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  1. Thanks for that extra info Leo, glad you posted that before I got any further with the engine, I wondered what the luberfiner did, I have only known oil filters attached to the engine block up to now, maybe it was the norm in the States, you live and learn as they say, and maybe some engine's had them over here in Europe as well, all the trucks I ever drove had the oil filters on the block, any way thanks again for the info and I will look up the other engine options as well, as you suggested.
  2. Thanks for the info Pat, the diagrams and photos are just what I needed to do a little detailing on the engine, I found a few other photo's on the internet since I posted the message but the drawn diagrams you found will be the most useful I think, thanks again, cheers. I will put some photos on the site later but at the moment its not really that interesting and I have now run out of glue until our next visit to Britain at xmas.
  3. Help! I am currently working on the AMT Kenworth K123 kit and have been searching all over the internet for some decent photo's of the cummins NTA 370 engine but without much luck, I have found a couple but they don't show much detail of the plumbing and electrics etc, I have realized that there does not seem to be an oil filter with the kit but that is easily fixed, if anybody can post some photo's or point me in the right direction that would be great, cheers all and happy hassle free modeling every one.
  4. Excellent work and great detail as allways, a real professional job again, especially love the bolt head detail
  5. Everything looks clean and straight to me, well worth all the hours and effort you put in, trailer looks good too, great work!!!
  6. Think this one comes under Truck?
  7. Excellent work Hermann, a great build to follow and learn from, top job again!!!
  8. Looks great!!! no polished chrome anywhere, a proper hard working truck, a really great job!!!
  9. A really fantastic job (again) love all the details, the hose and air intake clips really finish off the engine details a treat, really inspirational work all round, excellent !!!
  10. Looks great, a proper regular workhorse, a really nice piece of work, love it !!!
  11. Cheers for the feedback guy's, thanks for the positive comments, really appreciated.
  12. Interesting subject, I was about to ask almost the same question but mainly relating to Kenworth cabover's, I have found a video tour of the interior of a Kenworth Aerodyne which it says it is 90" I was wondering if it was a mistake as I have only heard of 86" & 110" sleeper cabs. I know they made a shorter version Aerodyne cab for the Australian market as a right hand drive, I assume that it would have been 86" but the Kenworth in the video is left hand drive ??? Any info would be much appreciated.
  13. It's looking like another top job, fantastic attention to detail and your cab interior as allways is top notch, inspiring work!!!
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