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  1. jchrisf


    Testing how this works
  2. I have my booth vented out the garage door. I don't have windows in my garage and it is made of concrete block. I have to lower the garage down till it touches the hose and holds it in place. I have a 30' hose that I can then move about 15' around the corner of the house so it doesn't come back in. However, the stink still overpowers my paint booth so their are fumes around me and in the garage. I've been thinking about getting a very small plastic tool shed that I can put up (hide) next to the house that is just big enough for me to paint in (with spray booth). I'll put a portable A/C in it to cool it and reduce humidity before I start painting. That is about the only thing I can come up with unless I decant the clear or get a bottle of it and reduce my pressure considerably so the booth can better handle it.
  3. David Thibodeau uses a dremel to polish his 2k clears. If it doesn't queue up to the right part go to 15:28 for his explanation. Said he used to be a hand polisher only guy.
  4. Florida has been having days of 40% humidity lately and this past week was the first time I have sprayed a clear coat in this low humidity. It came out great! The last time I sprayed a clear was several months ago and it was very humid.. it clouded up and ruined my paint. For those who get great results in high humidity do you have any tips? I cannot paint anything to toxic in my garage because the the air return in there and will send it all throughout the house. Our home owner's association will also not let us have storage buildings/shops in our back yards. I've been using spray cans outside for the clear but I do have a small paint booth and airbrush. The automotive clears (duplicolor) I use are just too toxic for the garage.
  5. Nice one Tom.. I didn't even know RP drove some of these cars because it is before I remember.
  6. That was before I was born.. 27.. sounds like he won them all.
  7. Got so many nice ones you can't keep up with them LOL
  8. True.. I have found Tamiya to be superior as well as Hasegawa having great kits but the inexpensive ones are 4xs the price of these Nascar kits so it hurts worse when I mess up.
  9. Looking great Dann! No one better sneak up on you while you are working on the parts that's for sure LOL
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