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  1. Need Scale Auto Contest Cars 2002,2003, 2005

    I’d love to get my hands on an 1/8 XKE ..... don’t have mags you are looking for though.
  2. Trade 64 GTO and or Ferrari's

    I have a sealed inside 64 GTO, inside sealed Ferrari Super AMerica and a inside sealed (but pained body) Ferrari 458.. I'm looking for an MPC 74-77 Corvette coupe body (not convertible). I don't need the hood or the rest of the model, just the body. I'd certainly trade 2 for 1 on a full kit as a 74-77 MPC Vette is worth more than one of these kits. If anyone has one and are interested in trading, send me a PM. I know it's a long shot that someone would have an old Corvette C3 MPC body lying around.... but hey, you never know.
  3. Consider starting a new pay it forward?

    That was exactly the issue with the PIF thread. I enjoyed watching it, but when someone got a brand new Revell Bronco and then offered up the Batman boat I got a little miffed. It's really hard to keep a PIF thread on the up and up because frankly, some people are just going to eventually mess it up by offering junk.
  4. Unusual stuff to trade

    I'd love to get my hands on one of those 1.8 scale XKE's....its been 40 years since I built that kit. Would love to have another crack at one.
  5. Looking for magnum wheels from the 69 Shelby kit

    Hey Jeff, PM inbound to you JJ
  6. If any one can spare the Magum 500 wheels from the 69 Shelby kit, I sure could use them.
  7. Mobius 55 Chrysler 300

  8. Mobius 55 Chrysler 300

    Will also trade for Revell 55 Chevy belair hard top or Revell 56 DelRay kit.
  9. Mobius 55 Chrysler 300

    This model is still up for grabs. PM me if you have one of the kits I listed. Also interested in getting a Hasegawa Ferrari 348
  10. Mobius 55 Chrysler 300

    That's what I'm looking for I'll PM you
  11. Mobius 55 Chrysler 300

    New sealed in the box. Will trade for. moebius 56 Chrysler 300 Moebius 65 Comet Revell 56 nomad Revell 56 Del Ray JJ
  12. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    If I didn't already have that exact 69 kit and (2) 69 convertible's (both unbuilt) I'd take the 69 LOL. For what its worth to anybody debating on claiming that 69, it's a spectacular kit.
  13. F430 scudiera decals needed

    Gerry thank you ! Appreciate the info,
  14. F430 scudiera decals needed

    Look to acquire a F430 scudiera hood decal like seen in this pic.