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  1. Also decided the color is going to be a 2 tone with white and busters customs colors Metallic Midnight Blue.
  2. Been awhile since i have got a lot of progress done on this one, but here is a couple small things i have done. I got the motor finished up, nothing special just blown small block, and then i modified some small drag slicks and made the car look a ton better in my opinion.
  3. This is looking really cool! How did you make the front clip? What did you use to cut it? I am trying to do a gasser also and would really like to have the front clip removable, but don't know what to do.
  4. I am trying to build a 55 Chevy gasser and would like it to have a removable front clip. How could I do this? The kit is Monograms 55 Chevy Street Machine kit.
  5. Looks really good! Will be fun to watch this build
  6. Ok, I have thought up of a plan after watching some Roadkill. I am going to replicate Blasphemi just because that car is awesome and it would be fun to make chevy fans mad.
  7. You are correct it is 1/24. Thanks for the recommendation, I will go check those kits out.
  8. Thank you! Sucks to hear your models didn't make it, they sound like they were very cool.
  9. Thank you! I have not decided yet. Maybe black or a hot rod red
  10. One of the many builds that I am doing is this Trojan Horse funny car. So far I have got the rear spoiler on the car, got the body and chassis in primer, and have started to put the motor together. Mocked up this thing looks pretty cool so I can't wait to finish it.
  11. Got some primer on the body and now trying to figure out the base coat.
  12. A basic 1955 Chevy gasser that I am doing. Going to be almost all box stock except for the motor. The kit one is way to small so I am going to upgrade, don't know what to yet but something with a blower. It should be a cool gasser once done.
  13. A simple street machine build that I am doing. Should be a pretty cool car once finished.
  14. This is 1977 Firebird funny car that I am in the progress of building. I completed the chassis and am trying to plan how to paint the body. Chassis is Revell funny car chassis with minor adjustments to the rear end and the body is from Competition Resins. The final plan for the car is that I am going to give it to the owner of the car. Thanks for stopping by
  15. This is a simple pro street nova I did. Nothing too crazy, just a simple little model.
  16. Hi, this is a 1977 Firebird funny car that I am currently in the process of building. I have completed the chassis which is a stock Revell chassis with a minor adjustment to the rear end to move it forward and to lower the rear of the car. The body is from Competition Resins. I am building the car to hopefully give to the owner of the real car so he can display it with the car (may build a new chassis before I do that though) The last pictures are pictures of the car I am trying to replicate.
  17. Is this motor still available? Or does anybody have one they would be willing to sell?
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