns out, the two pass times are a perfect marriage; for me, at least.
  10. Damage Inc. - Metallica Highway to Hell - AC/DC Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots Those a just a few off the top of my head. There’s probably a thousand more though.
  11. Found this 1993 issue of Mopar Muscle in a box of old car mags in my dad’s attic a couple months ago. Mailed it off to the King’s museum with a short note. It came back today, autographed. Felt like a kid at Christmas!
  12. Me thinks the gods will be pleased. Fine looking models, each and all.
  13. That’s one fine looking Monte. Very clean, very tidy. Love the finish of the paint, too.
  14. Fantastic year, Lee. Each one crisp and cleanly built. My favorite is probably the 914 as I had no idea that one even existed in kit form. Well done, sir and a happy new year to you and yours.
  15. Four beautiful models, Greg. The Jeep is super cool and all, but the red roadster seems to jump off the screen at me. Bravo!
  16. Nicely done, Oliver. I’m digging the subtle flame job.
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