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  1. Excellent build bro. Very motivational! Ive been still following this build low key, I have some builds as well that I haven’t posted.
  2. I will double check as well as take pictures if you like. I will not send you an incomplete kit. As far as what happen to Jeff, for now on I will package my own boxes so there will be no mess ups.
  3. Anyone interested in the ford coupe? It has all the pieces. I only built the rolls Royce.
  4. The Toyota gt1 sounds very interesting! I like that one! What other cool kits you have, I’m open to Le Mans stuff as well.
  5. I’m looking for the la Ferrari or Lamborghini countach. If not I’m open to any super car depending on what it is. I have 427 Shelby cobra street comes with Shelby patch 69 mustang super cj 65 Chevy lowrider 31 ford model A rat rod 2 in 1 all kits are brand new
  6. Hey Steve, it was great meeting you. Thanks for responding, I look forward to looking out for your builds on the site. You are an awesome person, very down to earth guy!
  7. Sorry, it’s not a virus! It’s the only way I could download the video of the car on here.
  8. F2045CA5-CE76-454F-ACA9-C3E25A4E41C7.MOV
  9. My second build, ENJOY! Here’s a video of her: D235D94A-9C0A-4BE5-A7C3-99B2D65EBA7E.MOV
  10. My first build, ENJOY! Here's a video of her: F2045CA5-CE76-454F-ACA9-C3E25A4E41C7.MOV
  11. Updates!!! I still have a lot of work to do to the body.
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