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  1. Thanks for such a wonderful idea but considering this is my first model kit car. I'd like it to be stock. You have the point, I can learn from the mistake that I made and become a better one
  2. Thanks for your advice, I believe by using the aluminium foil could save lots of money since the masking tape is ridiculously expensive. Thanks for providing me such a great way and saves my already broken wallet as well!!
  3. Thanks for the tip again, I didn't know the masking tape could attack the paint, I thought they were designed not to eat in the paint, but I guess you have proven them wrong. lol. Does Tamiya sell the masking tape with larger width? because all I saw were the tape that comes with like 2 cm. It should make my life easier for masking procedure. Again, thanks for your help mate sincerely.
  4. Thanks for your tip, I'm a rookie as well, but painting the model car has proven to be more difficult than I thought initially. I had another thought, which is using the masking tape to mask the good area, sand down the bad one, and using the white primer to do the rest of the bad area? since I have to buy new stuff such as brake fluid or similar stuff to peel the paint off I just hope everything pays off once I have finished the body. Fingers cross
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply, I think what Jantrix and you are saying is correct, I'm simply shocked by how difficult can it be to spray the car body, left is to start all over. BTW I was told by the staff in the model shop that the grey primer is the universal base coat which can be covered up with any colour, but just like what you said, would it be better of just using a white primer? since my colour coat is white. Thanks for all you advice I will not give up until I have a great looking CIVIC type R in my display.
  6. Quote: Jantrix, stripping the entire car down, Well, there's one way to go, but is there any solution that I can preserve the remaining paint on top?
  7. Hi, everyone my name is Kevin. I'm currently building the civic type R ek9, I'm a complete rookie when it comes to a model car, hence I ran into the problem below: As the picture suggested, I have some area that needs to be re-worked, I had 3 layers of primer and the colour coat( white ). I think there are only two ways to sort it out: 1. To mask the remaining area with masking tape, and re-do the fenders and the front end. (Primer+colour coat)? But I think the method one would take more time and money( the usage of spray can), since I already have three layers on top of each other. 2. Masking the rest of the car as well, but instead of redoing the primer, just spray another layer of white on top of it? I don't know how good or bad, this might turn out to be. Thanks for all the support from you guys, this is my first model car kit, and I want it to be as decent as it can be Please help me out with this so I can show you guys later this month, well......hopefully.