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  1. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Up for trade   

    Yes the magnum is gone I traded all of them for the Viper.
  2. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    I just discovered this thread.  I gotta say it's kind of addicting haha.  Whoever thought of this had a great idea.
  3. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Up for trade   

  4. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Up for trade   

    Responded to PMs
  5. Jeff Johnston added a topic in Trading Post   

    Up for trade
    I have some stuff I have started, or bought that someone else started, or that I know I will never build.  I am willing to trade all of these for one kit.
    Complete Banshee

    Most of this is painted flat black.  Body is painted but needs to be stripped.

    Nice paint on this.  suspension needs reworking as the right side wheels stick out and it rides high.  Lost interest...

    Painted Tamiya Mica Red but will need to be fixed.  Another one I gave up on.  It's all here...needs some love.

    Interested in:
    Revell 69 Corvette Coupe 
    AMT Sunbeam
    Revell Ferrari F430
    MPC 78 Corvette Silver Anniversary car  (not Pace car)
    85 Trans Am
    Viper GTS Coupe (not snapper kit)
    Revell Mazda RX7
    Or just me up with what you have.  I like mostly muscle and sports cars.  
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  6. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Gravity Paint Order   

    Glad I saw this. I was considering getting a bottle.
    I buy from Scalefinishes because I have received top notch customer service and very reasonable delivery times.  I ordered Ford glacier blue paint once.  When I got it, the color wasn't what I expected, and totally my fault.  I got what I ordered.  I asked what the correct color would be for what I was looking for, and not only did he tell me, but he sent me a bottle at no charge.
    Again...I ordered the wrong color. Totally my fault and he still sent me the right color (the one I should have ordered) at no charge.
    He earned my business for life with that.  
  7. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    This one.  This is 22 year old me... with my 72 Corvette.  I won't get into why I sold it, but suffice to say it had something to do with my wanting a brand new 1991 MR2 turbo...which was also cool... but....     
    Sure wish i still had this one.  

  8. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    Literally my favorite car in my favorite color...  I'd still be crying if I had that an sold it.  My uncle had this exact car and it was the 1st time I ever went over a hundred....  I was 12 or so I guess.  I have coveted this car ever since.  He sold his too.  I'm not sure he regrets it, given the plethora of cool cars he has had since.  But for me...this is the one.  This is my #1.... This is my lottery car.    
  9. Jeff Johnston added a topic in Trading Post   

    Kit for Trade
    Not sure if anyone would be interested.  I recently acquired a Pontiac Banshee, a kit that I have built years ago.  Given the number of projects I have floating around in my head, don't see myself building again anytime soon.
    This is an opened kit but sealed bags inside.
    Interested in exotics, 60/70s muscle cars, Chevy Nomad, AMT 78 Corvette silver Pace Car,  AMT 66 Mustang....or hit me up with what you have to offer.
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  10. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Up for trade   

    Switchers kit is gone.  Folgers car still available.  I'd trade the Folgers kit for 4 of the new AMT pre printed white letter polyglass tires and steel wheels.  1 set of 4 would do it.  I'll literally never build this kit.
  11. Jeff Johnston added a topic in Trading Post   

    Up for trade
    The Folgers NASCAR kit is still sealed.  The kit is from1990.
    The switchers kit is missing the interior bucket.  I also put a Revell 32 coupe body in this kit.  The AMT body is a little hacked up but its there. I also z'ed the frame already.   Everything else is there.  I'd even throw in a Jimmy Flintstone resin 29 coupe.

    Make me an offer on a trade.  I like muscle and sports cars. I'll trade both for one kit  Would trade for the new AMT Goodyear white letter polyglass tires.  I'm always looking for steel wheels so I'd consider some steel wheel sets in trade.  let me know if you are interested and what you have for trade.  I'll never do anything wit these kits.
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  12. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Can dust particles cause scratches when polishing plastic?   

    I agree with Wayne as the cloth that you use to polish can cause the scratches.  The best that i have found is a really old cotton t shirt.  Interestingly what is even better are those shoe buffers that they used to put in Hotel rooms.  I haven;t found anything better but good luck finding them anymore.  
  13. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Airbag recall... giant PITA!   

    Same here on my 2006 Mustang GT. I went on Saturday to do the drivers and they forgot to order the parts.  So now I have to go back twice as well.  My wife won't even ride in it until its fixed...   
  14. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Another Pledge with Future Question   

    I haven't used it in years but I always applied with a soft wide brush.  It is self leveling so you brush it on, sit the body on a paper towel, and do not touch it until its totally dry.  It comes out OK.  I never tried to polish it back then, but I liked to cover the molded in color models with future.  It looked almost as good as paint back then when put on color molded plastic.
    If you put it on a white car it will definitely yellow over time, and not a lot of time either (a couple years).
    It definitely is a quick and dirty way to get a clear coat.     
  15. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic 1975 Corvette Convertible   

    yeah I see that too.  Not really noticeable on the shelf as it is when its all zoomed up, which is probably why I never noticed it..