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  1. Absolutely fantastic, brilliant, really inspirational work, the attention to detail is second to none, a real show winner!!! Makes you just want to get in and drive it, but maybe not on the road though eh? still it reminds me of one we had where I worked for a while back in the 80s, that one was still just about road worthy. Anyway just brilliant!!!
  2. Cannonball Run Septic Truck

    Phew! that's brilliant, what a great idea, excellent work too, love it !!!
  3. 37 Chevrolet Road Tractor

    This is going to be another good one, really interesting, i'm going to follow your build closely for tips, aspecially the weathering, good luck with it.
  4. Mack Trident Logger

    Only just spotted this one, its looking good, how is it coming along?
  5. Kenworth K100

    Looks good to me, its hard to beat a k100 for looks, like it a lot!!
  6. 66 Dodge LNT 1000 Wrecker

    That is a really nice piece of work, excellent job all round, really like the cab interior though, great detail with the dash fans as well. Trying to get some for my current build but they never seem to be in stock, anyway, fantastic job!!! all the best from France.
  7. The M972 Flatbed/w Excavator

    That's a show stopper for sure, brilliant, like every one says the weathering and attention to detail is as good as it gets, inspirational work!!
  8. Trailer with loaded steel coil

    Looks brilliant, a real top job, fantastic detailed work and finish, excellent, what else can you say!!!
  9. MACK DM600, 5-th wheel dumper

    Hi Jaroslav Thanks for posting that info, I had a good look through the site, interesting, you live and learn, still looks strange though, but that's a great reason to model something like this, something different!! Looking forward to the next photo's
  10. MACK DM600, 5-th wheel dumper

    First time I have seen this system too, I wonder what the benefits were, it looks like it wouldn't help towards the payload with all that extra fabrication, I suppose it was more stable when tipping? interesting subject to model though, the scratch building looks top notch, really like the alternator support bracket, inspiring work!!
  11. Neat, clean and tidy, spot on, looks great, excellent work!!
  12. GMC Daycab update 9/22

    Long one, but then again? no really, the long one gets my vote, chassis looks great, just the right amount of weathering, looking forward to seeing it finished its looking good.
  13. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    Hi Duck fans, I managed to cobble together a reasonable representation of the Mack from the Ertl and the AMT kits , the length of the hood was the main fault but I maid the sleeper bigger and it looked ok ish for me at the time, I did have some old photo's somewhere, but the truck is a long time gone. The thing I remember most from the time was the big duck that came with the kit, I had it on my car dashboard and some nice person broke in and nicked it, the car was fixable but I was gutted the duck had gone! Anyway good look with the build, i will be watching to see how it comes together.
  14. Convoy Rubber Duck Mack

    Hi Warren just a thought, I am sure I have seen some video's of one of the original tucks from the film, didn't they use five in total? maybe you could see more of the block in one of those vids, assuming of course they haven't changed the colour when they restored it, it might be worth a try, good luck anyway, looking forward to watching the build. P S I bought the Ertl kit when it first came out, what a disappointment, the only thing that was any good was the duck and the bull bar, I think I had to buy an AMT Mack to make it look anything like the real truck, that was a long time ago.
  15. TAT 2018 Dodge LT1000 Wrecker

    Its looking really good, I think its going to be something quite special, excellent work!!