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  1. Hi stitchdup and Dave, I have been having problems since the middle of April, in fact this is the first time I have been able to get further than the opening page, it comes up (we could not locate the item you are trying to view) I just realised this time that there were some other options and I clicked on forums and it got me this far, but it all looks different, has the whole site changed or is it my laptop/server or more likely me that has cocked everything up?
  2. Just a quick update, i decided to do a little more work on the K100 before re-starting on the K123/5 , the cab alterations were the biggest job left to do on the K100 so i thought i would get that out of the way first, rest should be plain sailing! ( bound to regret saying that later) There is still some work to do on the cab, air vents and front panel etc plus the main cut to clean up but nothing major!
  3. Back in my car restoration days you used to be able to buy a cellulose filler which is really just thick primer paint, it was just like a really fine paste and light grey same as the spray cans, I imagine it is still available. I am not pouring cold water on your idea, I use the same method, I had just forgot about that product until you posted the idea, I will have to see if I can find some to finish my cabs, yours is looking superb, always enjoy following your builds Hermann, always top notch work!!!
  4. Great work!!! its looking good, and an interesting build to follow.
  5. Great work on this build, its going to be a good looking piece of kit i'm sure
  6. Hi folks, finally got enough done to make it worth while posting an update with a few photo's of progress so far, most of the work has been with the k100 since the last photo's, each weekend I think I might get some paint on it but then find there are still bits to do, its a bit of a catch 22 with painting I find, as some bits like the shock's need to be painted before fixing but then that mean's you can't do a full chassis spray after, and there is all ways the chance you are going to spoil the paint finish trying to connect up air lines, fuel tanks etc, its all ways difficult to know how far to go before painting. I will probably start work on the k123/5 now and bring it up to the same stage as the k100 so that I can do a lot of the painting at the same time, anyway here are a few photo's of progress on the k100
  7. That's different, interesting build, nice detailing and paint scheme, looks great!!!
  8. Great work!!! detail and weathering spot on, a really top job.
  9. Great work all round!!! extra detail and weathering are spot on, the side doors and inspection hatches really make all the difference, a real top job!!!
  10. Fantastic work!!! watching and learning from a master of scratch buiding
  11. It's looking good Hermann, another great project to follow and learn from, really enjoy watching your builds
  12. Enjoying watching this build, great work, love the weathering technique, I want to give it a go, trouble is every thing I am building at the moment have aluminium or fiberglass cabs, I will have to think of something, maybe the chassis or a trailer? any way, top job!!
  13. A really excellent job of an unusual truck, and a brilliant idea to display it like that, great work!!!
  14. Great work on this conversion, really enjoying watching this project come together
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