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  1. Hey thanks for the congrats! 🙂 This was an individual that was selling a few kits (I checked his other items). I wish I would have gotten more because they were a great price and looked like they were brand new. The decals were in great shape and he had the glass in a sandwich baggie. A Bobby Allison Golden Miller car went for $23. He had the shipping price in the action at around $7 so I assumed this would cover his shipping cost.. I hope he wasn't surprised when he went to ship. Last night I won a Morgan Shepard Citgo car, still in shrink wrap, for $10 shipped. I hope it is in great condition too. The seller had something like $5.50 for shipping figured into the auction. Most of these cars are way over priced IMO but there are some deals out there. Maybe they were hoping the bid war would get them more money. I haven't shipped anything in a while but if I sell one of these I'm going to figure $13 into the shipping price for sure.
  2. So I won a Revell Davy Allison Nascar for $13 shipped. It arrived quickly and well packed in excellent condition in a USPS Priority shipping box. I noticed on the shipping label that the shipping price was $12.90? Is this actual shipping cost? How did the guy make a profit?
  3. Really cool.. This reminded me of a Matchbox set I had as a kid.. in my mind I was seeing it more like what you did but then looked it up and it was similar to this
  4. Thanks Tom! No, I was not aware of that.. funny thing is I could never find a real pic of the car represented on the box art. I finally came to the conclusion that the Tamiya kit was based off the video game? Thanks Jason! Mine looks better in person and I am sure they all do because I wasn't to keen on doing it from the pics I had seen but was impressed after finishing it. I wish I would have picked up a couple more when they were more available because my source was selling them for $20 shipped. But I do have another one to build. I'm think of building it in silver instead of white. Thanks Chris!
  5. That is a great setup.. very nice! I've never seen one better... I'm assuming you custom built those display cabinets?
  6. Awesome! And you are on a roll.. don't stop Do you do anything special to your windows to make them look so good?
  7. That's a cool setup.. I learned something there... thanks for sharing!
  8. Not as cheap as I thought they'd be... I think I'd rather have a RV at that price
  9. Mine too! Wonder how much you can get the real thing for these days?
  10. Thanks.. I just ordered the Tamiya anti-static brush.
  11. Do yourself a favor and get a Pace. I bought a Testors for about the same price and the quality can't touch the Pace for about the same price: https://www.pacepaintbooth.com/
  12. Wow.. Perfection as always. I hope to achieve your level of building someday. How do you keep the dust off the parts for the photo shoot? Great photography skills as well.
  13. I agree.. I stopped watching Nascar 10 years ago after watching it my entire life.
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