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  1. Great work, its really looking the dogs what's it's, lovely detailing with the bolt heads and welding.
  2. I will definitely try this way of doing the window gasket on my next scratch build, I used this system to make the head light surrounds on my scratch built MARMON cab leaving the surround square but never thought to work it like you suggest for the windows, I found that trying to bend the half round around the corners of the windows with liquid glue sometimes made the plastic more brittle and then they broke ( I probably used too much) aventually I managed to do it by partly warming the plastic and the liquid glue as well but it seemed very hit and miss, its great to watch builds like this as you can learn so much, it really is a great forum, a great big thank you to everybody who share's there builds and idea's here. I would think that this build is definitely going to be a show winner!!!
  3. Thanks for the kind comments folks, managed to take some more photo's this evening while it was still in the yard, that will be it now for a while until I get some of the end of the summer jobs out of the way, next project in the pipeline though for the Autumn, plenty of time till then for the planning stage, cheers all, happy modeling.
  4. Well, after almost 2 years since I started this build, it is finished enough to put into the under the glass section. There is still a little work to do, mainly lettering, on the roof box and the cab storage lockers but I can't really order just one small packet of transfer letters all the way from Scotland so I will wait until I need more for the next build, which will be arriving this coming weekend, (two Kenworth's) Here are a few photo's of the almost finished truck, happy modeling everyone.
  5. Looks great, weathering is excellent, really like it, great work!!!
  6. Looks pretty good for a training build, I would be well happy with it, great work!!! The photo of the ditched truck/trailer looks interesting, at least the driver looks as if I would not have been injured, though I am glad it's not me having to ring the boss?
  7. Really nice job and just a little bit different, great work !!!
  8. Great looking photo's of a great looking K100, a real nice job!!!
  9. Its looking good, nice neat work on cutting down the cab, like the five spoke wheels too, its going to look a little different to the norm. like it!!!
  10. Sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing this come together, happy modeling Pierre
  11. I feel for you, just dropping one is bad enough, but having all those destroyed by someone else is heartbreaking, I hope you get some compensation but like you say its the time and effort that you put into them, don't suppose they would have ctv footage of the break in. A few months ago four youths broke into a school where they were holding a model railway show and destroyed every single layout just for the fun of it, they caused thousands of pounds worth of damage but once again it was the time and effort put into the models that can not be replaced, I think they caught them and they were all 14 or 15 years old, they probably got a smack on the wrists. Hope you can motivate yourself to rebuild them, from the photos it looks like a real big jigsaw, anyway best wishes and all the best to you.
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