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  1. Great tip...He should be at the NNL in NJ in April....
  2. ??? - I guess they were sleeping at the switch at 'Product Development', as you know, the 64 caps were quite ornate compared to the 60....
  3. Thanks for that info....however other than that, resins were never made by anyone?
  4. Did anyone ever make resin 60-61 or up to 63 Ford Falcon Dog Dish/Poverty Hubcaps???
  5. Thought I saw either here or on e-bay a resin cab & nose of a International KB series in 1/25 scale ???
  6. Looking for 67/68 Chevy Truck Hood...either plastic or resin......
  7. Cancelling search....Someone came through.......was 1/25....Thanks
  8. Looking for either plastic or resin tail gate for 70-80 Chevy step side pickup.....
  9. Looking for a windshield frame for a 66 Dodge Polara...or similar...
  10. The year on the license plate.....The rest should be the same.......
  11. Looking for 67 Chevy pickup rear bumper......
  12. A late reply to my post as it just came to my attention.....Not entirely agreeing that the declining interest in the hobby was the demise of Modelhaus....If that were the case there would not have been a 2 year back log in processing orders....Also the fact that the shows I attended where they were set up there was a constant line of customers. If I were a gambling man I would bet they captured the biggest purse of any show they set up at......As I see it, it was time to retire as Don & Carol are in the same age bracket as myself....That business in my opinion grew beyond control and there's just so much they could do....a meat grinder to say the least....The development of cars is a big undertaking and trying to manage the onslaught of parts orders along with I'm assuming interruptions can really wear on you......I just think a lot of people underestimate the effort that's required....My original post was with regard to other talent picking up the ball.....on a small scale and keeping it there......3D printing...I heard someone made a rack of 58 Edsel hood ornaments something like 50 to a rack and the detail was so crisp you could actually read the 'E' in the emblem.....One thing I will admit, that that business would require talent from back in the day, just to simply understand the market....Not sure any "young blood" can learn what (speaking for myself) old farts like myself with the knowledge....Meaning you just can't teach it....Has to be second nature.....Any one feel like making some hood & fender ornaments????
  13. Despite what some feel...the 61-62 Johan kits were the high water mark in my opinion....Something about those yellow's & blue's......and the box art ! - till this day still can't get enough......
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