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  1. Excellent build bro. Very motivational! Ive been still following this build low key, I have some builds as well that I haven’t posted.
  2. Hey Steve, it was great meeting you. Thanks for responding, I look forward to looking out for your builds on the site. You are an awesome person, very down to earth guy!
  3. Sorry, it’s not a virus! It’s the only way I could download the video of the car on here.
  4. F2045CA5-CE76-454F-ACA9-C3E25A4E41C7.MOV
  5. My second build, ENJOY! Here’s a video of her: D235D94A-9C0A-4BE5-A7C3-99B2D65EBA7E.MOV
  6. My first build, ENJOY! Here's a video of her: F2045CA5-CE76-454F-ACA9-C3E25A4E41C7.MOV
  7. Updates!!! I still have a lot of work to do to the body.
  8. Thanks! I have some plans for the bubbles. I took a little break from her and is working on my Lamborghini. I'm not finish with the body.
  9. Decided to lay everything together just to get an idea of how it's coming along. Noting is installed on lined up just yet.
  10. Thank you! It's a vinyl wrap. lol I will have to buy a display case for her and white gloves lol.
  11. Can someone post a picture of the decal sticker sheet from any Lamborghini kit. 1/25 scale size please thanks. I want to print them on decal paper.
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