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  1. I got a Pace but I'd get this one instead if I had it to do all over again
  2. I'd probably start with 2,000 and go up to 6 or 8,000 then I use a Dremel with a buffing wheel and some Mequiar's Ultra-Cut and then polish. The dremel makes it so much faster and smoother than I can do by hand
  3. Good question.. I've never used it on clear before. Honestly, I'd just sand and polish it out if it were me.
  4. I've had luck with DOT 3 brake fluid when Super Clean wouldn't remove it.
  5. So Jim, can I assume that you just downloaded a pic of the real tire logos and then traced it out in Illustrator and resized to print on your cutter? I never thought about doing this.. my wife has a Cricut.. I'll have to figure out how to make it printable/cuttable on that. I much prefer airbrushing the tires than using decals. I do have a set of card stock stencils I got off eBay for Goodyear but if I can figure out how to do this on the Cricut I will be able to have other tire brands too.
  6. Pardon my ignorance Jim but when you say you cut it on your cutter, does this mean you cut it by hand? It is really looking cool and like a race car now. Great tips here.
  7. I would think they would both be safe to use but I've never tried it over Tamiya. I do have some Tamiya here that I plan on using in a future build so I'll know soon enough. But after using the 2X I have no desire to use the lacquer because of the smell. However, the humidity should be out of Florida now for about 8 months so I'll be able to spray clear outside now without it hazing up.
  8. Very nice... where'd you get the masks for airbrushing the Goodyear emblem on the tires?
  9. For some reason I searched for it a couple of years ago and found that NP was turned into a middle school. Is that gone now too? In that search I also saw that they had combined the two high schools. I thought that was strange if it is still pulling students from the same area but I'm sure they probably built other high schools for those on the NLR side I was on. I lived closer to Sylvan Hills that NP but they sent us there. I also saw they turned my old Northwood Junior High into a different school too. I also went to HS in Muncie, Indiana and they turned that nice HS into a middle school.
  10. That's where I went to HS.. North Pulaski... but I lived in NLR and remember the one at the corner of JFK and McCain. I don't remember one in Jacksonville though.
  11. I grew up in Arkansas and totally forgot about the Minute Man restaurant. Do they still have them there?
  12. How about these https://www.mikesdecals.com/goodyearfirestone-1960s-tire-decals-powerslide-p-3936.html https://www.mikesdecals.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=firestone&search_in_description=0&osCsid=3dd2ee69b9d0a71d76bf7c7a437c8440
  13. Can you use water slide decals? https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/browse.php?kw=tire,decals
  14. The next model I do I'm going to spray the primer and immediately when the dry time is completed per the can instructions I'm going to spray the color coat and immediately when that dry time is completed (usually around 20 - 40 minutes) I'm going to spray the clear. This stuff goes on so smooth there is no need to sand until after the clear is dry. I find the matte paints go down really thin and smooth. I try not to use gloss colors because they go on thicker and have orange peel.
  15. Oh yeah, these 30 year old decals are going down much better. Hopefully I won't have to clear over them but I am temped to anyway just to see how well this clear handles decals.
  16. Yeah, I use very fast motion across the car or part. Sure doesn't take long to paint.. and I love that part too.
  17. Paul I painted mine with their 2X Primer and 2X Black Matte. I haven't cleared over decals in a while. The last time I did was with Tamiya clear and it ate my decals. I used some Duplicolor clear and it ate my decals as well. I'll have to try this over decals sometime and see how it goes.
  18. Lee, that pic of mine is their 2X Clear over their 2X Primer and 2X Black Matte paint. And I painted the black about 40 minutes after I primed it. It is the toughest paint I've used as well.. it doesn't scratch as easy as the lacquers I've used and seems to stick to the plastic and itself better.
  19. I got two of these Corvettes and one of the Fords yesterday at Hobby Lobby for 40% off
  20. Went to HL today to kill time before and appointment and they had a nice selection of models at 40% off. Usually they don't have any models I am interested in because I like race cars but I was surprised to find two of the Revell Corvette C-7R and two Ford GT Le Mans kits. I got them for a steal.
  21. I saw Matthew's nice paint on his engine and asked him what he used and he said Rustoleum metallics. It looks good
  22. Very cool.. I hope these don't cost more than their other kits but I have a feeling they will.
  23. Yes.. this is the exact can of clear I used above. I'm going to be checking out their metal colors next. If they lay down as well as the clear, primer and color coats and are just as tough that will be perfect.
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