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  1. TAT 2018 Dodge LT1000 Wrecker

    Its looking really good, I think its going to be something quite special, excellent work!!
  2. Luv it! that's got real character, looks the part, nice one!!
  3. Marmon COE Interior

    Hi Hermann, have you seen the short video of the MARMON with a top sleeper on you tube, its a slightly different style to the one you are building but there is a quick view of the interior with the access ladder to the sleeper, you have probably seen it already but just in case its at, Environmental Systems MARMON Amrep Roll-off, the riveting jig that you purchased looks very useful, model is coming along great, thanks for all the useful information you are posting. Makes me want to get on with mine, though no chance at the moment, I will just have to continue watching yours for now.
  4. Wheel sizes 1/24th & 1/25th

    Thanks guys for all the info, sounds like 1/24th wheels will be fine as long as I keep away from Italeri tyres, Auslowe do seem to have the most options as I would like to fit super single's on 6 spoke wheels, but M&G Mouldings have a few options two. Just got to make a decision, thanks again all.
  5. Wheel sizes 1/24th & 1/25th

    Ok guys, I suppose this question has been asked a 100 times before, long before I joined this forum though, and I know I could probably find the answer on the internet but I thought I would use this world wide bank of information and experience that exists here. The question is, would fitting 1/24th scale wheels to a 1/25th scale truck roughly give a 22.5 wheel size? Another question that has puzzled me for years is why did we end up with two different scales in the first place? When I first started modeling trucks back in my teens I am sure everything was 1/25th, luckily most of trucks I want to build are still available in 1/25th. Last question! did most American trucks run on 22.5's through the 70's and 80's? The reason I am asking all these questions is that I am currently building a MARMON coe using the Revell Marmon/Peterbilt kit and the tyres are horrible and I want to change them and the wheels for something more realistic and I notice that there are some really nice ones in 1/24th, cheers all, hope you can help.
  6. TAT 2018 Dodge LT1000 Wrecker

    Like it, interesting project, its looking good
  7. Ferguson TE20

    That looks absolutely fantastic, brilliant work, and the pickup too, its the first time I have looked on this part of the forum, i'm from the truck building end but I will definitely be back, looks like there is lots to learn, brings back memories too, first thing I ever drove with an engine. All the best Keith
  8. Marmon COE Interior

    Hi Hermann, there is a video on you tube of a restored MARMON coe that might of some use to you, I will certainly be using it as a reference when I get back on to mine later, also there is a short video of one with a top sleeper, not exactly the same as the one you are building but interesting none the less. Try putting in 1982 Marmon show truck, hope this works, good luck
  9. 1980 Ford LNT 9000

    That really looks the part, top job, well done.
  10. Marmon coe Topsleeper

    Hi Hermann, still following the build with interest, its looking good, looking forward to seeing your work on the cab and other details.
  11. MB Eurocab 2544 with 20" Flat Rack Container

    Hi Herman, top job mate, inspirational work, great idea for the load on the container, I was watching these things working on the dock side last Friday when we left Portsmouth on the ferry, looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  12. 35 year old refurbished Kenworth

    Hi Leith, yeh I know, but try telling the wife.
  13. 35 year old refurbished Kenworth

    Hi folks, thanks for all the encouraging comments, makes me feel like getting on with the next one when really I should be fixing the house and other stuff.
  14. Marmon coe Topsleeper

    Hi Hermann, looks like we both have a liking for the unusual, its looking great, like you it was a toss up between buying the cab conversion or scratch building, and like you without any drawings and measurements the first option was a non starter. Mine is a more conventional build of course and won't need half as much work as yours but I had all ready decided that I would redo all of the riveting detail and other bits, the other thing of course is that I am a true Yorkshire man and now that I have bought this cab there is no way I would waste all that money for nothing, I am not dissing the cab kit, it must be one of the hardest cabs to cast in resin as it is really just a square box and really difficult to keep straight after moulding, the other thing of course is that neither of us would be getting anywhere without it. Anyway its great you are posting plenty of photo's, I will be following your progress with great interest and hopefully picking up lots of tips and ideas on the way, its looking good, carry on the great work, I think its going to be something pretty special when it is finished.
  15. MB Actros MP2, MP3 Lowliner

    Inspiring detail, brilliant models, fantastic, what else can you say.