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  1. I saw Matthew's nice paint on his engine and asked him what he used and he said Rustoleum metallics. It looks good
  2. Very cool.. I hope these don't cost more than their other kits but I have a feeling they will.
  3. Yes.. this is the exact can of clear I used above. I'm going to be checking out their metal colors next. If they lay down as well as the clear, primer and color coats and are just as tough that will be perfect.
  4. About three days. I put it in a dehydrator for a couple hours after it had dried for a few hours.
  5. I'll have to look at the can when I get home to be sure it is the painter's touch but I know it cleans up with Mineral Spirits according to the label so it must be enamel.
  6. Snake, I put on two coats about 30 minutes apart out of the can.
  7. Mine is the 08.. I just looked it up and it looks like it is the .8mm pen. I don't remember if they had different sizes when I purchased mine and if they did why I choose that one.
  8. Thanks everyone. The best part is it is cheap and doesn't smell as bad. It also seems to be tougher than the lacquers I have used in the past. The inside of the body (painted with Rustoleum) would be scratched up from putting it on and off my Tamiya stand if it was lacquer or acrylic. I don't have any clear on the inside. I also put Rustoleum on my chassis and not a mark on it. The dremel saves so much time. I'd have never thought about it but saw my hero David Thibodaeu do it on one of his videos where he explains it very well. I have a cordless dremel that doesn't spin as fast on it's lowest setting but they make corded ones that have multi-speed that can get low. I'll be getting one like Dave s when I need another. I think I only paid $20 for my cheap dremel though.
  9. I found it to be a quicker process than normal. 2000 followed by 4000, then Meguiar's Ultra Cut Compound followed by Meguiar's Ultra Finishing Polish. The compound and polish with a wool attachment on my Dremel. The Rustoleum laid down flatter than any Lacquer I've ever used so I didn't have a lot of orange peel. This picture doesn't even do it justice.
  10. I use the Japanese Gelly Roll 08 white pen that I got at Michaels. It takes a very lite touch with good lighting and magnifaction. I practiced on four tires before I got the hang of it. I just used alcohol to wipe them off and start again. Once I got the hang of it I was able to slowly and carefully do all four without a problem. I found pushing the pen towards the edges worked better for me. If you barely touch it to the tire it will flow out nicely and you can move the ink around with the pen. You can also sand them off and use decals.
  11. Great build and story Jim.. what was Wendall like? I saw the movie about him.. seemed like he was a nice and cool guy.
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