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  1. I really like these old Dodge cabovers, they have real character, its looking really good, nice colour scheme too.
  2. Really nice work on all the detailing, it looks fantastic!!! you look like you have more than a few horses lying around in that garage waiting to be put to work?
  3. I always forget to look on this part of the site, i will have to check it out more often so that i don't miss great work like this, a really interesting idea and so realistic, you got me thinking.
  4. Thanks for the kind comment J T but have you seen the dash boards on the models made by Jurgen Kowalski, the Mack that is on the finished under glass section are out of this world, a real master class in modeling, i will definatley try his technique for dashboards on my next scratch build, which might have to be for the K100 Aerodyne. Hi Hakan I have not started work on the interior for the Aerodyne yet, i was hoping that someone might have had a go at casting a correct dash by now as it is over a year since you posted those photo's, i suppose there is a limited demand and it is not worth all the work involved, thanks for posting those photo's, i kept them on the back burner from last year just in case i had to scratch build, the photo's will be invaluable, please let me know if you spot any errors on my models as i know you are the go to guy on anything Kenworth, bearing in mind that i do use quite a lot of artistic license.
  5. Thanks JT, finally got round to taking a few photo's of progress on the K123, the model is almost finished but I am behind with the photo's. Here are a few of the interior of the cab, I am not too happy with the finish of the dash board, my eye's aren't what they used to be, I will change it later now that I have found the dash board etchings by Moluminum for both the Kenworth's, the only thing that I will need to change on them will be to add Tachographs, I will also order the etched radiator grill's for both at the same time, I think one of them is out of stock at the moment but I can wait, the big problem is that I have run out of liquid glue, I am going to have to try and find it here in France as there is no chance of getting back to Britain at the moment, there must be a good model shop here somewhere.
  6. That's quite big then, best leave it and get on with some more trucks eh, looking forward to your next build.
  7. I must have missed this one on the workbench, a real top job on something a little different, you always seem to find something interesting to build and I always enjoy following your projects, excellent work as always.
  8. WOW!!!! that looks so real, excellent work and detailing, the hoses are fantastic, a really top job.
  9. You have made a really good job of that little Bedford, I didn't realize that the kit was 1/24 when I have seen it advertised, now you have got me thinking, I really like it, well done Pierre.
  10. You have made a really good neat and clean job of that IVECO, well done, looking forward to seeing more of your projects.
  11. Don't under sell your self Scott, you build great models, this last one just go's to prove it, B52 (just kidding) but I wonder what a C141B would scale out to in 1/25th.
  12. Hi Mark Do you think he has closed permanently or is it just until the covid problem levels out a bit, I have found Kenworth grill's on the Moluminum site but they come with lots of other items that I don't need at the moment, I probably will order them in the future though as they look to be really good etchings and the other items on the fret will come in for future builds, the etched dash board and decals look good too, looking forward to following your next project, Kenworth may be ?
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