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  1. Three.. I see four? That's a good price.. gonna have to see if I can find it. BTW, I used to live in Debary.
  2. Wow.. I wouldn't even know where to start but you are making great progress. What's the chassis from? I'll be following this one.
  3. They are not hard to get used to at all. If I had it to do all over again I think I would start with the Iwata Revolution. I watch a lot of YT modeling channels and that seems to be a popular one. IMO these gravity fed airbrushes are much easier to clean.. especially between colors when switching colors. I have a Neo Iwata CN and it is my go to. I also have a Paasche H and Paasche VL that I got at a great price when HL put them on clearance. They are all great but I seem to go to the gravity fed because I feel like I waste less paint.
  4. Very cool.. And great photography too!
  5. Thanks.. I found another guy that has similar videos in the same genre. If you go to his channel he has a few more
  6. I absolutely love it! I can't wait to build a Sprint Car. I won't do it as good of justice as you do but I just purchased two new kits.
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  14. Wow.. a lot of nice ones.. I've been away awhile. @shafer you are not a Petty fan are you? 😎
  15. This stuff is more entertaining
  16. LOL.. I guess we take them for granted.. Something about them is on the news all the time and we are always seeing and hearing them launch. When the Space Shuttle used to land it would make two very loud sonic booms and people who lived here all their lives would ask.. what was that! Then someone would say the Space Shuttle and they'd say, "oh yeah." I remember the first time I heard it about 22 years ago. I asked how would I know if I heard it and they said, oh you'll know. About 4 in the morning it came in and I thought someone fired a shotgun twice outside my window... came right out of bed.
  17. If you click on the image does it not play? It is a Falcon 9 Rocket being brought back to the Space Center after landing in the ocean. It comes right by her car.. it is a video
  18. This was a friend's wife here in town a couple years ago if it will open for you.. That right there will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Good to see how to weather one of these VID_20180517_123034635.mp4
  19. I'm jealous man, this is the best setup I've seen.. Thanks for the idea! I'm especially jealous of your GTO models waiting to be built
  20. Wow @afx, that looks like a better selection than any hobby shop I've visited. You've got it all.. but where was the paint booth? I saw the air tank
  21. Funny thing is, I can find Tamiya kits online for less money than other makers. I am limited to what they are producing now but can get several kits for $22 shipped. I have 14 kits now so I think I will not buy any more until these are completed. It's an addiction
  22. As a newb, I've finally figured out that Tamiya is the way to go until I get enough skill and experience to fix what's wrong with the other's kits. For a newb, a lot of the headache's I run into for fit, etc. gets frustrating and makes me want to give up. Tamiya kits are fun to build.
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