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  1. Looks great Joe... I'd love to drive one of these cars.
  2. No you won't be able to use that Tamiya thinner as it is acrylic thinner and the Mr. Surfacer 1200 is Lacquer. You can use the Tamiya Lacquer thinner though... probably any lacquer thinner but I have only used Tamiya and Mr. Hobby Lacquer thinners with mine.
  3. Looks good! I was a DW and Bonnett fan. Do you remember what you painted it with? I wonder if the paints today yellow like this one? But the yellowing is not too bad.
  4. That's what RancheroSteve said above and I'm starting to believe it myself. I thought for sure there were three different guys because I've heard them call out to someone named Steve in the background. I don't know how he does it all but it is really cool. I'm sure everyone has seen this here is the genius
  5. That's beautiful!
  6. Yeah, its great.. and all gravity. Sometimes it is like the car has a driver and switches lanes for the pass.
  7. I'm always so impressed with your work.
  8. LOL That's really cool and then too bad. He probably made more sales getting people excited to come in and shop.
  9. You mean there is one? I need to check it out I usually get mine at HL
  10. Nice Mark! I missed this one.
  11. These are the coolest looking old cars. It's funny, I never saw one until I got into modeling a couple years ago. The front end is weird and the wing is crazy but together they look so cool. I need to research this car.
  12. Thanks for the link Mike... I've never heard of this site before.
  13. Thanks Peter.. That is what I was thinking too since you have to mix the stuff to harden it but wanted to be sure.
  14. Just curious if you are supposed to reinsert those inner caps that come with BSI 5 Minute Epoxy? It sure is a pain and is messy but I don't want it to go bad either. I'm thinking these should be tossed after you first open the epoxy but wanted to make sure before I do.
  15. Yeah, and lucky for you they have a lot of old videos to watch only IMO, they are not as good until they built this new track. I don't own Hot Wheels and don't want any but I love watching this.
  16. Yeah, and how about that Diorama? That thing is so cool. Me too... I think one guy started it but there might be more involved now.. I don't know though. There was a new one just posted
  17. Great job! I was always an Elliot fan but don't even remember him driving this one.. I would have been pretty young. Thanks for the photos and history lesson.
  18. A friend of mine when I was in elementary school back in the 70s had a track similar to this that he got when his dad was stationed in Japan. It was so much fun. These guys have taken it to a whole new level and I am subscribed and look forward to every new video
  19. LOL.. honestly I didn't even pull the trigger back a mm. I stopped as soon as I saw the paint spraying out, just barely pulling it back. One cool thing I like is I can setup the VL like the H where I can dial in a certain paint flow with just the press of the trigger like the H then I can pull back if necessary. The VL reminds me a bit of a perfect spray can where you can get down good coverage fast but with better atomization and not a lot of wasted over spray. I can tell it is not the quality of what I hear about Badgers but does a really nice job. To me the VL is a lot easie
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