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  1. Boxes for 1/25 collection

    Wow, I'm sorry this fell off my radar and is important again... Thanks very much for these replies. I will check out your suggestions.
  2. Boxes for 1/25 collection

    Hi - got a big collection of diecasts - mine , and 1:25 models that were my dads - promo cars - all scales but mostly 1/25 - - and i gotta get these out of some deep-shelved basement display cases of my parents house, and into my place to display or store. I've got a case for the smaller stuff but think i need to put the 1/25 scale cars in boxes at least til i figure out what i wanna do with em. Maybe got 100 or more of em -- (late 40s thru early 80s promos mostly). Want to find an inexpensive way to box each til i figure out how i wanna display em in my house. Any ideas for protective boxes i could put each in - or otherwise some idea of how to display a hundred of em in a relatively small space? Thanks for any ideas, Mike in Detroit
  3. Boxes for 1/25 collection

    Thanks Tom. I'm sure they are great boxes. I was considering also, something like sports card boxes or otherwise trying to 'repurpose' boxes of a similar size if that route could be more economical. I've seen some comments about 500-count sports card storage boxes. Just considering options. And as far as the smaller-scale diecasts, that may be the more difficult box size IF i am going to store them. Sorry for elementary questions already long-answered but seeing as how these will likely just be going from one house to another - to be placed in a different display case, I may just carefully move them in bulk. Then comes the question of display case ideas...both for the large scale and diecasts. May just wind up custom building something though. THANKS!
  4. Boxes for 1/25 collection

    Hi from Detroit! Years ago I inherited my dad's 1:25 car collection which, along with my own diecast model collection - have been safely stored and displayed in custom built-in cases in my Mom's house for 30-50 years now. I will need to begin boxing all of these models individually...first the 1:25 (Johann etc) Promo cars. I'm just venturing into the online universe to try and find out how/where to find storage boxes in order to move the collection to another location. Ideally I'd like some inexpensive cardboard boxes that are close to the original-size boxes most of them were sold in. Unfortunately only a relatively small # of the original boxes were saved. Similarly I'll have the same task for the diecasts and miscellaneous toys/accessories in that smaller size range. Sorry if this isn't the right category to post this question in but it seemed to be the one that best matched it. I'd welcome any of your advice on how to source boxes...and whether there is any other popular exchange to discuss this particular issue. THANKS! MIKE
  5. I've been here in the past and happy to be back. Have a fairly large collection of my dad's and my own - Diecasts - Corgi, Dinky etc. and 1:25 Promo (Johann etc) Looking forward to getting some of your helpful advice here on a few things! Thanks!