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  1. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Paint Question using Don Yost Method   

    It's model master enamel systems...only it says gloss lacquer.  I'm thinking it must be enamel.   It already looks yellowed in the bottle, but the model is black so I think it'll be OK.
  2. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic embossing-powder, replacing flocking?   

    I switched too.  I love that I can paint it any color.  Go light though because the paint can pool on it and make it look ugly if you spray too heavy.  Spray light coats.  It doesn't take much to cover it.
    This was before - while I was applying it.  Regular white embossing powder.

    And after I primed and painted it.  I have never not primered it, but I am sure it would be fine without primer.

  3. Jeff Johnston added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Paint Question using Don Yost Method
    I recently tried Don Yost's method of painting using the good ole old Testors enamel small bottle paint, and cheap Wal-Mart lacquer thinner...  I just got probably the smoothest and shiniest paint jobs I ever did (at least before polishing).  I think I can hear Don saying "See I told you so" !
    Anyway, this is a clear coat question.  While this is nice and shiny, I do want to clear it.  I bought a bottle of Testors clear.  The label says Testors Model Master Custom Enamel System, but the name is gloss lacquer.  
    Did I buy the correct clear ?  Is this clear enamel but just named "gloss lacquer" ?  I don't want to hit my nice enamel paint job with lacquer and ruin it.
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  4. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Who says all Mustang II's are ugly   

    IMHO the most beautiful woman god ever put on this earth...I had her poster(s) as a teenager and my mother hated them haha
    I never dug the notchback Mustang !!.  That was very glorified Pinto-ish.  The Fastback I always liked.  I guess they didn't really call it a fact back but it's a mustang sooo......  
  5. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Revell Midgets - all gone?   

    Other on line sources have them for standard price.  20-25 bucks plus shipping.   For whatever reason Amazon kit prices are usually really high (all kits).  Ebay has 2 under 20  bucks right now.  Model round up has them priced at regular pricing.  
  6. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Questions for the builders out there   

    You would be happy using Tamiya TS-19 spray.  I've used it to get a similar color on several cars.  Its my go to paint for something close to that color.  I always use a white primer under this color.  
    Tamiya lacquer goes on flat so you'll want to also do a clear coat.    My preference is Testors Wet Look clear lacquer, but there are just as many who like the Tamiya TS clear.

  7. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic sand polish   

    For me sanding starts as soon as I break the kit out of the box.  I like to sand the whole body and hood to see all the sink marks, mold lines or other imperfections.  I use maybe 800 grit.  If there are any sink marks that I can't sand smooth, I fill it with putty, and some more sanding until its all smooth.
    Then I primer the car, and once its dry, sand some more.  Only this time I'm sanding the primer with 3200 grit sanding pad.  The goal is to make the primer coat smooth,  You may have to spray a second coat of primer and sand it smooth as well.
    Once the primer is nice and smooth, you color paint.  Your color coat should be smooth with no orange peel look.  If you have orange peel, sand it smooth and give it another coat of color.  Understand that if your primer coat isn't smooth, your color coat won't be.  If your color coat isn't smooth, your clear coat won't be.  I usually take 4000 grit sanding pad to level out the color coat.  If its smooth with your color coat the 1st time, no need to sand it.
    Once you have a smooth color coat you can clear it.   With the clear I usually do 2 coats, and wet sand with 4000 grit in between.  After the final clear I start with 4000 and then with 6000, and then 8000 and finally 12000 grit.  You will see that once you get into the 6000 the shine starts to be seen.  The higher the number, the shinier it will get.  
    Also once you start sanding with the 3600 or 4000 grit, it will dull your clear...not to worry, keep moving up through the grits and you'll see it will start to shine up. 
    Final is the polishing.  There are model polishes out there (novus and "the treatment") but standard car polishes work well too.  I use maguires #2 polish first, and then Maguires carnuba wax.  
    Hope this helps.
  8. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Kit car, probably not what you thought.   

    Bill that is an interesting story.. I never knew anything about the company - I only knew that Iiked the body kit.   Sounds like a slimy group.
    I'm glad I didn't get a wild hair and try to build one ! LOL
  9. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Kit car, probably not what you thought.   

    I always liked this.  You start with a 914 so its more of a body kit but I;d sure love to own one.  Some have fit a Chevy small block in here....

  10. Jeff Johnston added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for 71 Charger air cleaner and air cleaner decal
    I am more than willing to pay shipping or trade parts if anyone has the air cleaner breather and decal for the 71 charger kit.
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  11. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Lindberg '53 Ford Victoria   

    As everyone else said, the 53 Ford is a spectacular kit.  One of the best kits of its time.  I've built 2 and I usually don't build anything older than 1965.
    Here is mine with some period photoshopping.

  12. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic New "Jay Leno's Garage" series   

    Same here.  I enjoy Jay's show a lot.  
    There are a few more I like such as Wheeler Dealers, Chasing Classic Cars and that one where they re-do a car in the owners garage, but the rest are all phony drama.   
  13. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Monogram mustang convertible instructions   

    That is a great kit.  Post pics
  14. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic decals needed/monogram 70 chevelle   

    I should have these Bill.  I'll check and shoot you a PM.
  15. Jeff Johnston added a post in a topic Corvette and etc. for trade (all traded)   

    Just responded Larry.