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  1. Thank you Richard...soo happy to be part of the community
  2. Gentleman...I am so appreciative of the advice you have given me. For Many of you, I have viewed some of your exceptional work in the "under glass" posting section so I know you all speak from experience. I am excited about trying out your suggestions. Many many thanks to all of you.
  3. Yes I was worried that the lacquer dullcoat might result in some compatibility issues.
  4. Good suggestion Ace. I have been reading so much about paint compatibility my head is spinning!! Agree that I should paint some sprue or a spoon with the two acrylic paints then try out the spray.
  5. Thanks Ray for that suggestion. I was thinking about heading out to the hardware store this week...will pick up a can of that for sure.
  6. A big hello from David in So Cal. Just got into the scale model car building hobby and have only completed two builds. I have to say the learning curve is steep at the moment and looking at some of the completed builds that you guys have posted on this site, I am truly impressed by your skills. While I do not expect to ever get to the skill level reached by many of the participants on this site, it will be a fun ride to see the progression of my work. Thanks to everyone for making this a great site. I have learned quite a bit just in the short time I have been reading it. All those in So Cal say hi...would love to chat with you. David
  7. Thanks for the suggestions Snake. I have Testors spray lacquer dullcoat. Will that work with he acrylic? The acrylic paint has dried now for 72 hours.
  8. I have just gotten into the scale model building hobby a few months ago and I am now on my third build. I just painted an interior with Tamiya and Vallejo acrylic paints and to my eye the interior looks off because the paint is much to glossy. Any suggestions on how I can dull the gloss so it looks more like vinyl or leather without ruining the paint? Thanks guys any suggestions would be very much appreciated.p