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  1. Glen, that is exactly how the 1:1 guys do it.. I'm trying to get closer with less pressure and thinner paint like you said but my current airbrushes just do a fine line at that distance and why I think I need one of these.
  2. Thanks Tom.. that is what I use with my Paasche H.
  3. I'm pretty sure David Thibadeau and Clay Kemp both use Gravity USA. David even did a video series for them on YT.
  4. what pressure do you use? I looked at some reviews and one guy says he sprays all the way down at 10psi. Most others said they have to use more air.. but I watched a couple of YT videos and even though they were using more pressure it wasn't overpowering their paint booths so I should be good. I have a 26 gallon tank so I have plenty of pressure I just don't want to overpower my paint booth since I paint inside. This Creos 290 looks like it atomizes the paint really well without too much paint going everywhere.
  5. Please let us know how it turns out... I'd think if it could survive a couple of weeks on a woman's nails it would be able to survive forever on a model car and not be as fragile as the Molotow or Alclad.
  6. Saw this recently.. it sure is shiny https://edealme.com/products/last-day-promotion-buy-5-get-1-free-mirror-nail-polish?fbclid=IwAR3Ze4WDFwJhUxfCb13PExuvkSdyy1ZkWNTSj7hKhKpwXt14mtrnSfm8LdE
  7. Thanks @Miatatom & @Glen Powers! They both look perfect.. I'm going to be investigating them further. I'm a big fan of GSI Creos paints so I might be swinging that way now.. it is less expensive too and I think @StevenGuthmiller uses one too from my research. But I also have heard great things about the Grex pistol grips. Will be a tough decision but there doesn't seem to be many more options out there except maybe a jamb gun.
  8. I'm looking for a gravity fed airbrush that has a wide pattern and works good at lower psi (>20). I think I would get better results faster and easier if I could spray bodies with a wider pattern that I could lay down nice, thin coats of paint at lower psi. Something that is easy to clean would be a bonus too.
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  17. I followed this guy's advice and got great results. Basically 1:2 paint:cheap WalMart Lacquer thinner
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